The NY Wolf Pack was created by Miguel Matos and Johan Sanchez on March of 2008. The Purpose of the Wolf Pack is to compete in Summer and Fall Softball Leagues around the New York Area.

The NY Wolf Pack was never able to participate in any Leagues for 2008 because of the lack of players.

In 2009 the NY Wolf Pack participated in the Summer Season with minimal success and the Team was reworked again for the Fall League. 


2009 Fall Season was a great Successful Season for the NYWP. We ended up making it to the playoffs and tearing our opposition into pieces; we ended our season with an 11-8 record. Unfortunately we were eliminated in the conference finals and ended up being 3rd in the league.

2010 Summer season was the very first season the NY Wolf Pack participated in the Gunn Sports League in mid-town Manhattan. The Wolf Pack went 11-10 and didn't make the play offs. Instead we played for the "Commissioner Cup" and lost in the final round.

2011 Summer season we continued playing in the Gunn Sports Summer League. We made it to the Play offs, but unfortunately lost in the first round. 

2012 Summer season was the best season the NY Wolf Pack has ever had. Our record was 14-8 and we won all our play offs matches. We got to the championship and after much hardships and unsuccessful seasons the Wolf Pack finally won a Championship. The final score was 10-5 (Game 1) 22-8 (Game 2). It was a hard road, but well worth it! You can see our pictures on our front page from this year.

2013 We made it to the first round of the playoffs and lost. The Wolf pack made a lot of changes and it was at this point that we decided to rebuild our "core" and ended up skipping the 2014 season.

2015 The Wolf Pack struggled with a newly formed team and didn't make it far. Our overall record was 3-17, it was clear that additions need to be made. The Wolf Pack will be ready for 2016 to redeem ourselves!!

2016 The Wolf Pack had a better season than before, but Management wasn't happy with our "improvement". We hold our selves to a higher standard and just doing "better" isn't what we're aiming for. We aim for playoffs every year at the minimum. 

2017 The Wolf Pack has changed leagues due to Gunn Sports commissioner being a bit petty and overall rude with a team that was part of thier league for almost a decade. We look towards a new direction and will start playing Weeknights/Co-ed.

Like any decent team the NY Wolf Pack holds seasonal try outs to determine the best players for the Roster. We currently have spots open in the roster.

For more info about the team please contact Miguel Matos. If you would like to Register for the team to be tried out please click HERE

(All Contact Information can be found HERE )