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Richland Park Portland

Portland plays at the Richland Soccer Complex

Directions from I-65 to Richland Park

1. Take exit 117 (Portland/Orlinda) and head towards Portland on TN 52.

2. Cross over U.S. 31-W at the four-way stop.

3. Keep going straight on TN 52. Go about 4 miles into Portland.

4. Turn left on TN 109. There is a traffic light at the intersection. There will be a McDonald's on the right before you turn.

5. Go about three blocks on TN 109. You'll see a Farmers Bank on your right. Ahead on your right is a strip shopping center with a Subway. Turn right on East McGlothlin Street. That's the road between the Farmers Bank and the strip shopping center.

6. Cross the railroad tracks. Keep going straight. The road changes names, and you are now on Wheeler Street.

7. In about two blocks, you'll see McKendree Methodist Church on your left and the Elmer Hinton Library. Turn left just after the church onto Portland Blvd. (The library will be on your right after you make the turn.)

8. The entrance to the park is about two blocks ahead on your right.

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