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Your company's 30 Second Video Commercial (Advertiser must furnish 30 second video advertisement in DVD, MPEG,AVI,WMV or other electronic form US SPORTS NETWORKS cannot produce video advertisements at this time) inserted into all US SPORTS NETWORK/AllInBroadcastingVideo productions.(Click Here For An Example)Your ad(s) will play at least 2 times per broadcast. This packages additionally includes all benefits of the All-Biz advertising special. (See All-Biz specials for information). $500 Per month. To sign up for the US SPORTS NETWORKS TV AD Package1 simply click on the paypal button below:

US SPORTS NETWORKS Seasonal Advertising Special!

Put your business on the air for one of our most watched and listened to times of the year!
Estimated total weekly listening and viewing audience: [300,000]

Your 30 second audio ad played at least twice per game broadcast

Your 468x60 and/or 120x60 banner ad (gif,jpeg,html,or swf)displayed on our network of high-traffic sports sites (50,000 impressions For a 3 month or 90 Day period

Your company logo apparell (hat, t-shirt, blazer, etc.)worn by lead announcer Nate Lewis during Taped broadcast on Comcast Communications of Alexandria broadcasts (Our Sportz Show and other broadcasts)

Total Costs: $250.00 for campaign period from September 2006 to December 15 2006

Your campaign will run during the following play-by-play broadcasts:

DeMatha High School Football

Bowie State University Sports
.and much more!

To sign up for the US SPORTS NETWORKS Seasonal Advertising Special simply click on the paypal button below and/or follow the "How To Submit Your Ad" Information at the bottom of this page:


Paypal now available for the National Media Sponsorship (see below)

Banner Network Advertising
-Your 120 x 60 or 468 x60 Banner ad will be seen on our banner ad network (25,000+ page views a day) 100,000 monthly impressions (submit banner ad w/url as instructed below)
To register for the Banner Network Advertising option please click on the paypal button below or follow the "How to submit your ad instructions" below

Back by popular demand-The All-Biz Radio/TV/Web Advertising special
-Your 30 second audio commercial ad played at least 20 times per month rotated throughout our network shows and game broadcasts [please submit 65-72 word ad copy as instructed in the "How to submit your ad" instructions below]

-Your business slogan mentioned at least once per month on our affiliated Cable TV shows and Internet TV broadcasts ( via BCM TV)

-Your company logo and/or web address on the back of our broadcast schedules and newspaper ad announcements at least one per month
-Your 468x60 or 120x60 banner ad on US SPORTS RADIO and our affiliated websites (minimun 50,000 monthly impressions)

$24.99 per month.

To sign up with the All-Biz special please click on the paypal button below and/or follow the "How to submit your ad" Instructions at the bottom of this page.

All Biz Advertising Special yearly option. For your 12 month committment you will receive 25% off of the month-to-month price above. Only $225.00 per year. To sign up with the All-Biz special yearly option please click on the paypal button below and/or follow the "How to submit your ad" Instructions at the bottom of this page.

New!All Biz Ad Special Yearly option2: All of the benefits of the All Biz regular yearly option except your audio ad will be 15 seconds in length (Please submit script of 35-42 words or pre-produced ad) $115.00 per year. For the All Biz Advertising Special yearly option2 To sign up with the All-Biz special yearly option please click on the paypal button below and/or follow the "How to submit your ad" Instructions at the bottom of this page.

Single 30 second audio ads
30 second audio advertisement played on appropriate program {Advertiser can request which program(s) ad will run on}
Ad production is included. Single advertisers can purchase up to 1000 ads$1.00 per ad purchased. For the single 30 second audio ad option simply click on the paypal icon below and follow the "How to submit your ad" instrucions at the bottom of this page:

Single 60 Second audio ads
Same benefits as 30 second audio option except you receive 60 secdond of ad time $2.00 per ad purchased. For the single 60 second audio ad option simply click on the paypal icon below and follow the "How to submit your ad" instrucions at the bottom of this page:

Washington DC Area Multi Media Sponsorship:


1. 4 60 second commercial advertisements produced for you(if necessary) and played during each (recognized Washington Dc Area school or sports organizations’) play-by-play broadcast and 2 played during All US SPORTS RADIO Produced talk shows and the US HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS SHOW on US SPORTS RADIO

2. 2 30 second commercial advertisements produced for you and played during each play-by-play broadcasts and aforementioned talk shows.

3. Your company profiled via signage clothing apparel or live read mention on OUR SPORTZ SHOW on Comcast of Alexandria Cable Channel 69 and on affiliates of the Fairfax Sports Network

4. Your company’s 15 second video commercial or video graphic display with audio voice-over played as a tune in ad every other week on our online videocasts of Washington DC Area Play-by-play sports and related video talk shows Click Here For An Example

5. Your full page flyer 8'x11.5' printed on the back of our broadcast schedules which are handed out or inserted into the programs of each live event broadcast by US SPORTS RADIO

6. Your 468x60, 120x60 and/or 120x600 (tower) banner ad displayed and linked on and all web affiliates (150,000 monthly impressions)

More benefits can be negotiated and added.

$1500.00 US for a 365 Day (One year) period for the campaign.
To sign up as a Washington DC area Multimedia sponsor click on the paypal link below and/or follow the "How to submit your ad" instructions below:

US SPORTS National Media Sponsorship

US SPORTS RADIO,TV,WEB, & PRINT NETWORKS will put your business deep into our Sports Broadcasting Communities with this huge Marketing & Advertising Package: The benefits are numerous!




-2000 plays of up to 4 different 60 second  audio ads on all talk show and play-by-play broadcasts


-4000 plays of up to 4 different 30 second audio ads on all talk show and play-by-play broadcasts


-2000 plays of up to 4 different 60 second video ads to be played on our online video broadcasts and Cable TV Affiliate play-by-play and talk show broadcasts


-2000 plays of up to 4 different 30 second video ads to be played on our online video broadcasts and Cable TV Affiliate play-by-play and talk show broadcasts


-A 5 minute video  promotional segment featuring your company with either your representative(s) interviewed inside your place of business or featuring a community service that your business is involved in. To be played during Our Sportz Show on Comcast Communications of Alexandria, Va. and at the beginning or end of other affiliate Television and Online video programs 4 times a month for a 12 month period.


-500,000+ Monthly Banner impressions [468x60 and/or 120x60] on our extensive banner ad network.


-Specific Program Benefits:


DeMatha High School Football & Basketball ( )


What is DeMatha Basketball


 Bowie State University Football and Basketball ( )Letheal Cook


 DC Divas NWFA Football ( )


  • The D.C. Divas Offense at Work - April 19, 2003
  • The D.C. Divas Celebrate - April 19, 2003
    Get the Quicktime plugin for free Note: All game videos will open in a new browser window. How fast they load will depend on your Internet connection. In order to view the game videos, you must have QuickTime 5.0 or higher installed on your computer. You can download QuickTime free from Apple's web site.



 Bethesda Big Train Baseball ( )


Click here to listen to a 10 minute history of Big Train baseball that appeared on WAMU's Metro Connection on July 23, 2004


National High School Basketball



Naming rights to either:


The (Your company name) Pre-Game Show


The (Your company name)-Kick-Off Show [football] Tip-Off Show [Basketball] First Pitch Show [Baseball]


The (Your company name) Half-Time Show


The (Your company name) Call to the Bullpen [Baseball]


The (Your company name) Post game show


The (Your company name) Player of the Game


The (Your company name) Wrap up Show


Talk show/play-by-play broadcast naming rights


On a first come first serve basis


(Example you are listening to DeMatha High School football presented by: (Your company name)


DC Divas (Football ) Benefits:




  1. A color advertisement for your company on the back of all programs for each regular season home game and all home playoff games.
  2. Your company’s logo on the front of each program.
  3. A reserved space for up to four company provided banners (3’ x 10’) at the Divas’ home stadium at each regular season home game and all home playoff games.
  4. National and local press releases announcing your company as the Divas’ Title sponsor.
  5. Ten public announcements at each regular season home game and all home playoff games detailing your sponsorship and promoting your business.
  6. Two hundred and fifty season tickets, which can be used for staff or as special gifts for your clients.
  7. Your company’s logo as a decal (2” x 2”) on each player’s helmet for all games.
  8. The opportunity to provide company give-a-ways at each regular season home game and all home playoff games.
  9. A Title Sponsor’s tent at the stadium for promoting your products at each regular season home game and all home playoff games.
  10. Six 30-second commercials during our live internet broadcast of each regular season home game and all home playoff games.
  11. Recognition at all our community appearances and the opportunity to participate in functions with the Divas.
  12. Special autograph and picture opportunities with the Divas.
  13. At least one appearance by a player or group of players at your business to provide motivational speeches and/or unique guest speakers. ( Your business must have a DC Baltimore area affiliate or office only)
  14. Co-branding of your logo in all media outlets including on-air mentions and all printed materials.
  15. A link to your company’s website on the D.C. Divas’ homepage for one full year.
  16. Entry fee for up to 16 players in our annual golf tournament.


Additional Network benefits:


Your print ad included in all magazine and newspaper announcements of upcoming broadcasts for one year.


Your full page 8'x11' ad inserted into at least 5 school, organization, or event programs for one year.


Your company logo apparel worn by TV show hosts, announcers and support staff for at least 20 game events for one year.


Your company's  audio informational program (5 minutes to 30 minutes in length) played 2 times a day on the US SPORTS Entertainment Channel [Becomes US SPORTS RADIO2 Summer 2005]


Additional agreed upon benefits can be added and all benefits can be customized to meet the advertisers needs.

For the National Media Sponsorship Special at $20,000 per year. Payment accepted by Check or Money Order Follow the "How To Submit Your ad" instructions below> or pay in 6 month installments of $10,000.00 by clicking on the Paypal button below:

discount on all packages for full one-year committment
Where will my ads play?
-On all designated network shows indicated on the front page as well as all Radio/TV Shows and play-by-play broadcasts as indicated.

Click on a Radio with video broadcast example below:


For More Online Live Video and Offline DVD Broadcasts Click Here Service Provided by BCM TV
How to submit your ad

If your company or organization has prepared recorded announcements please submit the announcement on CD, Dat , high quality audio cassette tape, and mail to US SPORTS PO Box 7578 Arlington, Va. 22207.If your company is submitting a script for production or live read please email to or mail to US SPORTS RADIO-PO box 7578 Arlington, Va. 22207 e-mail MP3 version of announcement(s) to Please email banner (or image url) for banner link submission with web address to For option 5 advertisers- Please submit convention sized display of logo,web address, street address(if applicable), and phone number(if applicable) to US SPORTS RADIO PO Box 7578 Arlington, Va. 22207. All submissions and promotional materials(if being distributed by US SPORTS RADIO) must be received by US SPORTS RADIO within 48 hours of broadcast. Subscription service to be paid by PayPal or send Check or money order to NRL ATHLETIC SERVICES PO BOX 7578 ARLINGTON, VA. 22207. Please have payment(by check or MO) received within 5 days of desired broadcast start.

For present listener stats click here

All advertisers will have access to full statistical reporting of your banner ad activity.

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DeMatha High School Basketball 2012 US Sports Radio Highlights

Relive all of the topsy-turvy Hoops action of the 2011-2012  Season in Crystal Clear Digital Stereo.  30 minutes of Season Highlights of one of the more Star-Studded DeMatha teams in school history Click Here To Listen To a Sample Download Your Copy Today!
A portion of proceeds will be donated to DeMatha Basketball's fundraising efforts.

Sponsored by:

It's back!

The US Sports Coaches Show featuring:
DeMatha Head Coaches:

Elijah Brooks [Football]

Mike Jones [Basketball]

Bowie State University's Football and Basketball coaches, special guests, and more..

Live Tuesdays 8-10pm EST Live from Glory Days Grill Bowie MD

One lucky fan that shows either their ticket stub or program from that previous game will win Dinner on us!
Click Here To Listen

Today's Sports, Health, and Fitness Headlines

September 29, 2011


Free content by Fresh


US Sports Network Teams Up with To bring you: Tuesday March 20, 2012 5:05pm EST The 2012 Abe Pollin City Title Games
Click on the player below to watch Live
Presented on US Sports Network by:

Live broadcast by Ustream
2012 Abe Pollin City Title Games Broadcast (Audio-Online & Mobile Feed)

Dan Feldman Staff Writer

DeMatha Catholic center BeeJay Anya worked out twice Tuesday before his team's summer-league game against Henry A. Wise High that night, and he faced double-teams throughout the contest.

So, if Anya ? who has kicked his conditioning into high gear in advance of this weekend's USA Basketball U-17 Men's Developmental National Team training camp in the thin air of Colorado Springs, Colo. ? looked sluggish at times during DeMatha's 49-48 win against Wise in The Rock summer league at High Point High School, he had a few excuses.

Or maybe not.

?You've got to go 100 miles per hour,? DeMatha coach Mike Jones said. ?There's no altitude here. So go 100 miles per hour every single play. Go after every rebound. If you're in a position to take a charge, do that. If not, try to block everything. I'm not saying he played bad, by any stretch. But I want top 12 in the planet.?

That, give or take a few 17-year-olds in other countries, is the bar for Anya. He missed the cut for the U-16 team last summer, and after returning to Colorado Springs in October for a national team mini-camp, Anya said he has a chip on his shoulder for his third trip.

?I've been there twice, and I enjoyed it enough,? Anya said. ?I'm trying to make the team.?

Two of his teammates last season, Jerami Grant (Syracuse) and James Robinson (Pittsburgh), and Upper Marlboro resident Nathaniel Britt, who played for Gonzaga last season, made the U-18 national team, which will compete in the 2012 FIBA Americas U-18 Championship in Brazil beginning Saturday.

?I'm very proud,? Jones said of Grant and Robinson, who graduated from DeMatha this spring. ?Obviously, it's one of the ultimate honors, if not the ultimate honor, for an amateur basketball player.?

Hoping to share the honor, Anya has increased his running, crunches and pushups in the last couple weeks. It's one last push until he and Jones, an assistant coach on the U-17 team, leave Friday for Colorado. Summer league games, including a matchup with Princeton Day on Thursday at DeMatha, have taken a back seat for now.

?These games are just to help my team out,? Anya said. ?But really, I'm trying to get ready with my coaches and conditioning.?

Anya's presence in the low post helped throughout DeMatha's one-point win Tuesday, but Terrel Allen provided the biggest boost late by making 3 of 4 free throws in the final 30 seconds. Wise, a public school, actually led most of the game against the vaunted private school power.

?When we start really getting better as a team, we'll win close games like. That's the important part,? said Wise coach Rob Garner. ?If we were playing this game towards the latter of June, I would like to win games like this, close, competitive games against a DeMatha.?

The Scoreboard Mall Has Moved!

February 13, 2014

 The Scoreboard Mall Has Moved!

Click here to visit our bigger, better,  and friendlier Scoreboard Mall at the New USSportsRadio.Net

September 1, 2013


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