Rhino Linings of Lebanon

2015 Pitching Rules

Pitching Rules:
6 Innings per calendar week.
Enforced pitch Counts will be:
85 Pitches in a day = 3 Days Rest
41-84 Pitches in a day = 2 Days Rest
21-40 Pitches in a day = 1 Days Rest

1 to 20 pitches does not require a day’s rest. However, back to back days of pitching 1 to 20 pitches requires one day rest following the second appearance on the back to back days. (Example: Pitcher throws twenty pitches on Monday. He may throw 20 pitches on Tuesday, but then must rest Wednesday. If s/he throws more than 20 pitches on the second day, normal rest for that amount of pitches PLUS ONE DAY rest applies; second appearance is 84 pitches, the pitcher must rest two days for the 84 pitches and one additional day for back to back appearances.)

A player may begin a new inning or batter by throwing his/her 85th pitch. S/he must be removed when the current batter finishes his/her plate appearance.

It is the responsibility of the Home Team's Scorekeeper to keep track of the pitch counts. The pitch counts must be turned in with the scores after every game.

Penalties for violating these rules:
1st Offense: 1 game suspension & forfeiting of the game
2nd Offense: 1 week suspension & forfeiting of the game
3rd Offense: 1 year suspension & forfeiting of the game

These rules have been passed & will be placed in the BY-LAWS.

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