In House Rules 2018-2019

1. All player will play 50% of the game when there are 10 team members per team not including overtime

    1.1 Exceptions

1.1.1  If a player is injured or more than ten team members

1.1.2  If a player misses practice/games on a regular basis (only with the knowledge and approval of the program chair or vice chair.

    1.2 Only a head coach and 1 assistant allowed to coach a team.

    1.3 Only coaches and players are allowed on the player’s bench.


2. All age groups will play two 16 Minutes halves 
    2.1 Four time outs per game


3. Overtime will be two minutes in all age groups (maximum of 4 OT period will be played)

    3.1 Exception Playoff will play until there is a winner


4. Defense

    4.1 9-11 Girls no defense until ball crosses half court

          1st violation will be a warning

          2nd violation technical foul on the defense, two foul shots, and the ball at mid court

     4.2 9-10 Boys the same rules applies as above.

     4.3 7-8 Coedno defense until ball crossed half court.


5. Press Rules

     5.1  7-8 Coed the last two minutes of each half.

     5.2  9-11 Girls the last two minutes of each half.

     5.3  9-10 Boys the last two minutes of each half.

     5.4.1 Exception when up by 10 or more points (all age groups)

     5.5 11-16 boys and 12-15 Girls All may press at will

                   5.5.1 Exception when up by 10 or more points

                             1st violation will be warning

                             2nd Violation technical foul on the defense, two foul shots, and the ball at                                mid court

6. Clock

     6.1 All teams will play two 16 Minutes halves

          6.1.1 Clocks will stop last two minutes of each half on all whistle to included                                     OVERTIME

          6.1.2 Clock will start on foul shots as the player receives the ball from the official (1st shot on 1/1, 2nd shot otherwise)

     6.2 Clock will NOT stop if a team is up by 15 points or more (mercy rule)


7. Home Team

    7.1 Home team bench nearest score board

    7.2 Home team will dress in white uniforms

    7.3 Both team must supply a clock operator or bookkeeper if there is not an official clock operator. 


8. Teams may start the game with four player, opposing team have option with 4 or five               players. All players must have jerseys to play.


  9.  A team CAN PLAY with a player who has five fouls provided the team has no additional          players available.   The last player to foul out, NOT a player who has previously fouled            out, is the player the team must play with.  Any additional fouls on that player will result in        two free throws and the ball to the offended team.


10. All dunking is prohibited during games, warm-ups, and practices. In addition, hanging on the rim or net is also prohibited during games and warm-ups. Referees will be instructed to issue technical fouls against offending teams (including against players warming up with a team who are not on the team's roster).


 11.   Report all scores and spectator, player & coaches ejection to Ray Boykins or Jackie             Scotto: or


   12.  At no time will children be dropped off and left at the school unattended.  Children are to      be with an adult at all  times.

       12.1 children/parents are only allowed in front entrance, gym, and hallway to the bathrooms (cafeteria for awards only on assigned day for fall program).

       12.2 no balls other than those supplied by the program are allowed in the gym.


  13.  All decisions of the officials are final. No error by an official or incorrect interpretation

         of a rule by an official constitutes grounds for a protest.

  13.1  Any protest must be declared before the end of the first.


 14. The code of conduct for this program will be enforced and carried over from                    season  to season

        14.1 We reserve the right to deny access to the gym for games when there is concern for       the safety of the players, coaches, spectators, officials, or staff.

         14.2 We reserve the right to deny participation.


             Anything not covered is covered by the National High School Federation Rule Book