2019 Must/Bronco Rules

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Ohio Valley Youth Baseball League 

 Official Amended Rules

2019 Mustang & Bronco Divisions
Play in the OVYBL is governed by the Official MLB Rules and Pony Baseball's Annual Blue Book.  The rules that follow are only those exceptions to Official Baseball Rules and Pony Baseball, which are necessary to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. 
The rules below will be observed as exceptions or additions to PONY Baseball rules.  



Ohio Valley Youth Baseball League


Official Amended Rules


2019 Mustang/ Bronco Division



The OVYBL has elected to become an "and Under" league.  This means that it is legal within the OVYBL to roster players on teams that are above their appropriate age group. Examples of this are as follows: An 8 year old can be rostered on a Mustang team, a 10 year old can be rostered on a Bronco team, a 12 year old can be rostered on a Pony team. This is only allowed for players that are 2 years behind the division they are moving up too.  Examples of this are as follows: a 7 year old can be rostered on a Mustang Team, a 9 year old can be rostered on a Bronco Team, and an 11 year old can be rostered on a Pony Team.  Failure to comply with this rule may result in harsh consequences (forfeiture of games played with illegal players, expulsion from OVYBL).

 We have adopted the new Pony Age requirements, Bat Requirements and Pitchsmart:

  • Pitchsmart violations will result in Coach being suspended 1 game following violation
  • USAbat rule violations will result in player as well as coach being ejected and suspended 1 game following ejection
  • Pony Age Requirement violations will result in player being suspended for the season

1. Any runner must either slide OR avoid contact with a fielder who has the baseball; and is waiting to apply a tag. "If no contact is made between the runner and the defensive player, the runner is safe." Head first slides are only permitted in the Bronco division. In Mustang, the result of a head first slide is the runner being called out. Only exception is when runner is leading off, he may dive back head first to the bag he is leading from.


2. Any player who initiates malicious contact shall be ejected from the game. The ejected player is declared out.


3. No steel or any metal spikes permitted for player cleats.


4. Bat ruling per Pony: Must have USABat These changes occurred as a result of new testing protocols developed for all 2 1/4" and 2 5/8" bats with the exception of the -3 BBCOR which already exists.  All bats must have the USABat licensing stamp on them. Bats used in prior years will be illegal in 2018.  If an illegal bat is used the player will be ejected.


5. There shall be a 2 ½ hour time limit on all games only when another game is scheduled to follow. Any game that is tied shall be finished before the next game starts. The time limit begins with the first pitch. Any inning that has started before the time limit ends, shall be completed.


6. All pitching rules are regulated by Pitchsmart (Please review as instructed on Home Plate)

  • Call Ups into higher divisions cannot pitch in those games
  • Scorekeepers must confirm counts after every inning and at conclusion of games
  • Once a pitcher starts a batter he may finish that batter, and go over max allowable per day.
    • Example Mustang: 75 is max if pitcher starts a batter at 73 and it takes 4 pitches to complete batter, that is allowed and will be put in as a pitch count of 77.  This only counts for the max daily allowed (85 for Bronco)
    • Example: If a pitcher is at 32 pitches and starts a batter and throws 5 pitches, pitch count will be 37 and he will have to rest for 2 days.
    • If you are wanting a pitcher for a certain rest period you must pull him mid batter if needed.
      • Example: Your playing on Monday and need this pitcher on Wednesday you must pull him at 35 pitches.  This means if he hits 35 pitches with a 2-2 count you must remove him.  If he completes the batter those pitches count.
  • At regular season end pitch counts will not restart for playoffs
  • Pitch counts must be reported within 24 hours of the game completed or before the next game
  • If caught not following these rules the game could result in a forfeit
  • When submitting lineups please use at minimum last name and number which will help when entering pitch counts
  • For any clarification on the Pitch Smart rules and required rest, go to www.Pitchsmart.org
  • Pitcher may not re-enter as a pitcher
  • If a Pitcher is used illegally the coach will be suspended 1 game.
  • Pitch Tracker should be conducted by Actual Age not League Division Age (Example if a 12yr old is playing Pony Division his daily max is 85 not 95 as typical 13/14 Pony Player)

7. Coaches are required to sign opposing teams score book or agree to score and Pitchcounts done digitally, verifying pitch counts, following game. In the case of a protest, both books must also be signed with umpire.

8. Each player must play 2 consecutive defensive innings (six outs) in the field. They must bat at least 1 time. Any player who did not complete his or her required innings or at bat, must start next game. This includes games that end early due to the mercy rule.

9. Bronco Only- You may use an EH (Extra Hitter). You must declare this prior to the start of the game. Since the rule defines the selected player as an "extra hitter" that does not play 2 defensive innings. If the EH is injured and unable to play, the EH can be replaced by a sub. If there are no subs to replace the EH, an out will be called in the EH’s spot in the batting order. The EH can be subbed for another EH but neither can play in the field once designated.

10. Mustang Only- Teams are to field 10 players on defense, and in their lineup. The tenth player must be in the outfield for 4 outfield positions defined as Left Field, Left Center, Right Center and Right Field.


11. Mustang Only- There is a 6 run limit per inning, except for the last inning. The only exception is – after home run (clearing the fence) is hit, then all runs count


12. Mercy Rule- For Mustang, if the visiting team is leading by 10 runs at the end of 4 or more completed innings, the game shall be declared complete. If the home team is leading by 10 runs after the visiting team has completed batting in 4th or later, the game shall be complete.


For Bronco, if the visiting team is leading by 15 runs at the end of 4 innings or 10 runs at the end of 5 or more completed innings, the game shall be declared complete. If the home team is leading by 10 runs after the visiting team has completed batting in 5th or later, the game shall be declared complete.


13. Players to Start Game- In Mustang, teams can start with 9 players (Bronco 8), taking an out in you lineup for the missing 10th ( Bronco 9th ) player. If 10th player in Mustang, or 9th in Bronco, arrives during the game, he can be added in the designated spot of the "out" in teams lineup. In the case of injury, there will be no penalty.

14. You may call a player up from the next younger division if you need to. This player may start only if your team does not have enough of it’s roster players. You must play this player at least 2 innings and 1 at-bat, and call up shall not play more than roster players. Call ups shall not be used if you have 11 or more roster players in your lineup in Mustang, and 10 or more players in Bronco. If any use of call up is found to be illegal the game will result in a forfeit.  Call ups cannot be used as a pitcher.


15.  Re-Entry Rule – Batters 1 through 4 must re-enter in there original spot in the batting order. Batters 5 through 9 or 10 can re-enter anywhere 5 through 9 or 10 in the batting order. Only starters may re-enter the game. They can not re-enter until their substitute has played 6 defensive outs. Non- starters can NOT re-enter unless there is an injury and there are no eligible substitute players on the bench.  Free Substitution is allowed if batting your entire lineup.


16. Mustang Only- There is NO dropped 3rd Strike also Infield Fly Rule is not in affect.


17. Mustang Only- A runner can NOT leave a base until the pitch has crossed the plate.

If the runner leaves early, a "Dead Ball" is to be called at the discretion of the umpire. All runners return to their respective bases and the pitch does not count. There will be one warning given per team per game. Each additional violation will result in the runner being called out.


18. Mustang Only- Stealing home is only permitted on a passed ball or a play being made on him or another runner. (a) If the runner attempts to steal on either occasion and he stops his forward progress or the catcher has the ball and returns to the plate, the runner must return to 3rd base. (b) If the catcher catches the ball and throws it back to the pitcher, the runner must stay on 3rd base. (c) The pitcher does not have to be on the mound. If the pitcher drops the ball, the runner must stay on 3rd base.


19. Mustang Only- No "Delayed Stealing of Bases". Once catcher has possession of the baseball, and the base runner has stopped forward progress, the runner returns to prior base. Runner can NOT stop ½ way, then advance once catcher throws ball to pitcher.


20. Mustang Only- On a Base on Balls (walk), the batter is awarded one base only. All other runners can advance at their own risk according to rule 18. Example: With a runner on 3rd base and the batter walks, the batter is not permitted to advance to second base, unless a play is made on the runner at 3rd, according to rule 18.

21. Only the Head Coach or his designate, if the Head Coach is ejected or not present, may approach the umpire. There may be no more than 4 coaches in the dugout at one time. The umpire will ask the excess coaches to exit the dugout area.

22. Courtesy runner will be allowed for Catchers and Injured batters only and is recommended to speed up play, the courtesy runner must be the last player to get out.

23. All "Ejections", both player and coach, will result in a 1 game suspension in addition to the game removed from.

24. There is to be no bench jockeying. All chatter is to be directed to your own team. One team warning will be given and any additional violation will result in an ejection of the player and/or the coach.

25. No-Pitch Intentional Walks: In the event a team decides to intentionally walk a batter, no pitches shall be thrown. Instead, the coach shall signal to the home plate umpire with four fingers, and the batter should proceed to first base to become a runner.  This action will count toward no pitches thrown when calculating Pitch Count.

26. The use of Reflective batting helmets, although not illegal within the scope of the Pony Rule Book, is strongly discouraged within the OVYBL. Upon the discretion of the umpire, players wearing this type of helmet may be asked to remove the helmet from play if deemed a distraction.

27. At the conclusion of every game the Winning Team shall report the scores and pitch counts into the website.  This should be handled within 24 hours and is easily done by phone if needed.

28. Mustang will not allow batters to fake a bunt then pull back and swing, this will result in the batter being out no matter the outcome of swing.  Bronco as well as Pony allows this action.

29.  Re-Scheduling games: Home team has 48 hours to offer 3 options in which opposing team has no games.  Once offered Away team has 48 hours to commit.  If either doesn’t happen that team forfeits.  If I hear nothing after a week has gone and either team has contacted me to change, both teams will get loss.  Also in this case the website must be updated as postponed or other.  


Playoffs will be determined by record, head to head, points against, points for