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NFHS Definitions Clarifications

To help everyone understand the differences between Braced Flips, Braced Rolls, and Suspended Rolls here are some video examples of each below. Click on each link to view. DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE TITLES OF THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS AS SOME ARE LABELED INCORRECTLY. 

Braced Flip Ex 1

Braced Flip Ex 2

Braced Flip Ex 3

Braced Flip Ex 4

Braced Flip Ex 5

Braced Flip Ex 6

Braced Roll Ex 1

Braced Roll Ex 2

Suspended Roll Ex 1

Suspended Roll Ex 2

Suspended Roll Ex 3

NYSCJA Safety Reporting

NYSCJA Rules Infraction Reporting Form

  • Safety judges are required to report all warnings and safety infractions within 3 days of the competition.
  • Only Violations and warnings that actually occurred during the performance need to be reported. Warnings/violations given in the warm-up area are for the benefit of the individual team so they have the opportunity to avoid the deduction on the mat.
  • All submitted infractions and warnings can be found on the NYSCJA Judges and NYSPHSAA Committee Only page

Cheer Hair

Inappropriate Hair (violation) - although the hair is pulled off of the athletes face her hair is so long that it will get in the way of stunting


Warning - beware that hair secured high on the athletes head have a tendency to flip over into the eyes of the athlete, which would warrant a violation


Appropriate Hair - the hair is secured out of the face and the rest is shoulder length or shorter