About the Maryland Cardinals

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10U - Jeff Frattali sarahjeff@comcast.net
11U - Jason Hyde jasonhyde1998@gmail.com
13U - Jeff Allen allenjw31@yahoo.com

9U   - Jeff Frattali sarahjeff@comcast.net
12U - Jeff Allen allenjw31@yahoo.com 
13U - Doug Goff dsgoff@carrollk12.org
14U - Marty Burns/Kevin Neville kevin@superior-stucco.com  (W) 443.920.3091  (C) 240.626.5841
16U - Greg Beal gregb@aecenviro.com 
18U - Mike Marrale marraleaec@aol.com

The Maryland Cardinals are affiliated with Winfield Baseball.  For information on 
tryouts for Winfield Travel - Babe Ruth 13U - 19U, Cal Ripken & MABA 9U - 12U 
                                      visit  www.WinfieldBaseball.com
For info contact Mike Bledsoe 240-876-2170


The Maryland Cardinals are an elite travel baseball program playing against the best teams in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region.  

The goal of CardinalBaseball is to provide an atmosphere that will enrich your child's love of baseball while taking his game to the next level. We believe that "perfect practice" makes perfect, and we will teach your child how to work hard to accomplish all of his baseball goals.

How it all started...again!
The Maryland Cardinals team ( 2010 - 10U, 2011- 11U, 2012 - 12U), was ranked in the top 5 in Maryland and had a three year record of 125 wins and 41 losses.  This record was achieved while rostering players all within a 15 mile radius of our home field.  We take extreme pride at never getting a win at the expense of overusing a player, whether pitching or catching.  It's how the game is played that matters most.  In 2013, both 2013-13U Teams (Cards-Black and Cards-Red) were ranked in the top 5 in the state, each winning multiple tournaments.  This success was repeated again in 2014 with both 14U teams.

Due to the success we have had, and the large number of talented players that attended our tryouts, the Maryland Cardinals will be fielding teams at multiple age groups during the 2015 season.  Some players now travel from other counties and states to be a part of this high level of play, and to learn all the fundamentals of the game prior to high school and college baseball.  

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 as we'll keep you up to date by providing a blog and pictures tracking their progress. 




The Maryland Cardinals Organization
is affiliated with the
Winfield Baseball Association