Links For Parents and Players

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  • US Soccer Referee Program Library
    U.S. Soccer is committed to producing referee education resources aimed at supporting the nearly 150,000 officials across the country regularly working amateur games at the youth and adult levels. These video resources will focus on both the interpretation and application of the Laws of the Game while also providing advice on practical refereeing.

  • Roxbury Soccer Home Page

  • FIFA - Rules of the Game

    This page includes a downloadable copy of the FIFA "Laws of the Game". It is meant for guidance ONLY. Youth soccer may modify these laws based on "local rules of competition" by individual clubs.

  • US Youth Soccer - Laws of the Game

    This page includes a information for youth soccer as issued by US Youth Soccer. It is meant for guidance ONLY. "Local Rules of Competition may modify these guidelines by individual clubs.

  • Laws of the Game Made Easy

    Provides you with an understanding, in simple easy to understand slides, what the rules of the game of youth soccer are.

  • New Jersey Youth Soccer Referees

  • New Jersey Referee Office


    This site allows you to register for a Referee Certification course or Referee Recertification course (for certified referees who are renewing their certification). Once you create an account, you can view course schedules, requirements, and resources.

  • The basic rules of soccer for kids and adults
    There are the basic soccer rules according to FIFA. The 17 laws of the game to understand and enjoy soccer. Coaching soccer or just a fan these rules will help you enjoy the game more. Soccer is a simple sport made complicated with rules that only apply at the competitive level. Know the basics and develop the environment.

  • US Youth Soccer Parents Site

    This link will bring you to the US Youth Soccer Parents site. You will find a host of information and resources related to being the parent of a youth soccer player.

  • U.S. Soccer's concussions in soccer overview
    .S. Soccer created a video to bring greater awareness to concussions in soccer. US Club Soccer strongly encourages its members to watch this and became more aware and better prepared for concussion-related injuries.