• Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    The link will take you to the on line training program which is mandatory for all board members, umpires, managers, assistant coaches and scorekeepers. All managers will need to have their assistants and scorekeepers take the training, print a certificate and return to their Vice Presidents for there league. This needs to be completed by and turned in before April 26, 2013. In the event of a concussion a player may not return until a injury release form is provided to the manager and given to the V.P. of his/her league. The injury release form is on line in the handouts section of this site.

  • Miamisburg Indoor Training Center
    Miamisburg Indoor Training Center
    Contact Information;
    Zach Trent - 937-901-4731

  • Play Hard - Don't Blink
    This link is provided for managers, coaches and parents for this program. Managers can fill out their pre-season and post season forms on this site. Pre-season forms due by April 29, 2013, post season forms are due June 28, 2013. Please remember to get this completed. Parents can apply for eye protection here.

  • Protect Youth Sports Background Check
    All managers, assistant coaches,scorekeepers who will have access to the players must submit for a background check. All adult umpires are required to submit also.