To new individual players.

Teams pick up players as their needs dictate. You should contact the individual team managers and give them your sales-pitch with such things as age, positions and what level of ball you have played. Team addresses are available under team contacts.

Each team set their own team fees. The league supplies insurance for league play.

We currently play a twenty-four game balanced schedule starting middle of May and finishing at end of August , including the playoffs. Some teams participate in tournaments and exhibition games during the season, in addition to league play. Teams play an average of two to three games a week, with weekend games being double headers.

To New Teams

If you are interested in fielding a team to play in the FMBA, please contact the league executive, with the following information:

- Financial resources available
- a complete roster with a minimum of 14 players, including experience of players.

Each team is required to have a full set of uniforms to participate, baseball attire, as well as a set of catching gear. The league is currently a wood bat league, with each team supplying their own bats.