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    We train every sport! We teach speed, explosion and quickness to every sport. we only do positional technique training for football athletes only.

    Usually majority of athletes that train with us see amazing results in a matter of weeks. However, the harder you push your self the more you gain.

    Changing surfaces allows us to work various muscle groups that do not normally get tapped into. It maximizes the time spent in training to get amazing results. plus it is nice to get a change of scenery!!!!

    We are building athletes mentally, physically, and spiritually. Trainers can train atheletes physique but what about there mental? A strong understanding of who you’re as a person can reveal a much tougher and competitive nature about you. The spiritual side is strengthen through mentoring and sharing the knowledge of the lord.

    We only allow 18-20 kids per class. At Rhare Breed we want quality over quantity! Our goal is to transform each and every person that comes through our doors. Smaller groups allow us to give each athlete more attention