Osgoode League Rules

September 15, 2014

1.     GENERAL


The official rule book for the Association shall be the "Canadian Broomball Federation Rule Book" latest edition with the following exceptions and additions:


  1. Players are permitted to wear any type or colour of pants they choose.  (supersedes Article 26b & lO7b)
  2. Players are permitted to use securing devices outside the uniform.  (supersedes Article 28f)
  3. Goaltenders are permitted to use a blocker and/or baseball glove. (supersedes Article 29 & l07e)
  4. Referees may use their discretion with any player, coach or team representative who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  (supersedes Article 38)
  5. Icing, ruling will be following the CBF rules.
  6. If a player receives a fighting penalty it is an automatic game misconduct penalty (ejection from the current game and the next game as well as a minor penalty). (supersedes Article 130) The suspension of a game must be from a scheduled game that is played in the Osgoode League only.
  7. Except for the goaltender in her crease attempting to make a save, it is forbidden to touch or hit the ball with one's broom higher than one's normal shoulder level. A minor penalty will be assessed.(supersedes Article 74)
  8. There is no mercy rule.  (supersedes Article 43b and 49k)
  9. Any player receiving three penalties in the same game will be ejected from the game.  (addendum to Article 77)
  10. As a result of a major penalty for hitting from behind, the following sanctions apply:
    • First Offence: If the player is assessed a major penalty in the first period, the player will be ejected for the remainder of that game. If a player is assessed a major penalty in the second period of the game, that player will be ejected for the remainder of that game plus one game suspension.
    • Second Offence: If a player is assessed a major penalty for hitting from behind for the second time in the regular season, they will immediately be ejected from that game and receive a further two games suspension.
    • Third Offence: If a player is assessed a major penalty for the third time in the regular season they will immediately be ejected from that game and will be suspended from the league for the remainder of the season. The Statistician will advise the committee and the refs of any suspensions.(addendum to Article 124b)
  11. A team must have six players to complete its initial line-up.  The referees shall allow a 10 minute grace time from the scheduled official game start time and then shall award the game by decision.  The winning team shall be awarded two points and 1 goal. The team that forfeits the game will be required to pay a fee of $50.00 to the league.  (addendum to Article 45b)
  12. If there is a one goal difference in the last three minutes of the game, the remainder of the game shall be played with stopped time in effect.
  13. If, at the three minute mark or anytime during the last three minutes of regular play, the score is tied, the buzzer shall sound to stop the play. At this point overtime shall begin and will be played with 3 players each side, plus a goaltender.  Overtime will be total goals.  The scorekeeper will clearly indicate the OT goals on the game sheet.If, at the end of the last three minutes, the game is still tied, the game will remain a tie.
  14. Protest fees will be $10.00. Protests regarding the outcome of the game in question shall be telephoned to the President within 48 hours of completion of the game. The protest fee of $10.00 must be received by the President within this time period. All protest must be written in on game sheets and signed by referees. At the time of the infraction, the referees must be notified that the remainder of the game is being played under protest.  (supersedes Article 50)
  15. Players under the age of 18 years must have their parent/guardian sign a waiver form which must be submitted to the Statistician before the player may play.
  16. In the case of inclement weather, the President is to attempt to contact the Executive Committee by 5:00 p.m. and the President will make a decision as to whether the games should be canceled. The decision is to be made by 5:30 p.m. The canceled games will not be made up and no points will be awarded for those games.
  17. The game sheets home and visitors will be made available on the web site and blank ones will be left at the arena for each team to fill out accordingly. (in an envelope in the office).  Statistician will retrieve completed game sheets from same envelope in office.
  18. The game sheets will be submitted to the timekeeper at the start of each game. Only the names and sweater number of each person dressed for the game will appear on this sheet while the other names must be crossed off, and must be initialed each game. Please attempt to retain the same sweater number for the full season, where possible.
  19. The team lists must be given to the Statistician or updated via online registration on the web site before the start of the team's fourth game of the season (OCT 29, 2014). Additional players may be added to the team list during the season until the list contains 20 names. Players may not be removed from this list.
  20. If there is any illegal player, that player will be removed from the team list. Also, the team will lose points for any game this illegal player played after her infraction.  For example, signing date -CBF.
  21. Only the players that are playing in the present game are to be listed on the game sheet. The names on the sheet are to be verified before the start of the second period by the ref. A bench penalty will be given to any team whose players on the bench do not match the # of players on the game sheet.
  22. Each team is permitted seven (7) Canadian Broomball Federation (CBF) elite players on their team list. No team may have any more than five (5) players from anyone elite team on their team list. Seaway Valley Devils and Eastern Thunder are allowed twenty (20) juvenile players; all other teams are allowed a maximum of two (2) juvenile players. Juvenile CBF players must be under the age of twenty as of December 31st of the year the season begins. CBF players will be exempt under the "grandfather clause" if they appear on the 2009-2010 season team lists and continue to remain on a team list for consecutive years to follow. Two players per year can be transferred to the Grandfather List if they are twenty five (25) years of age or older by December 31st, of the current calendar year and have played five consecutive years in the Osgoode Broomball League. The secretary to retain the list with the constitution.A fifty dollar ($50) fine will be assessed to any team having more than five (5) CBF players on their game sheet.  This fine will be paid before said team can step on ice for next scheduled game.  The penalized team will forfeit any points from game in which they had illegal players.
  23. If a player is pregnant at the commencement of the season, she is not required to appear at the games to sign-in. It is to be indicated on the team list that this player is pregnant. When this player returns from maternity leave she must play half the remaining games to be eligible to play in the play-offs. This can be less than 5 games.
  24. If a player becomes pregnant/injured during the regular season, a substitution may be made from the team list provided the pregnant player has played at least 5 regular season games. This replacement player must play in half the remaining regular season games to be eligible to play in the play-offs.
  25. Injured players are required to come to games and to sign-in in the presence of the referee(s) to have the game validated as a game played. The sign-in will be waived for injuries that are of a long term nature (defined as 3 or more games) however, the injured player must notify the statistician before their first missed game with details of the injury. A doctor's note may be requested at the discretion of the statistician. 
  26. Should there be a tie between teams at the end of the season it will be determined by:  most wins; records against; goals for; goals against, in that order.
  27. Playoffs for the 2014-2015 season will be determined at the August meeting of the board.
  28. To be eligible for the playoffs a player (except for rule #23- returning pregnant player and rule #24- replacement player)must have played five (5) games in the regular season schedule.