Callaway Youth Basesall League (CYBL) Rainout Notification Procedures

On days when playing conditions are questionable, every attempt will be made to provide playability / rainout information on the Welcome Page of the CYBL website, however, on some days, it may not be possible to get this info posted in a timely manner. 

If no notice appears on the website, assume that your game field is playable and that your game will be played as scheduled.

The City of Callaway Parks & Recreation Department does have the authority to deem a field or fields unplayable.  If such a decision is made, CYBL cannot overrule this.  In some instances, however, the city tells CYBL that it is CYBL's decision whether a field is or is not playable.  In this case, the decision to play or not play is a "game time decision".  Game Time Decisions are made by CYBL Officials, and NOT by individual Team Managers or coaches.

How to learn status of your game:

-  Check the website.

- Check Callaway Youth Baseball Facebook page

- Contact your Manager after 4 PM

If no info is on the website:

-  TEAM MANAGERS ONLY:  Call Duane the League President at (850) 866-5885.  Do not call until 3:30 PM for weeknight games.  Many times, we do not have definitive status until late in the afternoon.
-  Others:  Call (or don't call if so directed) your team manager or POC as determined by your team manager.

Saturday Rainouts:  Do not call the League Presidents before 8 AM.

If you are unable to obtain rainout info, plan on playing at your scheduled time.

When in doubt, SHOW UP