About the MMBL

The Mississauga Men’s Baseball League was founded in 1987 and is known as the MMBL. Since then our Men’s recreational league has grown into a league of fifteen teams and counting. The MMBL currently is playing out of two parks in Mississauga, Q-Park and Lisgar Park. Directions to our parks can be found under “Directions” on our home page.

We are a 21 and over league playing hardball in central Mississauga. Teams can play any night of the week, including weekends. A team on average plays two games per week. We do not permit carded players or any player from Inter County. We strive for excellence, fun and competition. Our pitchers are limited to 4 innings per game or twelve consecutive outs. Pitchers must be 25 years of age and over to pitch in the MMBL. All players bat every game and registration to enter varies depending on the size of the team roster and the amount of games played for that season. Your registration may or may not include a full uniform as each team operates independant from one another. Games are played at either 7:00pm or on weekends are played at earlier times. All games are 7 innings and run for a maximum 2 1/2 hours in length. We are using wooden bats exclusively.

There is no physical contact permitted in the MMBL and such acts will result in automatic player suspensions and “fines”. We are league that has zero tolerance for contact, poor sportsmanship and profanity on the field! We play typical baseball rules in addition to our own set of rules in our MMBL constitution that supersede some of baseball league rules. Teams are guaranteed approx. 20-22 games. At the end of our season, the MMBL hosts a banquet for the teams. The fees to support this event are included in your registration.

In addition to our 21 and over league, we have a travel team known as the Mississauga Marlins which is a 35+ Vintage team. The team is comprised of players inside the MMBL and must be 35 years of age and older to play.

The MMBL is run by committee executives and this includes our current President Brett Jones, Senior Vice President Jason Jackson, Junior Vice President Ryan Goodfellow and Dawna Jones our league Treasurer.

Good luck and remember it is about having a good time playing the good old game of baseball by respecting our peers and officials!

MMBL Executives