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As the season winds down we can be thankful the weather thus far has cooperated and all scheduled games have been played with no weather related cancellations or postponements.  Considering we have combined three distinct and different Leagues, the season is running very smoothly.  I have heard of no problems or complaints. 

The two individuals responsible for the schedule, Phil Jerbi (Genoa-Kingston) and Jim DuMont (Sycamore) did a wonderful job combining three leagues, three levels, and 17 organizations and coming up with a schedule that has been running without a glitch.  Something more than likely I could not do.....nor would I want to. 

My hope is that the last few weeks of the 2017 Football season continues to run like the beginning and middle, that sportsmanship prevails, there are no injuries and the kids not only have fun, but learn the sport.

Talk with you soon


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