Bigger Than You Figure (BTYF), a non-profit organization, is a conglomerate of youth basketball teams, coaches, parents, and other volunteers organized February 2008 by a concerned and committed group of coaches, team moms, and volunteers, dedicated to improving the lives of local urban youth. The organization's mission is two-fold: to use the sport of basketball to develop teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship and a strong work ethic in young people; and to provide mentoring, educational support and life skills needed for them to grow into responsible, productive adults.

To accomplish these goals, BTYF has assembled a team of dedicated professionals and volunteers with a variety of backgrounds and united for a single purpose -- to use their talents and experience to better the lives of young people. The volunteers of BTYF are committed to competitive excellence, integrity, and skills development of every youth that will be a part of the organization. The commitment is to positively influence each youth, promote growth, and afford them to have fun in the process.


BTYF was organized to foster amateur sports competition, affording youth an opportunity to learn and develop skills in the game of basketball. In addition to developing a strong basketball program with teams that have the skills and ability to be competitive on a national level, BTYF athletes will participate in the following programs: monthly tutoring sessions for struggling students, career days with speakers from the area's professional communities, and community service activities.


Realizing the weighty responsibility of being entrusted with teaching and training area youth, BTYF is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards.

As well as, each youth will be held accountable for their responsibilities that align them with the ultimate goals set for them and their futures.


Our mission is to execute a leadership role in the development of our youth that are committed to sports by presenting life lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, and values. As well as, provide the firm foundation needed for young athletes to promote their growth and become strong, responsible, goal-driven adults in our communities.