Youngblood League Rules

  • 2-16 min Halves
  • Clock Stops only on FT, last min of each half, and timeouts

  • If team is up 20+ clock continues to run
  • 2 min overtime, any additional overtime 1 min

  • 3 min halftime

  • Each team will receive 3 Full timeouts, 1 additional timeout (1st overtime only)

  • All other High School rules enforced

  • Home team (light jersey) picks game ball

  • Home team operates score clock


    Additional Notes:

  •  League is grade based-no player can play down a grade regardless of age
  • Player can only play on one team per grade
  • Player must play in at least 8 games to participate in playoffs (exception must be approved by Kendall)
  • 6th grade teams will use regular size basketball

  • 5th grade will use small basketball unless both teams want to use big basketball

  • Please Review schedules weekly as they could change

  • Each team needs to provide a scorekeeper to complete score sheet
  • Score sheets need to be turned into site supervisor following each game (we use them to keep stats on every team and post those stats on the website) Coaches make sure they are filled out correctly!

  • Playoffs March 10th & 11th