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A.I. DuPont High School

Take route 13 north to the Wilmington Airport. Stay in the right lane and take 141 north - road bears off to the right from 13 north and circles up to 141 north toward Newport. Follow 141 north for about 7 miles to 52 north (you will cross I-95, cross route 2, cross Lancaster Ave. Follow signs to 52 north. Once on 52 north, you will pass the Greenville Shopping Center on the right, but you will want to be in the left lane. Turn left on Hillside Rd. (sign saying A.I. duPont H.S.) The School and field are on the left. An alternate route is to take route 13 north to route 1 which takes you to Christiana. Get on I-95 at Christiana toward Wilmington staying in the right lanes. Exit from I-95 on to route 141 north toward Newport and follow the directions above to route 52.

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