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The Offside Rule (Law 11) Explained

Often misunderstood,
Law 11 deals with offside

(note that the correct term is singular- it's not "offsides").

Important points to remember are:

  1. Offside is ONLY ever considered by the referee

  2. It is NOT an offense in itself for a player to be in an
    offside position- for an offense to occur, that player must
    be gaining an advantage, interfering with an opponent
    or involved in the play.

  3. If the ball is deflected off a defender, the offside infraction
    is NOT negated by the deflection if all other criteria are met.

    For a good full explanation of the offside rule, follow this link
    to the FIFA website: FIFA Offside Explanation




Recap of basic soccer rules for rec coaches, referees and parents

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my child have to wear cleats?
A: Soccer cleats are required for playing. Baseball, football and other
    types of athletic shoes that have sharp cleats are not permitted.  
We have a good collection of gently used cleats in our shed that
    you are welcome to check out. Contact your coach for more information.

Q: Does my child have to wear shin guards?
A: Yes! No exceptions! Shin guards MUST be completely covered
     by socks. Shin guards must be worn for both practice and games.

Q: What should my child bring to games and practice?
A: Please make sure your child has plenty of water, it's the
    leagues drink of choice. Soda or sugary drinks are not recommended.

Q: Can a player wear earrings during the game?
A: Under no circumstances is jewelry allowed unless required by
    a medical condition or religious convention; even then, it is at the
    referee's discretion that the items can be made safe to all players--
    if not, the items come off or the player cannot participate in the
    game. The referee has absolute final say on the matter.
    Jewelry includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, nose rings,
    belly rings, hair adornments and anything else of the like that
    you can think of.

Q: My Child has just had their ears pierced,
    can we at least tape them?

A: Sorry, the answer again is NO. Taping of any jewelry,
    including earrings, is not permitted.

Q: Can I Decide what position my child plays in?
A: That's the coach's job! By all mean discuss your child's preferences
    with the team coach but please allow them to organize the team in a
    manner that they consider fair and in the best interests of all team players.

Q: Can I leave my child at practice or a game
    and pick them up later?

A: There must be an adult in attendance for every child at practice
    or for a game in case of injury, inclement weather or other unexpected
    circumstances. PLEASE do NOT leave your child without an adult at the field.