2018 Kings Grant Basketball

KGLRA hosts one of the premiere youth basketball programs in the area.  
The program is fun and safe, and seeks to teach our kids the fundamentals of basketball.


  • Boys and Girls – ages 5-18
  • Age Brackets (Based on player's age as of Sept 30)
    • U6- PeeWee (Coed)
    • U8
    • U10 
    • U12
    • U14
    • U16
    • U18


  • Eight-game basketball season; age divisions also have a post-season tournament
  • U6 plays other Kings Grant teams
  • U8, U10, and U12 Boys play other Kings Grant teams
  • U8 and U10 Girls play teams from around the City of VB
  • U12, U16 Girls play teams from throughout the City of VB
  • U14, U16, and U18 Boys play teams from throughout the City of VB


  • Practices are held 1-2 times per week at elementary schools in or near the Little Neck area
  • All U6, U18, and U10 games are held in the Little Neck/Great Neck area
  • Ages 11-18 games are held at various public school locations in Virginia Beach


  • Sep 17     Early Bird Registration Begins  (only $65 per player)
  • Oct 1        Registration opens at KGLRA.org  ($75 per player)
  • Nov 6       National Basketball Day!!  Happy Birthday, Mr. Naismith
  • Nov 7-17  Late Registration ($95 per player)
  • Nov 15     Mandatory KGLRA Coaches Meeting
  • Nov 26     Player Assessments Begin
  • Nov 27     Mandatory Coaches Meeting for U12, U14, U16, U18 Coaches
  • Dec 3       Team practices begin
  • Jan 5        First game U6, U8, U10 leagues
  • Jan 12      First game U12-U18 leagues; various days throughout the week 
  • Mar 9       Playoffs- U8, U10, U12


  • Includes jerseys, practice balls and gear for coaches, certified officials
  • $65   Before Oct 1
  • $75   Oct 1-Nov 6
  • $95   Nov 7-Nov 17  or until rosters are full

Lots of volunteers are needed to ensure this league's success.  We need coaches, league coordinators, gym supervisors, equipment managers (uniforms, balls, clocks, trophies, etc) and more!

For more information, email us at kingsgrantsports@gmail.com 

Basketball FAQs

Please see the Q&A below.  If your question is not answered, please email us at kingsgrantsports@gmail.com and we will answer your question. 

Q:  What league will my child play in and when are the games? 

A:  See the table below:


Age on 09/30/18



Game Day
**Subject to Change**











GIRLS –Saturday
BOYS – Saturday







GIRLS – Saturday
BOYS – Saturday PM







GIRLS – Saturday
BOYS – Saturday







BOYS – Saturday
GIRLS – Saturday




City Scheduled




City Scheduled







City Scheduled

(must be in HS)




























Q. What kind of time commitment does the basketball program require?

A. Teams generally practice 1-2 nights a week for an hour. Teams have 1 game per week which lasts about an hour.

Q: Can I request a practice night?

A. We understand that kids have multiple activities and may have an evening that they can not practice. We can not take special requests; however, if there is one night that absolutely wouldn’t work, please put that in the comments section when signing up. We will make every effort to accommodate. If it is REALLY important to then email the league coordinator. With hundreds of registrations sometimes data does get overlooked. Once a child is placed on a team, changes will not be made due to practice conflicts.  As always, volunteering to coach will positively impact your child's practice schedule.

Q:  Where do the practices take place?

A:  Practices generally are one hour in the following time slots: 6:30-7:30pm; 7:30-8:30pm; 8:30-9:30pm.  Practices take place at the following schools: Kings Grants ES, Kingston ES, Windsor Oaks ES, Lynnhaven ES.

Q:  When will I be notified about what team my child is on and when practices will be held? 

A:  For boys farm, youth and midget divisions, a skills assessment and player draft will take place the week of November 26, 2018.  Practice for all teams begin the week of December 5.  You should be notified the last week of November about your child's team placement.  Some of the older divisions (13+) may continue to form the team into December.

Q:  When will practices start? 

A:  The week of December 5, 2018. 

Q:  How are players assigned to teams? 

A:  All children are required to attend player assessment the week of 27 November.  Details will be sent before Thanksgiving.  Player assessment is not a tryout, but how we rank skills to ensure every team has an even distribution of talent.  The skills assessment clinic will consist of a few simple drills and will assist the coaches in selecting balanced teams. 

Q:  When will games begin? 

A:  U6, U8, U10 games will start the weekend of January 5, 2018.  City Youth Sports divisions (ages 11+) will begin January 12, 2018.

Q:  Can my child play on the same team with a friend? 

A:  Players are assigned through the draft in an attempt to create balanced teams.

Q. Does my child need to attend the skills assessment??

Yes = Your boy is in age group U8, U10, U12, U14.

Yes = if your child is new to our Kings Grant league.

Yes = if your child is moving to a new age group. 

No= Girls teams do not require player assessment. 

No = if your child is playing in the U6 division.  Pee Wee is the only league we assign kids to a team and will try to accommodate friend requests. Girls and Boys will play on the same teams in this league only.

Q. Can siblings be assigned to the same team?

A.   Yes, if they are in the same division. Please make note of this request on both children's registration.

Q:  I would like to coach.  How do I get a team? 

A:  Please choose: "I would like to coach" during the online signup process.  You can also email basketball coordinators for that league.  If emailing, please let us know what age your child is or what age group you would like to coach. Coaches must take standard youth sports on-line training and pass a background check.  

Q. How high is the rim?

A: U6 = 8 ft
    U8 = 9 ft (boys), 8 ft (girls)
    U10 and above= 10 ft

Q. What size ball will my child need?

A:  U6 = 27.5
     U8 = 28.5
     U10 = 28.5
     U12 and above = Girls 28.5, Boys 29.5

Q. I would like to help out but do not want to coach. 

A. There are many open positions available and would welcome any time you could give to your community organization. Some positions require a minimal time commitment. Opportunities include: gym supervisor coordinator, uniform coordinator, trophy coordinator, just to name a few.  No experience necessary.