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Airport Park

If you are familiar with going around Mallet's Bay, from Rt. 7/Chimney Corner's exit -- follow these listed below.

-From Rt. 7 -- Take a right onto Bay Rd. and follow around Mallet's Bay.
-At the light, take a right onto West Lakeshore Drive/127 (bay is on your right)
-Follow W. Lakeshore Dr. (don't take the left onto Prim Rd. towards the North End of Burlington)
-Continue straight thru the intersection with Porter's Point Road
-1/2 mile down the road, Airport Park is on the right

These directions are from the Interstate - Costco exit

- From I-89 take Exit 16 and go North on Rte 7 as if you were going to Costco (a Right turn if you were headed North and a Left turn if you were headed South)
- Go about 2 miles (through 3-4 lights and through a small valley)
- At the light at the top of the hill turn Left on to Blakely Rd
- Continue on Blakely Rd about 2 miles
- Continue past the schools
- At the next light stay straight onto West Lakeshore Drive (bay is on the right)
- Continue on West Lakeshore for 2 miles
- Stay Straight at intersection with Porters Point Road
- About ½ mile past intersection, Airport Park is on the right

Colchester Point Rd., Colchester, VT 05446