Things are going to be a little different in the Central League this summer.

When the 2015 season begins in a few days, the eight-team league will grow to nine with the addition of Dillsburg-based club South Mountain.

In addition, the constant rescheduling of unfinished games will no longer be a problem. Instead of suspending games because of darkness or weather, the Central League will go to a hockey-like format for its standings, giving winning teams two points, losing teams none, and, if a game is called with the score tied, each team will receive one point.

"It's a cost-saving initiative," league president Mark Skehan said. "It's a time-saving initiative. We're going to see how it goes, and in my mind, this is not an insignificant change in baseball."

It's certainly a new approach and a major change. The new format is in response to numerous games getting suspended last summer because of darkness and weather, forcing players, umpires and grounds crews to return on a makeup date, costing the league extra money.

Skehan said two teams had to come back on four different days to finish a game, each time costing the league money and, sometimes, it's only for one or two innings.

"That's a lot of money, you know," he said. "People have to go out and prepare the fields and there's only going to be one inning to be played. We're going to try it. Baseball, by necessity, is going to need to make some changes and it's not always comfortable."