Eastern Viking’s Football

- Team’s Mindset -

Don’t be outworked!

Don’t be out hit!

Do your job!

- Player Expectations -

Responsibility - Show up to every practice on time ready to work

Commitment - Finish what you start

Accountability -“You” are responsible for “You”

Reliability - Do your job so you build trust with your teammates

Student Athlete - Get it done in the classroom, community and on the field

Weight Room - Pre season, Regular season, Off season

No Cursing - We don’t curse in the classroom, so we don’t curse on the field

Upper Classman - Leaders of the team that set the pace/tempo for the younger guys

Under Classman - Take advantage of reps to build trust (Perform in practice/perform in the game)

Mental Toughness - The ability to perform no matter how you feel (feelings are internal)

Show Discipline - Your training and ability to stay focused no matter what (distractions are external)

Communication - If you have an issue talk to your position coach (question about playing time:
talk to your position coach, if not resolved then head coach,
next step meeting with AD and possibly parents)

- Coach’s Mission Statement -

We will develop high character young men to the best of their ability on the field, in the
classroom and  and in the community.   We will provide the best possible environment
conducive  for our student athletes to achieve their goals.

Coach Dan Boguszewski

“The greatest opportunity in the world is found here today…
We already know what yesterday has got for us. 
It’s already gone. Tomorrow is too far away.  What about right now?”
Ray Lewis