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Most teams have uniform shirts, it's recommended.


Games are to 21


Boards are the choice of the home team


Each match will consist of 3 games, EACH game counts, so if you go 1-2 you overall record is 1-2 not 0-1.


To avoid potential complications of who plays from where on the boards, the following will take place before each match:


The home team gets to choose where one player from their team will line up.  The teammate to that player must face that player from the other boards.  

The away team then gets to decide where each member of that team plays (again, must face one another).   Home team chooses bags and goes first in the first game, winner goes first from then on.


Players will rotate boards after each game.


Cornhole boards will be 27 feet apart from the front of each board.  All bags on the board will count for 1 point and all bags in the hole will count for 3 points.  Bags cannot “bounce” up onto the board …. If one does, you must remove that bag before the next one is thrown.  If a bag is hanging over the front of the board, it will count as long as it is not touching anything (even a blade of grass will cause that bag to be removed).  

Each set of boards will have a scoring on one end.  The players on that side must keep score of each round of throws and announce them to the other players.