Managers/Coaches Information and Forms

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Managers and Coaches Volunteer and Compliance Process:

In order to become eligible to Manage or Coach a team, please complete the following required compliance items:


      • Concussion
      • Nationwide Criminal History
      • FDLE Background
      • CPR
      • First Aid
      • Coaches Certification
      • Code of Conduct
      • Volunteer application. 

To assist you with the compliance process, a checklist has been created to quickly perform the steps and mark each off as they are completed.

NTYS Manager/Coach Checklist


Please Follow the Links Steps Below to Complete the Manager/Coach Compliance Process:


Step 1 - Online Background Check

There are two background checks required to be a Manager/Coach at North Tampa Youth Sports (see the links below). 

  • Florida State Background Requirement - FDLE -  

    • You will receive two emails from FDLE. The first will be a receipt and the second one will be the report. Please forward the second email (the FDLE report) to
  • City of Tampa - Background Requirement - Please enter the information required. The final report will automatically be sent to North Tampa Youth Sports. 


 Step 2 - Managers and Coaches Certification

The National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) is the most widely used volunteer coach training program in the nation, having trained almost 3 million coaches since its inception in 1981. The NYSCA coach training program is designed to prepare volunteer youth sports coaches for their responsibilities and equip them with the necessary tools to make them effective, positive and knowledgeable in their important role. 


**When completing your registration, please make sure to select North Tampa Youth Sports as the Chapter affiliation. This will ensure your courses are recorded for compliance requirements. Once your electronic certificate is received, please forward it to

Join National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA)

Complete The National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) Online Clinic

Step 3 - Training Links:


A concussion and First Aid course must be completed with completion certificate. The certifications must be renewed every 24 months. Please complete or forward your current concussion certificate to

The Concussion and Head-Related Sports Injuries course complies with Florida Statutes Section 943.0438(2) (e); (f); and (g).

CPR and First Aid courses are required by each member of the coaching staff, mangers, and team moms. Please use the link below to complete the Basic First Aid and CPR courses, download the certificates, and email them to


Step 4 - Managers and Coaches Application

Please print the form in the link below, fill it out completely, and submit it to NTYS.

NTYS Code of Conduct

Please review the Code of Conduct document to understand the expectations of all persons at the park.


Code of Conduct

Additional Important Team Forms:


Incident/Injury Report