Harrison Sparks Cheerleading

Harrison Sparks Commitment is:

To promote physical and mental development
To develop life long values and skills

Harrison Sparks Vision is:

To provide opportunities for participation in a wide variety of activities during every competition season
To be a integral, well-coordinated part of the community
To assist participants in the develop of athletic and leadership skills
To develop effective time management strategies
To develop socially through cooperation, competition and appropriate standards of behavior

Harrison Sparks Mission is to:

Promote and uphold unity and pride
Represent the Sparks to the highest degree
Set an example of good behavior and sportsmanship at all times (whether in uniform or not)
Promote friendship with each other and with other squads with whom we compete
Promote the development of lifelong values and skills


Placement on the Sparks cheer squad offers a unique opportunity for personal growth, leadership and involvement in diverse activities. The attitude, dedication and enthusiasm of the squad members are just as important as the skills involved in cheerleading. Members of the Sparks are committed to the highest level of athleticism, performance, self-discipline, respect of the organization and others, personal exemplary conduct and the performance of all responsibilities related to the pursuit and pride. Furthermore, cheerleaders demonstrate a proven ability to balance academic requirements and the demands of extra-curricular and personal activities.


Cheerleaders understand that team work and the maintenance of discipline are key to the success of the cheer program. Cheerleaders are dedicated to promoting spirit, enthusiasm, and a positive winning attitude through example. Adherence to the Sparks Program rules and regulations is vital to achieving these goals. All members realize that the manner in which they conduct themselves in or out of uniform directly reflects on the entire team and the Sparks organization.
It is recognized that these standards are necessary to maintain squad morale, squad and individual discipline, and effective learning. Consistent enforcement of rules and regulations is also necessary to ensure the safety and general well-being of each individual spirit leader. Participation in cheerleading is voluntary, not mandatory. It is a privilege, not a right and may be revoked by the sparks organization when a cheerleader violates the rules and regulations.


Promoting good sportsmanship by way of example is required at all times.
Members must not use foul language at practices, competitions, etc.
Proper appearance is required at all times, with clothing appropriate to the occasion.
By being a part of the Sparks squad, you are accepting the fact that your actions are more prominent than those not associated with such an activity. Because of this, exemplary behavior is mandatory at all times, anywhere in the community and at all competitions where you are recognized as a representative of Harrison Sparks.
Members must cooperate with all Board members, coaches, all squad members, competition officials and judges.
Cheerleaders must display proper behavior in practices and competition, including being on time, full participation and following instructions.
Each case of discipline will be judged individually. The advisor/coach, with the assistance of the Board if deemed necessary, has the final decision in any discipline situation.
Every attempt will be made to discipline fairly/equally and to make consequences of actions known ahead of time. Parents will be kept informed of problem situations. Severity of or repeated offenses may dictate harsher action.


One person being absent affects the entire squad. It is important not to inconvenience the practice time of the entire squad by being absent. Absences should always be avoided when possible.
Absences must be excused by a note from a doctor if you had an appointment or a call (text) from your parent if you are sick
If you are absent from school the day of practice you may not participate in practice that evening. However, if you are feeling well enough you are to attend practice, but not participate in activities.
Missing a scheduled practice the day before a competition is not allowed. Absences due to work schedules are unexcused.


Cheerleaders must arrive to practice on time, wearing proper shoes and clothing.
Hair needs to be out of the eyes and in a secured pony tail.
There is no chewing gum or eating during practices.
No Jewelry
No talking or goofing off during practice. (You will have a break period at which time you can talk with your friends and get a drink)
All practices will be closed to non-cheerleader to avoid distractions.
Safety is our 1st priority.


All competitions are mandatory
Members are required to arrive promptly at the time given by coaches.
All cheerleaders are to know all the cheers and routines.
Sitting out is unacceptable.
Cheerleaders are required to dress in full uniform.
Hair must be done as directed by the coaches.
Make-up should be worn in moderation only if directed by the coaches.
No jewelry or nail color. Nails need to be athletic length.
There is no chewing gum
All cheerleaders are required to the RESPECTFUL AND CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS.


Uniforms are provided by the organization and must be clean at all times.
Bloomers, bodysuits, Sparks’s socks and Bows must be worn.
Team athletic shoes must be clean.
Cheerleaders will not loan out any piece of their uniform to anyone, unless directed by a coach.
Uniforms are to be worn only at competitions and/or as directed by the coaches or organization.


Placement for performance and cheer lines will be based on participation, ability and effort. At the time of performance, if a team member does not have the routine clean enough for the performance, they may be moved to a different position in the routine.


Transportation to different competitions will vary. Parents are to arrange transportation to all local competitions with the tri-state area. Transportation that is provided to competitions that are further away is mandatory. All cheerleaders must ride the bus. Transportation fees may be required. You may use your child’s fund account if available.


The following violations will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the cheer squad.
Underage alcoholic consumption, drug use, use of tobacco products, steroids or any other controlled substance.
Members should be present at all scheduled practices. Other activities should be scheduled around these practices.
Missed practices that have valid excuses can still lead to being removed from a routine position or stunt, due to not physically being available to practice.
No fighting, gossip and disrespecting coaches as well as other will be tolerated and may cause dismissal from the squad.


Camp attendance is mandatory in order to participate on the cheer squad.
Camp fees are the responsibility of the member.
If a member is removed from or chooses to quit the squad, they are still responsible for payment of all items already ordered or taken delivery of.
Deposits made for cheer clothes; shoes and/or camp are non-refundable.
Additional expenses such as hair ties, camp clothes and team sweats are the responsibility of the squad member.
Competitions, including regionals and Nationals are the responsibility of the squad and team member.
Fundraising opportunities are available; however, it is the individual’s responsibility to pay any expenses that may be necessary.