• Background Check
    Password: Mathewsfield
    This takes approx 4 minutes to enter your name /DOB/Address/SS # etc. A report will be sent to RP Baseball and will be reviewed for any sexual or violent offences that may be inconsistent with the responsibilities required in protecting youth involved with sports. Assuming all is in order, the League will be made aware of your "greenlight" status. You have a right to a copy of this report and the information contained in it.

  • Concussion Training
    To the right of the screen is a purple box "launch the course". This training takes approx. 45 minutes and is a video format with questions and a final test. Please save your certificate and give to Mark Azzolino. RP Baseball coaches have the responsibility to sit players they feel have been concussed, and a clearance from a health care professional is required to return to practice/play. Resources are available for your clip board and to give to parents should an injury be suspected. "When in doubt, sit them out".

  • Rutgers SAFETY

  • Choosing a Bat

  • Choosing a Glove