Frequently Asked Questions

When are practices held?

Practices will begin either the last week of July or first week of August. Practices are held at Clear Run Intermediate School Monday through Thursday for football and cheer from 6:00 pm-8:00 PM. Once school is in session practices for cheer and football will be Tuesdays and Thursdays only.


When are games?

Games are typically held on Sundays from 10-5 depending on the level, with some games being played on Saturdays. Opening day for games is the weekend of August 25th with the regular season being 8 weeks and post season play being 3 weeks. Once a schedule is approved by the league it will be posted. Our home games are played at Clear Run Intermediate School Football Field, our away games are played at Allentown Central Catholic, East Stroudsburg, Nazareth, Moore Township and Pleasant Valley.


Are there residency requirements for participants?

Yes. To be eligible to participate, you MUST live (reside) within the Pocono Mountain School District.


Children attending non-Pocono Mountain School District schools (private schools) are eligible to participate provided your place of residence falls within the Pocono Mountain School District boundaries.


If you're not sure if you live within the Pocono Mountain School District, you can check the Pocono Mountain School District's Web Site at


The following Townships make up the Pocono Mountain School District Community. (05/20/2005)

  • Coolbaugh Township
  • Barrett Township
  • Pocono Township
  • Paradise Township
  • Tunkhannock Township
  • Jackson Township
  • Tobyhanna Township
  • Mount Pocono Borough                           


Are there age & weight requirements for football players?

Yes. To be eligible to play youth football, you must meet the requirements as listed below.


Flag level – No player may attain his/her 7th birthday prior to September 1, 2020

Pee Wee Team – No player may attain his/her 9th birthday prior to September 1, 2020,

players cannot exceed 125 lbs.

Junior Varsity Team – No player may attain his/her 11th birthday prior to September 1, 2020, players cannot exceed 145 lbs.

Varsity Team – No player may attain his 13th birthday prior to September 1, 2020,

players cannot exceed 190 lbs.

Are there age requirements for Cheerleaders?

 Flag level – Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Pee Wee – Grades 2 and 3

Junior Varsity – Grades 4 and 5

Varsity – Grades 6 and 7

When are registrations held?

Registration is done on line through our website

I missed the registration date. Can I still register my child?

While we encourage all participants to register on the date and time specified, special circumstances may warrant consideration.

Cheerleading registration will end (no exceptions) upon the conclusion of  uniform fittings as noted in our calendar of events section. Once uniforms are ordered, no applications will be accepted.

Football registration will end by the second week of the season. The YAPM may close registrations earlier based on a teams total enrollment. Please check with the head coach or football commissioner prior to mailing application.

I missed the registration date. How can I register my child?

Please be sure to read the "I missed the registration date. Can I still register my child?"section listed above.

You can download the registration forms from our website and mail them to us. Your application acceptance is dependant upon the submission of all completed applications and forms, must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and must be received and processed prior to the dates listed above in the "I missed the registration date. Can I still register my child?" .

How much does it cost to register my child?

The cost to participate is listed on the YAPM registration form.

Is there a specific medical form (Physical Release)?

No. Any form from your doctor stating your child is physically fit to participate is acceptable.

Do I need to remain at practice with my child?

Yes. You must have your child at practice 5 minutes before your scheduled practice time and you MUST arrive 15 minutes before the end of practice. By arriving 15 minutes before the end of practice, coaches will have ample time to discuss with you any concerns regarding your child. If you need to leave the field for any reason please let the team mom and or coach know.

Think Safety!  - Be there on-time or contact your coach when needed to advise them of a delay. Especially the younger children in our program. We're sure any coach would take a few extra minutes to stay with your child in the event of a delay in arrival.

It is also mandatory to have an emergency contact during practice hours in the event of illness or injury.

Do not leave siblings at the field unattended. Coaches are responsible for the supervision of players only.


When do we know if the FB, Cheerleading Practice or games are cancelled due to weather conditions?

Football practices and games are cancelled on the field and are decided by the field conditions, anticipated conditions, and/or direction of school authorities.


Players should arrive at the field to plan on practice or a game.


If known in advance, a posting will be made to this YAPM website

Official Weigh-In Process and Required Documents

     First year player required documents.

  • First year players MUST provide a copy of original birth certificate and will remain on file with our organization as well as the Mountain Valley Youth Football League
  • We must have a photo of  the participant on the first day of practice.

    What if I don't have the original birth certificate?

    You must provide some official proof of age document such as a Baptismal Certificate.


    Do returning players need copies of their birth certificate?

    No, we will use the copy we have on file from the previous year. Just bring yourself.


   I have a concern or grievance. How should I address my concerns?

Please address your concern or grievance in the following order.

1.     Coach or Head Coach - Address your issue directly with the coach or head coach. Please talk with your coach at a time that does not interfere with his/her practice. Taking time to talk to parents during practice takes away from our kids time. Kids first - then parents!

2.     Football or Cheerleading Commissioners

3.     Board Members

Is the YAPM affiliated with a school or school district?

YAPM is not legally affiliated with the PMSD but is dependent on the District for purposes of property use privileges, insurance protection, custodial, security, and grounds maintenance coverage.