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Is to provide a healthy, typically American sport for children. On the premise that children will participate in Football or Cheerleading anyway, somehow and somewhere, the League directs this activity toward proper playing fields, provides the best protective Equipment, competent instructors and officiating. The League recognizes as valid the usual criticism leveled at programs of this type; that the good done by the program can be outweighed the harm derived from undue mental pressures placed upon children of this age by the "need to win". That is not to say, however, that the League thereby de-emphasizes winning, which is confirmed by every child who has played. Instead, the program places emphasis on good sportsmanship, team work and individual discipline. Winning "at any cost" is what is de-emphasized. Weight limitations are designed to tailor the football program for children 6-14 years old who, in many cases, may not otherwise have an opportunity during their school career to participate in contact sports. Combined with age limitations that provide for three teams within a Unit, its possible to achieve equal competitive standards’"> during game participation. The children play a good, hard game. The Western Suburban Junior Football League wants the children to be proud of the game they played and the way they played it-win or lose. With that purpose accomplished, the League can be proud of its program..


This association is designed primarily for the improvement and  development of the capabilities of individuals; to encourage certain  types of sports and athletic endeavors; to promote the physical, mental  and moral development and well being of children 6 through 14 years of age without regard to race, creed, sex, color or religion, who are  residents within the area of each Football Franchise, by providing the  means through which the individual child shall receive education and  instruction in sports programs; and the purpose of setting up such a  program will be to develop a sense of fair play, honest and fair competition and true sportsmanship, with the end result that there will be a lessening of juvenile delinquency and juvenile problems within the prescribed area; further, approved protective equipment, and the protection of the emotional heath and welfare of each child involved, as well as the physical health and welfare, shall be attained by emphasis upon equal competitive standards scientifically determined, rather than upon the winning of games or any other adult competitive standard