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BCBRL Rules for 2017

1. Scheduling Games: Please email your schedules to so the website can be updated. Also any changes so I can keep the website up to date

2. Roster Limits: Max number on a roster is 20 players.  Players can be on both a 13’s and 14/15 roster, but can’t be on two teams in same age group. 

3. Umpire: Home team will be responsible for getting umpires. Away team to provide one game ball plus 30.00 fee for umpires ($60 per team for playoff game – 2 Umps per playoff game). One umpire per regular season game two for playoffs

4. Playing rules:

Pitching Limit Prep & MAJORS- A pitcher can pitch 7 innings a week from Sunday to Saturday, Sunday is the start of a new week and all pitching is reset. (One pitch in an inning counts as a full inning) Once a pitcher is removed he can not re-enter the game as a pitcher.

Time Limit – No new inning after 2 hour and 15 minutes if there is a game following. If there is not a game after play the full 7 innings

Bat Restrictions – Minus 7 for Majors (14/15) / Minus 7 for Prep (13’s)

Balks – For Majors (14/15) one warning per pitcher then major league rules.

Batting order : May consist of a coach’s choice of number of  batters (Coaches choice to exceed 9) with a min of 8. The number of batters you start the game with must stay the same unless you start with 8 or a player gets hurt. You may start a game with 8 players but the 9th position will be an out. If a 9th player shows up he is placed in the 9th position. Unlimited defense subs.  if a player is in the batting order. Subs may enter the game in any position in the batting order but once removed may not re-enter the game. Starters can re-enter once, but must re-enter into their original batting position.

Sliding: Sliding is legal into any base, head first sliding is legal. Sliding past a base or rolling or not sliding toward base is either one an automatic out or doubleplay

Mercy Rule: Mercy rule is 10 runs after 5 innings, 4 ½ if home team is ahead by 10 or more.

Standings: 4 pts for a win, 2 pt for a tie, 1 points for a loss.

Tie Breaker 

When two teams are tied 
1. Head to Head record 
2. Fewest Runs allowed in all games 
3. Most Runs Scored in all games 

when three or more teams are tied 
1. Fewest Runs allowed in all games 
2. Most Runs Scored in all games 

Playoffs: All teams make the playoffs.  Winning team programs are responsible for trophies. The Marlton Elks will present a Trophy to the winning team.


Please record your scores on website.   All regular season games must be completed by July 3rd. Playoffs start July 5.