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  • Fenton High School

  • Five Star Softball League

  • GetGreat.com
    Get Ahead of the Game

    Play like the pros and learn The Ripken Way

    Welcome to baseball's most revolutionary new training tool!

    GetGreat.com provides youth players of any age and skill level the opportunity to learn how to succeed directly from baseball's best instructors, including Cal Ripken, Jr., Bill Ripken and other current and former Major Leaguers.

    Lessons are customized to provide personal training that will help improve your skills and make the game more enjoyable.

    You'll learn "The Ripken Way" from the game's very best through exclusive MLB.com game footage and player analysis.

    The Ripken Way:

    Keep it Simple • Make it Fun • Celebrate the Individual • Explain Why

  • Institute for International Sport

  • PMI Sports, Inc.
    Group, Individual & Action Photography

  • Sport Supply Group

  • SportingKid Magazine
    SportingKidTM magazine is the official member publication of the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS), the leading advocate for positive and safe sports for children, with programs and services implemented in approximately 3,000 communities. The magazine is published four times a year, and provides volunteer coaches, parents, administrators and officials with key information on all aspects of youth sports and physical fitness. Each issue is packed with news, tips and expert information aimed at ensuring that youth sports is a happy, safe experience for everyone involved.

  • The National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA)
    The National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) is a membership organization and the most widely used volunteer coach training program in the nation, having trained more than 2.5 million coaches since its inception in 1981. More than 3,000 community-based agencies and organizations have offered this opportunity.

    The NYSCA volunteer coach training program is designed to sensitize volunteer coaches to their responsibilities and hold them accountable to a strict Code of Conduct defined by the NYSCA Coaches' Code of Ethics Pledge.

  • Wood Dale Fire Protection District

  • Wood Dale Police Department

  • Five Star Softball
    2009 League Coordinator:
    Jenny Matrasko

  • Buone Beef & Catering
    Buona Benefit Nights aren’t just profitable, they’re also fun. They’re a great way to raise funds for the Wood Dale Baseball Association and have a great social event to build spirit and relationships. Invite families, friends, relatives, and local businesses and get everybody together throughout the afternoon and evening.

    Buona Benefit Nights begin at 3 PM and continue to closing time. Just make sure your families, friends, relatives, and supporters all bring the flyers we will distribute with them, so the WDBA gets credit for everything that is ordered. The more people, the more they order. The more they order the more our organization receives!

  • Wood Dale Park District