Slo-Pitch National Rule Guide 2017






The NYWSP adheres to the rules created by Slo-Pitch National (SPN) other than in the following circumstances:

·         Rule 2, Section 1:  NWYSP will institute a local league bat rule, similar to that of 2017.  Legal bats will include either the USSA compliance thumbprint mark or the ASA Certified 2004 or ASA Softball Stamp. (This rule will be discussed further for the 2019 & 2020 season)

·         Rule 4, Section 1:  The choice of first or last bat will be decided by the regular season schedule where every team will have the opportunity to be the home team or the visitors, in each team match up.  This will be used rather than decision of a coin toss.

·         Rule 4, Section 4, Part B:  NYWSP will allow ties to occur during the regular season, and will follow this rule for play-offs.

·         Rule 4, Section 4, Part E:  NYWSP will use a five (5) run mercy, rather than the specified, in all innings except the inning declared “open” by the umpire.

·         Rule 5, Section 3, Part A:  NYWSP will allow a team to start with a minimum of eight (8) players, rather than the specified ten (10) to be an official game. 

·         Rule 5, Section 6/7:  NYWSP is a rec league that prompts regular play.  Any player who shows up to play must be in the batting order.  We will not follow the substitution rules.  Players must each have a place in the batting order.

·         Rule 5, Section 8, Part B:  If a player cannot return to the game due to injury or blood rule, and a legal substitution or re-entry cannot be made, the team will forfeit if the team has less than eight, (8) players, rather than the identified ten (10). The team will not be penalized for the loss of a player, they will simply be skipped in the lineup.

·         Rule 6, Section 2:  At the beginning of each half inning following the opening inning where the pitcher remains unchanged from previous inning the pitcher will be given up to three (3) warm up pitches rather than the specified one (1). 

·         Rule 7, Section 1:  Teams are required to have 8 players, and should a player be removed from the game due to injury this is not an out, but rather the player is skipped in the lineup.

·         Rule 10, Section 2, Part A:  NYWSP is responsible for the selection and hiring of their umpires and will use their own selection process.  Preference will be given to SPN umpires as they will have more familiarity with SPN rules.

·         Rule 14:  NYWSP will allow players aged 50+ to have unlimited courtesy runners without penalty, however the courtesy runner will be the last out in the line up just as any other courtesy runner.  If the last out is also aged 50+ then the courtesy runner will be the most recent out under 50 years of age.

·         Rule STG&OR, Section 5:  NYWSP will adopt this format for breaking tie-breakers during the round robin regular season play.

Additional Rules for NYWSP:

·         No two or more individuals can share one position on the team roster.  Should a player wish to join the league the player is responsible for the full registration fees even if they know they cannot attend the majority of the games.

·         Borrowing Rule:   A list of players available for borrowing will be distributed to each team; any NYWSP player can be borrowed.  A team must have a minimum of seven (7) of their own roster to be eligible for play.  A team can borrow no more than 3 players to bring their lineup to 10 players.  This rule can be utilized no more than 10 times and is only in effect during the regular season.  Borrowing is not permitted in the playoffs.

    1. If a late player arrives after the start of the game, but prior to the start of the fourth inning, and the team is playing with a total of 10 players it will be at the team’s discretion if the borrowed player is to remain in the game or be replaced with the late player.  Both players may enter and remain in the game if the team remains below 10 players including the borrowed player.  This discretion is offered as borrowed players have been offered the position and might have arrived early, etc.
  • A grace period of 10 minutes (15 minutes for the early game) from the designated starting time of the game will be allowed for any team that does not have sufficient players present to start a game.  If there are not 8 players present at that time, that team must forfeit.
  • Should a player arrive to the game late, but prior to the beginning of the fourth inning and therefore still be eligible to play, she may occupy any position in the batting order.  Her position should be noted in the lineup prior to the start of the game and should that position be reached prior to her arrival she can be skipped over without penalty.
  • A player must play 7 of 14 regular season games to be eligible to play in the playoffs. (to be confirmed by the executive later in the season)
  • A courtesy runner may be utilized at any time, but only 7 times per game.  The courtesy runner must be the last out prior to this batter.  If there are no outs in the inning, go to the previous inning for the eligible designated runner, who would be the last out.
  • All players must be in full uniform. Once everyone receives their jersey, it must be worn, if not the player is issued a warning. On the second offence they are required to pay a $10 penalty, paid to the league.  The team jersey or team colours must always be visible, weather permitting. A jacket or sweater will be allowed if weather conditions are bad, although it is encouraged to wear your jersey on top.
  • If the third strike is a foul ball, the batter is out.
  • If a team has to be repeatedly asked (more than one inning) by the ump to hurry up the Speed of Play rule will come into effect and the following penalties can be issued:

                                          i.        If slow going out to the field, balls will be awarded to the batting team until the full team is on the field.

                                        ii.        If slow getting to bat, strikes will be called against the late batter.