Gator Skills Academy

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March 21, 2017



The Gator Skills Academy gives the girls an opportunity to participate in an after-school basketball training program. The program will focus on player development (developing the fundamental skills) and understanding the game of basketball vs. running plays. The students will improve their overall basketball ability vs winning games at all cost. This will be a great opportunity if the student the has aspirations to play basketball at the high school level. We have taken the program into the several middle schools and their players went on to have success. The Gator Skills Academy is unique because we do individual, small group and large group sessions and still able to maximize the players skill set. 

Middle Schools we have worked with in the past:

  1.  Bronx Lighthouse Charter school                                                                  
  2. Simon Baruch JHS 104
  3. Salk School of Science
  4. NYC Lab Middle School                                                                                        

 Please see videos and photos below !