Beginning in September and again in April, the Bay Shore Middle School is the site of competition among the in-house (intramural) soccer teams. These teams are comprised of players ranging from ages 2 to 13. Our coed divisions are Micro and grasshopper divisions that are run by Super Soccer Stars, an organization that specializes in teaching young kids soccer skills in a variety of fun activities to help keep the little ones engaged at all times. The Kangaroo division places the kids in a real soccer experience as they start having practices during the week and playing against other teams in this division.  Our Knee High division provides the children an opportunity to further develop both individual and team skills. Our Midget division helps prepare the kids to eventually move on to either school teams or our travel program. 

The basic philosophy of the Bay Shore Soccer Club is to ensure that our players have fun and enjoy the game of soccer. We encourage our parent coaches to promote the social, psychological and physical development of each child. Referees consist of our own travel players who have participated in our referee's course.

Bay Shore Soccer Club Divisions
(goes by year of birth)

Micro 2 & 3 yr old's 
Grasshopper 4 & 5 yr old's
Kangaroo 6 & 7 yr old's 
Knee High 8 & 9 yr old's
Midget/Senior             10-13 yr old's 


The intramural registration form is available here.



Coaches can elect to have their own practice if they have time.  It's not a requirement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When will my child be contacted?

Answer: Your child will be contacted approx a week before start of the season via email or telephone.

Question: How many practices will be held?

Answer: Practice schedules will be determined by the Coach according to his availability and schedule.

Question: What equipment will my child need?

Answer: Your child will need shin guards, a ball and it is mandatory that you purchase soccer cleats.

Question: When are games scheduled?

Answer: Games are scheduled for Saturday.