GMYFL Partcipation Requirements

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 GMYFL Spring Application

I. Criteria for Acceptance

1. Identify Program, Director, Certified Coach

2. Submit application or contact information to include: name, phone #’s (H,W,C), address, email, letter of club/organiztions intent to particpate.

3. Prospective teams must submit applications between the February and April 1st. Prospective clubs will then be invited to the next meeting, where they would receive further instructions

II. Upon Acceptance to the League

1. Upon Invite to (GMYFL) Spring Meeting, submit the following to the board:

a. Proof of Insurance 

b. No minimum teams to qualify: 6u,  8u, 10u, 12u, 14u. Special consideration will be given to established organizations that field all age groups for game field allocations

c. $100 Deposit (credited toward league fees for the current year)

d. Number of teams/uniform colors

g. Satisfactory game fields must be secured with proof of (Field Use Permits) if qualified to host games.

Mailing Adress:
6585 Coventry Way Clinton, MD 20735