Frequently Asked Questions

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1.      Why does registration close on Oct 15?


a.      There are about 1,000 children participating in the program.  Teams need to be formed, schedules created, referees scheduled equipment and uniforms ordered.  The season starts the week after Thanksgiving, leaving 6 short weeks for the volunteers to organize the season.


2.      Why are there two separate registration fees?


a.      Divisions K thru 4 do not have any playoffs.  Divisions 5 thru HS – all teams make the playoffs and there are additional costs for referees and post season awards.


3.      Can I register off line?


a.      No … all registrations must be completed on line.


4.      Can I pay the registration fee by check?


a.      No.  We only accept registration payments on line.   Registrations are not complete until the payment has been processed.


5.      My child wants to play with his/her friend… how can I request that?


a.      You can’t.  Teams are selected by the coaches and division directors.  Special requests can lead to unbalanced – uncompetitive teams.  No special requests will be passed to the coaches / directors.


6.      Can I register my child in a division above/below their grade?


a.      No.  The divisions are by grade… no exceptions.  If you feel your child is above the talent of those in the grade, there is a travel program that provides a higher level of competition.  There are also private teams that offer other playing options.  


7.      I am not sure my registration was processed?


a.      The on line scheduling process is designed to return a registration confirmation via email.  Please make sure your spam filters are set to accept the confirmation.  Each week we will also update the registration status and it can be viewed on this web site.    

b.   A confirmation email will be sent when registration is complete.  If you have difficulty registering / paying on line... please contact the League Lineup help desk directly.






1.      My child is involved with other activities, can I request a specific game time?


a.      No.  We make every effort to keep game on the same day and about the same time throughout the season.  However the exact times / days cannot be determined until the registrations are complete and the teams are determined.   


2.      Last year we played on Saturday – why this year on Wednesday?


a.      There are many factors that are considered when the schedules are created.  Gym availability, referee assignments number of teams in the division and age of the players.  Registrants should be prepared to play Mon – Fri  6-9pm and Sat 9am – 9pm.


3.      What about holiday weekend?


a.      The schedule will break between 12/23 and 1/1 for Christmas and New Years.  The schedule will have games schedule on both MLK and President’s day weekends, Valentines Day, Ash Wednesday and St Patrick’s Day weekend.


4.      How many games are scheduled?


a.      We aim to schedule 10 games for each team.  Grades 5 – HS will then have playoffs.  Weather and other unforeseen issues may force a reduced schedule.


5.      Do all teams make the playoffs?


a.      In the past – all teams grade 5 and above have made the playoffs.  The number of teams in the division will dictate the playoff format.   There are no playoffs for K thru 4th grades.


6.      When does my team practice?


a.      Practice schedules are determined by the coach of each team.  The team is allotted ½ of a gym for 1 hour each week.








1. What size ball is used?


a.       Women will use the 26.5” ball


b.      Men K – 6 will use the 26.5” ball


c.       Men 7 – HS will use the 27.5” ball 2. What shirt is worn?


a. Each player is given a reversible numbered basketball jersey.


3.      What shoes are worn?


a.      Each player is required to wear rubber soled athletic shoes.


4.      What pants are worn?


a.      Players provide their own shorts.  The shorts should be athletic, cotton or nylon.  Shorts with zippers and/or metal fasteners are not permitted.








1.      How do I know what team my child is on?


a.      After teams are determined, the teams will be posted to this web site.  You will be able to view the children in alphabetical order, see the division and team to which they have been assigned.


2.      Who is the coach?


a.      Once you have identified the team, the coach’s contact information will be available for you to view.




Travel Teams:


1.      Where can I find information about the Monroe Travel Basketball program?


a.      We provide a link to the travel program at the bottom of our web page.  There you can find contact information and additional links to facebook pages / teams etc.


2.      Can my child play both travel and rec?


a.                              In short, yes … we encourage everyone to play as much basketball as their schedule and budget permit.  Keep in mind that the seasons overlap and there will be conflicts between the two.  However we also feel one of the positive learning experiences for a child playing a team sport is the responsibility and commitment to a team.  You must ask yourself is it fair to the team if your child will miss practices and games for another commitment?  There are different goals in both programs.  Can your child recognize the difference between a highly competitive travel program and a rec program designed to get everyone involved?  It is an individual decision, one that should not be taken lightly.






1. The refund policy is defined in the general rules.  A Refund Request Form must be completed and e-mailed to before any refund will be considered.