Our Mission Statement

To provide an organization for girls from Mid to Northern Hudson Valley area of New York Sate to play Baseball / Softball in an arena which allows them to play against high quality competition. We believe that our greatest contribution is in teaching young people the values of competition; to make a commitment, to work hard; to strive for excellence, to sacrifice to make the team better, and to be the best you can be as a person and an athlete.  We believe our job is to develop the whole person, and not just the athlete.  Our players learn to respect the game of Baseball / fastpitch softball and all who are involved in it.

Our idea of a perfect game is one in which only the players and the game are noticed. The coaches and umpires seem to disappear. Baseball / Softball is fun because of the relationships that are formed on the field, the team unity, and the ability to accomplish a common goal together as a team. While a member of the Vengeance, our players will learn about commitment, success, trust, respect, pride, tradition, attitude, motivation, responsibility, discipline, mental toughness, and integrity.   

Our pledge is to provide a healthy, productive and structured environment for our players to learn and compete in the game of fastpitch softball; promote team chemistry and teach the importance of achieving success through teamwork; provide a unique, positive atmosphere for accomplished athletes to develop their skills while building confidence, self-esteem, and mental toughness; Stress the importance of academic excellence as it relates to competitive sports and to a successful future; Develop highly competitive softball teams with players that exemplify the meaning of selflessness and teamwork.