Mission/ Purpose/ Ethics

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Bullock Creek Youth Football Program is to teach kids the fundamentals of football while at the same time teaching the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, promoting self-esteem and confidence in these young players. We ask that all parties involved including parents do their part in ensuring the BCYF Program is successful in completing this mission.


The purpose of the Bullock Creek Youth Football Program is in keeping with our Mission Statement and to provide continued support to the Bullock Creek High School Football Program. The Youth Football Program is to be considered a feeder program for the High School Program. Improvements and yearly donations from the youth program will continue to strengthen the entire football experience at Bullock Creek.

Code of Ethics

Now that you have registered to participate in one of the areas strongest football leagues, it is imperative that the parents, athletes, coaches and league officials work together to preserve the integrity and strength of the Bullock Creek Youth Football League. BCYF Board of Directors has set forth this code of ethics to be maintained at all times while participating in the BCFYL. Failure to do so will result in one of many forms of actions deemed necessary by the Board of the BCYFL. These actions will include, but are not limited to, sitting out games or practices, suspension from the league for an undisclosed time or expulsion from the BCYF.

• I will follow all guidelines set forth by the BCYF.
• I will maintain a positive attitude at practices, games or other league functions.
• I will treat others with respect and courtesy.
• I will not verbally or physically abuse any child or adult.
• I will maintain emotional control at BCYF functions and will not verbally abuse or criticize any coach, game official, league official or volunteer.
• I will not fight or condone behavior that is deemed abusive.
• I will not use tobacco, alcohol or drugs at any time-ZERO TOLERANCE.
• I will support and act in the best interests of the BCYF at all times.
• I will provide positive support to all kids, coaches, league officials and volunteers of the BCYF.
• I will abide by all decisions made on the field by the game and league officials, reserving the right to appeal the decision of a league official to the Board of Directors.
• I will adhere to the 24 hour cooling off period policy which has been instituted for all disputes.

At anytime, you as the parent can voice your grievances to the BCFY Board at an official board meeting. We are here for one common goal, promoting youth football.