• New Bulldogs Online Payment Link
    This link will allow you to make a payment directly to us. If you don't know the amount you owe, shoot me an email and I will update you.

  • Animated Offenses & Defenses on Coaches Clipboard
    This link goes to a great resource for coaches. The animations are great and really display some great stuff.

  • Excel In Basketball
    As most of you know, I coach at Excel. I may be partial but I think they teach more at Excel than at any camp around (and that includes the higher dollar camps). Their work on fundamentals as well as the life lessons they teach can't be beat. I am also a huge fan of the teaching intensive environment at their weekend camps. If you are looking for a camp for you son or daughter, I believe there are none in the country better than Excel.

  • Nor Cal Preps
    If you love local High School sports like I do, this is a fun site. They rank local teams and have some great articles on local kids. Frankly, the message board is very funny as well. People that love different schools will get into arguments on the board that are hilarious (although they probably aren't intended to be).

  • 5 Star Basketball
    5 Star is an East Coast Institution. They run camps, do videos, promote players etc. On this site, you will get a feel for who are the top players in the country coming out of HS.

  • EB Bulldogs Photo Site
    A gentleman named Jim Cottingham (the Dad of our 11th grade player, Jamie)does a great job taking some digital pictures of our games/practices/team events etc. The photo you saw on the front page of this site as well as the team pix in the "Photo Album" section were all taken by Jim. Anyway, Jim was kind enough to set up a little Yahoo has a site for us to view, save and even print his work. To veiw the photo's, go to the site and then click "Sports". From there, choose "EB Bulldogs" for the year you are looking for. (He has photos from 05 and 06 up.

    Have a look and see if your player is up there. To reach Jim direct, drop him a line at jwcotting@sbcglobal.net. I am sure he would be happy to try and shoot some pix of your child if you asked nicely. In fact, he will add anyone to his distribution list that is interested in notification when hew pictures go up. Just drop him a line and ask him to add you to the list.