*The head coach is responsible for every player on their team understanding these rules.

ENTRY FEE: $925 per team.
Checks made payable to: Town/Village of Harrison.

INSURANCE: The Recreation Department recommends that all League
participants be covered by team or individual insurance

PLAYING TIME: 2-20 minute halves - running time until the
last 1 minute of 1ST half, when clock will stop on all whistles.

2ND Half - Clock will stop on all whistles for the last 2 minutes.
Clock will also stop from 10 seconds down when basket is made. It will restart when ball is put back into play.

TIMEOUTS: 2 timeouts per half


First 19 minutes 1st half/First 18 minutes 2nd half – After timeout, clock will start as soon as shooter receives the ball.
Last minute 1st half/Last 2 minutes 2nd half – After timeout clock will start after the last shot is taken.

OVERTIME: 3 minute overtime (last minute stoppage).

REGULAR SEASON – 3 minute overtime.  Repeat once if game is still tied.  If game is still tied after that you play first team to 3.  1 foul shot for fouls and no three pointers.

PLAYOFFS – 3 minute overtime.  Repeats until someone wins.      

TIMEOUTS  IN OVERTIME:  Timeouts do not carry over.

Regular Season-     1 timeout in each overtime.

Playoffs-                 2 timeouts in each overtime.


*Recreation Supervisor has the authority to change any rule throughout the season.

FOULS: 6 fouls - You are out of the game. 2 technical fouls - you are out of the game, suspended from the next game and have to pay a $75 fine before you can play again.

Team Fouls: 7 per half (shoot on the 8th)
Technical Fouls: 2 shots & the ball
Flagrant Fouls: 2 shots & the ball
Shooting Fouls: 2 shots

When Your Team Is In The Bonus;
2 shots for a non-shooting foul
2 shots for a shooting foul



1.) Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in expulsion from the game and suspended from next game. If player persists to be a
nuisance, he will be suspended from the League. The expulsion
from the League will carry over to any Harrison Recreation
League for the remainder of the year (example: Softball, Soccer, Volleyball, etc…)
Please note: The final decision on all player conduct violations
will be handled by League Supervisors and they can suspend players at any point with both teams charged with a loss.

2.) Any demeaning/abusive language including profanity will result in a technical foul when heard. Second time will result in you being ejected, suspended for a minimum of 1 game and fined $75.

3.) Any yelling/screaming/arguing towards refs, score table personnel, each other (same team or not), or anyone else in/outside (gym/school/parking lot) depending on the severity of the incident may result in a warning first (assuming no profanity/demeaning or abusive language was used) or player being ejected/suspended/thrown out of the league without a warning.

4.) Any team committing multiple violations detrimental to the league can face expulsion from the league at any point. Any incident that involves multiple players or entire teams may result in team expulsion from the league at any point.

5.) The supervisor is in charge and has the right to do ANYTHING that they feel is necessary to keep things in order.

EJECTIONS: If you are ejected from the game for 2 technical fouls or any other reason; you will be suspended for a minimum of 1 game and must pay $75 before you can play again. The $75 has to be paid by check or money order to: Town/Village of Harrison.
*All fines will be used towards a charity of the Town’s choice*
**The second time you are ejected; you are automatically suspended for the year and it is under the discretion of the League Supervisors to decide a fine if applicable or how long your suspension will carryout there after**

DUNKING: Dunking or hanging on rim is not allowed. Dunking will result in removal of points & loss of possession with a team warning. Second time will result in a Technical Foul for the individual.  Hanging on the rim any time before, during, or after the game will be a team warning first.  The next time will result in a Technical Foul for the individual (could be your second if it was after the game, then suspension and fine will apply).

FORFEIT TIME: A team can start with 4 players, a fifth must enter the lineup and play before the end of the first half. If a player does not arrive before then, game is forfeited at that time. Ten minutes forfeit time from scheduled start time for less than 4 players.

FORFEITS: If any team forfeits 2 games, the team can be
dropped from the League and will not be refunded their money.

TEAM ROSTER: Rosters must be submitted on or before the first playing date. You are allowed 12 players per team. Any additions should be brought to the League Supervisors attention. Rosters will be closed after the 4th game.

* Every player must bring a license to the game & check in
* A player must play in at least 5 games in order to be eligible for the playoffs

PROTESTS: No protests may be lodged on an official judgement. Protests will be handled on the spot. Supervisor in charge will give the final ruling on protests.

POSTPONEMENT: Only games canceled due to inclement weather or by notice
of the League Supervisors will be rescheduled. In case of bad
weather, the team captains will be called as early as possible. It is the team manager’s responsibility to contact his players. All information will be updated on our website and Recreation Hotline.

Recreation Hotline: 670 – 3039
Website: http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=hrmbl

UNIFORMS: Every player must have a team shirt w/a number in order to play. NO EXCUSES THIS YEAR - NO SHIRT - NO PLAY

Each league will have their own playoffs.









*Recreation Supervisor has the authority to change any rule throughout the season.