Smoking and the use of tobacco is not tolerated at Howard Park. This is by rule of the Lexington County Recreation Commission as well as Cayce West Columbia Dixie Youth & Mohawk Dixie Boys Baseball. At no time during a game, should ANYONE from the coaching staff leave the playing field, dugout or bleachers (score keeper) to smoke or use tobacco. We seem to have this issue every season. If a coach, their assistants and score keepers cannot stop smoking long enough to get through a ball game, they should be replaced by someone that can.

The board members will be monitoring this situation and will address them accordingly.

CWC Board of Directors


We continue to have a parking issue at the circular drive located behind the outfield fence of the Minors field and sidewalk between the Minors and Mohawk fields. PLEASE remember for yourself and remind your parents and fans this area is for drop off and pick up ONLY.
The access road to the Batting Cages and the one located at the dumpsters is for authorized vehicles only. NO PARKING IS ALLOWED IN ANY OF THESE AREAS AT ANY TIME!

We thank you for trying to enforce this issue and will be addressing it with those we find parked in these areas.

Thank You!!

CWC Board of Directors