Mission Statement

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NJ Rhinos Youth Hockey Organization Mission Statement


Organization building and player development, like child rearing, are measured in years, not games. While we choose to live in the world of athletics, where by definition you are judged by the score, the New Jersey Rhinos have chosen to focus on the process of developing players' abilities more than the immediate, weekly results.  It is this focus that remains in the forefront of our minds as we develop our players.

Winning and losing is part of our culture; either can be done well or poorly.  Successfully finding that balance begins with personal accountability.  The New Jersey Rhinos youth hockey organization was created for those families who strive to meet the challenge of striking a balance between the demands of the athletic arena and the true spirit of player development and youth sports.  Our primary goal is to provide our athletes with a safe and positive culture built upon a foundation of proven, fair, consistent and uncompromising principles acquired over many years of experience.

The New Jersey Rhinos is not a status driven organization.  Our objective is to provide leadership and create a complete hockey experience using USA Hockeys American Development Model – Long Term Athlete Development Principals.  Our goal is to cultivate each players passion for the sport and establish a culture in a safe, clean and ethical atmosphere where athletes are empowered in an appropriately competitive environment.