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2015 News

March 17, 2017

Roncalli vs. Archbishop Bergan

Varsity Season opens with a WIN


Winning pitcher:  Silvain

Pride vs. Fremont
June 4, 2016

Logan McGill and Creighton Silvain each have doubles in the Pride
victory over Fremont, 11-3.

Oswald pitches

Logan McGill greeted after scoring

Creighton Silvain scores and takes out the catcher

Ty Kloewer scores

Thanks, fans!

Bellevue Tournament
Pride vs. Millard Sox
May 29, 2016

Max Anderson is the winning pitcher in a 2-1 game over the Sox in the last game of the tournament.

Max Anderson pitching

Max watches Jack Mordeson make the out at first

Nick Iossi slides across home plate

Bellevue Tournament
Swain vs. Prep
May 28, 2016

Pride fall to Prep 3-7 in our 4th game of the Bellevue tournament.

Tommy Alitz pitches

Jack Mordeson gets the out at first

Dan Bowers throws the ball in

Nick Iossi

Max Anderson catches the fly ball Ty Kloewer gets the grounder

Tommy Alitz throws to Morderson to get the runner out at first

Bellevue Tournament
Swain vs. Albion
May 28, 2016

Pride win over Albion 7-3 at Bellevue East.

Noah Oswald pitching

Tommy Alitz rounds second after a double

Logan McGill at first

Zach Wiese scores

Ty Kloewer crosses the plate

Tommy Alitz makes the play at first

Logan McGill pitches

Roncalli vs. Elkhorn South
May 7, 2016

Pride lose to Elkhorn South 7-9 in the first game of districts and the spring season comes to an end.

Tommy Alitz  and Coach Rynders at first

Nick Iossi starts on the mound against Elkhorn South

Noah Oswald with the catch in right and throws out the runner at home 

Noah Rheinheimer makes the play at the plate

Nick Valla with the out at first

Dan Bowers comes in to pitch

Zach Wiese is thoughtful on base

Pride vs. Platte Valley
April 25, 2016

It was senior night in the Lion's den for the last regular season home game.

Noah Oswald starts out pitching with Creighton Silvain relieving in a great
outing on the mound but it's Nick Iossi who closes the final inning as the
Pride overcome the Patriots to win the game, 4-3!

Seniors Nick Iossi, Dan Bowers, Nick Valla, Noah Oswald and Caleb Dempsey with their parents

Noah Oswald started on the mound

Creighton Silvain pitches

Oswald throws to Valla to get the out on a bunt

Alex Rodgers in the outfield 

Ty Kloewer at first

Caleb Dempsey gets the fist bump at third

Dempsey with the winning run

Nick Iossi comes in to close the game


Pride vs. Bellevue West
April 23, 2016

Nick Valla was today's starting pitcher with Zach Wiese coming in to finish.
Bellevue West overcomes the Pride in 5 innings, 1-13.

Nick Valla

Zach Wiese pitches

Jack Mordeson ready for the catch

Alex Rodgers ready to come home

Pride vs. Bellevue East
April 22, 2016

Dan Bowers started the game and Noah Oswald and Alex Rodgers
each got their turns on the mound but the Pride couldn't overcome
Bellevue East's strong start and lose the game, 1-6, to the Chieftains.

Dan Bowers

Noah Oswald jumps to make the catch Noah Rheinheimer is ready

Creighton Silvain throws to Ty Kloewer for the out

BACK, Nick Iossi!

Oswald on the mound Alex Rodgers gets his turn

Pride vs. Ralston
April 19, 2016

Nick Iossi started on the mound and Dan Bowers came in to relieve, Noah Oswald hit
one over the fence and Alitz and Kloewer had good hits but nothing could stop the Rams
as Ralston wins the game with 4 runs to Roncalli's 2.

Nick Iossi

Logan McGill makes the catch in left

Iossi gets the throw and out at first

Noah Oswald greeted by Pride after home run

Pride vs. Elkhorn South
April 16, 2016

Noah Oswald, Nick Valla and Nick Iossi hold off the Storm and hits by Oswald,
Noah Rheinheimer, Alex Rodgers, Caleb Dempsey, Ty Kloewer and Nick Iossi
make it an exciting game as Roncalli comes out on top, 10-6.

Noah Oswald 

Tommy Alitz and Alex Rodgers back up Ty Kloewer

Logan McGill scores

Zach Wiese throws the ball in

Creighton Silvain throws to Nick Valla for the out at first

Kloewer and Oswald laugh as the new Storm pitcher warms up mid-inning

Noah Rheinheimer easily beats the throw for a double

Nick Valla

Nick Iossi runs from first to make the catch

Nick Iossi determined to strike the batter out

Pride thank you

Pride vs. Mt. Michael
April 15, 2016

Pride host the Knights at Roncalli. Dan Bowers started on the mound and
Roncalli has hit after hit as the Pride post a win over Mount Michael, 11-1.

Dan Bowers on the mound

Ty Kloewer catches the popup

Caleb Dempsey reaches third

Nick Valla with a close one at first

Zach Wiese slides into home to beat the throw

Dan Bowers fields the bunt

Dempsey, Kloewer and Alitz score



Pride vs. South Sioux City
April 12, 2016

A win! Nick Iossi pitches a complete game to win a big one over South Sioux City, 10-1. 

Pitcher Nick Iossi

Caleb Dempsey crosses the plate

Ty Kloewer and Noah Oswald on base

Kloewer scores

Happy dugout

Tommy Alitz and Logan McGill score 

Creighton Silvain throws to Nick Valla for the out at first

Alex Rodgers beats the throw again

Rodgers scores

Pride vs. Northwest
April 9, 2016

New pitching talent on the mound as Creighton Silvain, Max Anderson, and Logan
McGill all get their turns as the Pride fall to Northwest.

Creighton Silvain starts on the mound

Max Anderson concentrating Logan McGill begins the windup

Caleb Dempsey looks menacing on third

Tommy Alitz is itching to run

Alitz makes it home 

Alex Rodgers beats the throw

Alex Rodgers crosses home plate

Noah Rheinheimer throws to first

Pride vs. Skutt
April 8, 2916

Nothing can save the Pride as the Skyhawks bring their "A" game to Roncalli.
Despite best efforts by Dan Bowers and Zach Wiese on the mound, the final
score was Skutt 19, Roncalli 2

Big Dan Bowers

Zach Wiese pitches

Nick Iossi ready for the throw from the pitcherTommy Alitz at third

Good eye, Nick Iossi

Pride vs. Fort Calhoun
April 7, 2016

Noah Oswald and Nick Valla pitch against the Pioneers but the Pride lose, 6-7.

Noah Oswald

Nick Valla

Creighton Silvain catches the popup

Oswald makes the out at first

Ty Kloewer gets the ball

Nick Valla stretches to get the out at first

Pride vs. Wahoo
April 5, 2016

Pride play against Wahoo/Raymond Central/Lincoln Lutheran and, with Nick Iossi on the mound,
the Pride pick up the win with a final score of 6-3.

Nick Iossi on the mound

Max Anderson watches the pitcher

Creighton Silvain makes the catch

Caleb Dempsey watches the play

Max Anderson scores


Pride vs. Gross
April 2, 2016

Dan Bowers and Nick Valla pitch for the Pride but despite a good effort, 
Gross wins over the Pride. Final score: Gross-6 Roncalli-3

Dan Bowers throws to the batter

Nick Valla pitches

Caleb Dempsey gets knucks after scoring

Noah Rheinheimer tries to get the batter out

Creighton Silvain jumps to make a catch

Nick Valla leads off

Logan McGill makes a throw to first

Pride vs. Bennington
April 1,2016


Pride start Nick Iossi against the Badgers and Zach Wiese gets the first home run
of the season as Roncalli beats Bennington, 8-0.

Zach Wiese comes home after hitting one over the fence

Tommy Alitz up to bat

Logan McGill hits a double

Logan McGill and Caleb Dempsey score

Caleb Dempsey makes the play in center field

Ty Kloewer at first

Noah Oswald gets up after a slide

Caleb Dempsey, Ty Kloewer and Noah Oswald score

Alex Rodgers comes in to run for pitcher Nick Iossi

Pride vs. DC West
March 29, 2016

Pride take on DC West at home with Noah Oswald pitching. Pride wins 10-0 over DC West.

Noah Oswald on the mound

Caleb Dempsey before a hit

Alex Rodgers confers with coach

Noah Rheinheimer seems skeptical

Ty Kloewer beats the throw to first

Pride vs. Blair
March 28, 2016

Dan Bowers starts on the mound for the Pride and Nick Iossi comes in to relieve
but despite a good effort, Blair wins this one with 6 runs to Roncalli's 1. 

Dan Bowers

Creighton Silvain gets ready to hit

Creighton Silvain gets to second

Nick Iossi throws

Nick Valla at bat

Pride vs. Gretna Dragons
March 21, 2016

Big Dan Bowers pitched 5 innings and Nick Valla came in to close as the
Pride top the Dragons, 5-3 in Gretna.

Dan Bowers

Team effort gets the out at first

Caleb Dempsey and Nick Iossi cross home after a big hit by Nick Valla

Pride vs. Fremont Bergan
March 18, 2016

Nick Iossi started off the season on the mound and Dan Bowers and Nick Valla came in to finish but
despite their best efforts, Fremont Bergan won the game 7-1 over the Pride.

Nick Iossi starts off the season

Dan Bowers takes over after Iossi

Caleb Dempsey and Ty Kloewer ready for action

Noah Rheinheimer gets ready for the pitch

Logan McGill keeps his hand warm between plays

2015 State Tournament




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2015 Pride Varsity News

Proud to be the 2015 Class B State Runners-Up 

2015 Class B State Runners-Up

A great season ends with the Pride making it to the last game of the State Class B Tournament,
coming in second. Congratulations to the
players, coaches and parents for an incredible journey.

Game 6 - Pride vs. Hickman

Dan Bowers started on the mound, with Tyler Crawford and Connor Miller coming in to relieve but despite the
effort, Hickman wins the State championship in the final game of the tournament, shutting out the Pride and
scoring 11 runs in the game.


Game 5 - Pride vs. Hickman

Dan Bowers pitched the heck out of game 5 and all bats were on deck as the Pride win over Hickman, 5-1.


Game 4 - Pride vs. Ogallala

Nick Iossi pitches a complete game as the Pride win against Ogallala, 3-1. On
to the championship game Thursday, August 6th at 7:00pm!


Game 3 - Pride vs. Norris Hickman

Hickman runs over the Pride in a 10-run win in Game 3. Pride loses 0-10 and advances to
game 12 against Ogallala Wednesday the 5th at 5:00pm.


Game 2 - Pride vs. Beatrice

Dan Bowers pitches a complete 4-hitter and Tyrakoski, Crawford, Berg and Oswald have hits in a 6-inning, 11– win in game 2.


Game 1 - Pride vs. McCook

Nick Iossi starts on the mound and Tyler Crawford comes in to relieve in the first game of the state tournament. Caleb Dempsey, Noah Oswald and Connor Miller each had two hits as the Pride win over McCook, 5-3. 

2015 District Tournament


District championsDistrict champs



Game 5
Swain Construction Pride vs. Waverly
Tuesday, July 27 - 8:00 p.m.

Dan Bowers threw a complete game and shutout against Waverly as the Pride win the district
championship game, 3-0. On to state in Cozad!


Game 4
Swain Construction Pride vs. Concordia
Monday, July 26 - 8:00 p.m.

Connor Miller pitched a complete game but the boys fall to
Concordia in game 4, 2-3. 


Game 3
Swain Construction Pride vs. Waverly
Sunday, July 25 - 8:00 p.m.

Ryan Niederle started on the mound for the Pride and Tyler Crawford hit one over the fence in the
first inning, setting the tone for the night. Crawford follows up his HR with a triple and hits by Berg
and Tyrakoski help pad the score. Crawford comes in for 3 innings of relief as the Pride win over
Waverly 11-4. 


Game 2

Swain Construction Pride vs. Plattsmouth
Saturday, July 25 - 5:30 p.m.

Nick Iossi pitched a complete game, allowing only 3 hits as the Pride win over
Plattsmouth, 7-1. Tyler Crawford, Connor Berg, Jake Tyrakoski and Nick Valla
had doubles in game 2.

Nick Iossi pitches a 3-hitter

Connor Berg hits one of two doubles Nolan McGill runs to first

Nick Valla hits two doubles Jake Tyrakoski before his first of two doubles

Tyler Crawford get the first out of a double play
Connor Miller gets the second out of a double play

Caleb Dempsey slides into second

Noah Oswald catches the popup Connor Berg throws in after a catch in center

Nolan McGill catches the popup at home Final score


Game 1
Swain Construction Pride vs. Schwisow Construction (Lincoln Lutheran)
Friday, July 24 - 2:30 p.m.

Dan Bowers pitches and Tyler Crawford hits a HR as the Pride win their
first district game, 4-1.

Senior night and Tyler Alitz Memorial Scholarship award

June 30, 2015

We celebrated our seniors and their parents before the Bellevue West game on Tuesday night
and the Alitz family presented the Tyler Alitz Memorial Scholarship to junior Nick Iossi.


The Bergs The Crawfords

The Gillespies The McGills

The Millers The Niederles

Seniors and their parents

Joe and Tommy Alitz present Nick Iossi with the Tyler Alitz Memorial Scholarship

Katie Alitz gave a beautiful speech and announced the winner while Joe and Tommy
Alitz presented the Tyler Alitz Memorial Scholarship on the field to junior Nick Iossi. 


2015 Swain Construction Pride

Roll Pride!

Swain Construction Pride vs. Bellevue West 2015

June 30, 2015

Connor Miller pitched 5 innings against Bellevue West and Dan Bowers came in for the remaining
2 innings on Senior night at Roncalli. 

Connor Miller pitches Adam Gillespie catches a popup

Ryan Niederle races to first Noah Oswald dodges the tag at first

Nick Iossi rounds first base Connor Berg slides into second

Dan Bowers on the mound Nick Iossi leaps to make the catch in left

Final score

Swain Construction Pride vs. Blair

June 28, 2015

Nick Iossi started on the mound for the Pride against Blair but despite the Pride's six 
hits, Blair wins in a shutout. 

Nick Iossi on the mound

Adam Gillespie makes the out at first Jake Tyrakoski throws to first

Tyler Kloewer approaches first Final score


Swain Construction Pride vs. Bryan

June 27, 2015

Pride pitchers Adam Gillespie, Connor Miller, Nolan Chaloupka and Nick Valla helped
lead the Pride to a 13-8 win over Bryan. 

Adam Gillespie pitches Connor Miller pitches

Nolan Chaloupka pitches Nick Valla pitches

Dan Bowers makes a catch in right field Nick Valla gets the out at first

Caleb Dempsey slides into second Nolan McGill tries to get the out at home

Tyler Crawford throws to first Nick Iossi catches the throw at first

Jake Tyrakoski throws to first Adam Gillespie gets the out at first

Final score

Swain Construction Pride vs. Bellevue East

June 25, 2015

Noah Oswald threw a shutout against Bellevue East Thursday night, allowing 2 hits. Tyler Crawford hit
one over the left field fence (again) and Nick Iossi, Caleb Dempsey and Jake Tyrakoski each had hits.
Connor Berg continued his streak with 2 hits against Bellevue East and the Pride come out ahead, 6-0.

Noah Oswald on the mound Noah Oswald

Tyler Crawford hits one over left field's fence

Connor Miller makes the out at first Ryan Niederle makes the out at second

Nolan McGill at first Tyler Kloewer beats the throw at third

Ryan Niederle catches another popup at second A familiar face announces the game at Bellevue East

It's a party on the mound

Connor Berg makes a catch in center field Caleb Dempsey gets to first after a hit

Connor Berg tags up before heading to third Nick Valla scores for the Pride

Final Score

Swain Construction Pride vs. Papillion LaVista

June 24, 2015

Dan Bowers and Nick Iossi were on the mound against Papillion-LaVista Tuesday night. Despite
hits by Connor Berg, Nolan McGill, and Jake Tyrakoski, who hit twice, the game couldn't
be saved and the final score was 4-1, Papillion-LaVista.

Dan Bowers gets ready to throw Nick Iossi watches the batter try to hit his pitch

Adam Gillespie makes the out at first

Tyler Kloewer steals secondNoah Oswald makes a sliding catch in right 

Jake Tyrakoski happy at first


Swain Construction Pride vs. Ralston

June 16, 2015

Connor Miller and Noah Oswald pitch against Ralston in an 8-inning battle. 
Berg, Chaloupka, Niederle, Crawford, Oswald, and Tyrokoski had hits in the 5-4 win.

Connor Miller Noah Oswald

Connor Berg slides into third

Nolan Chaloupka after a double Caleb Dempsey scores

Tyler Crawford throws to first after an out at second

Ryan Niederle before a catch at third

Tyler Crawford gets the tag at second

Final Score

Bennington Tournament

Swain Construction Pride - Tournament Champions!!!

Once again, the Pride display a knack for rallying around each other and coming from behind to 
defeat their opponents and come out ahead. Congratulations to the players and coaches for an
amazing tournament championship!



Game 3 - Swain Construction Pride vs. Mt. Michael
Sunday, June 14

The Pride fighting spirit came out today!  Ryan Niederle started on the mound against Mt. Michael and
Tyler Crawford came in to relieve with Nick Iossi finishing up in an exciting come-from-behind win in extra
innings to win the game and take the tournament championship!

Ryan Niederle pitches

Tyler Crawford makes the tag for an out  Caleb Dempsey makes the catch in left

Noah Oswald throws in after a catch in right Adam Gillespie makes the out at first

Tyler Crawford on the mound Ryan Niederle connects with the ball

Jake Tyrakoski beats the tag at secondNolan McGill and Jake Tyrakoski have a moment at home

Nick Iossi gets his uniform dirty Tyler Crawford excited that Connor Berg is almost home

Jake Tyrakoski in the lead with Caleb Dempsey close behind Connor Miller happy at first

Nick Iossi takes the mound

Final score



Game 2 - Swain Construction Pride vs. Bennington
Saturday, June 13

Dan Bowers pitches as the Pride score 4 runs on 5 hits to overcome Bennington in the second game
of the tournament, 4-2.

Dan Bowers on the mound


Connor Miller gets the out at first Jake Tyrakoski makes the tag at third


Tyler Crawford hops on second Nick Iossi connects

Ryan Niederle scores and gets a thumbs-up from Connor Berg

Tyler Crawford scores before the tag

Noah Oswald slides into second

Connor Berg is hot on Tyler Kloewer's heels



Game 1 - Swain Construction Pride vs. Benson
Friday, June 12

Adam Gillespie, Nolan Chaloupka and Nick Valla pitched in the first game of the Bennington tournament
against Benson. Pride win 11-3 in five innings!

Millard Sox Tournament

Game 3 - Pride vs. Lincoln Lutheran
Sunday, June 7

The second game in today's double header was a humdinger as the scorekeeper kept us guessing
and the boys found their batting groove late in the game. Despite being down by 6, a rally at bat
helped us score 6 runs to tie it up and 5 more in the next inning to seal the win against Lincoln
Lutheran. Nolan Chaloupka, Jake Tyrakoski, Tyler Crawford, Nick Iossi, Nolan McGill, Noah
Oswald, Nick Valla, Caleb Dempsey and Ryan Niederle helped pad the score as the
Pride take Lincoln in 7(ish) innings, 11-6. 

Tyler Crawford started Connor Berg hits the ball

Caleb Dempsey in left field  Nolan McGill wants to throw the player out

Ryan Niederle with the first out of a double play Nick Iossi with out 2 of a double play

 Jake Tyrakoski headed for second as the rally starts Nick Valla on second after hitting in the winning run Nolan McGill on second after a nice hit

 Nolan Chaloupka at second after his 3-run hit Nolan Chaloupka ties the score

  Nick Iossi pitches the last inning Game 3 final score


Game 2 - Pride vs. Nehawka
Sunday, June 7

After a rain delay day, the Swain Construction Pride got back on the field Sunday for a double header.
Connor Miller and Ryan Niederle pitch against Nehawka and the Pride can't find their groove as they
lose to Nehawka, 3-6.

Connor Miller starts on the mound Ryan Niederle comes in to relieve

Connor Berg makes the play in center field The ball is caught by left-fielder Nick Iossi

Nick Valla up to bat Game 2 final score


Game 1 - Pride vs. Millard Sox

Friday, June 5

Dan Bowers pitched 5 and Nick Iossi came in to relieve as the Swain Construction Pride beat
Millard Sox 8-5 in game 1 of the tournament.

Dan Bowers pitches in Game 1 Adam Gillespie with the out at first

Connor Berg gets to first before the throw Ryan Niederle on first 

Nolan Chaloupka at second Noah Oswald smiling at first

Connor Berg catches a fly ball in center Nick Iossi takes over in the 5th

Connor Miller stretches to make the play at first Final score


Bellevue East Tournament

Tournament Champions!

Swain Construction Pride take the Bellevue East tournament with 4 wins over Bellevue East, North,
Bellevue West and Benson!



Game 4: Pride vs. Benson
Sunday, May 31 - 11:00am

Connor Miller started on the mound and Noah Oswald came in to relieve in the final game of the
Bellevue East tournament. Pride win over Benson in 5 innings with the final score 13-1. Congratulations!!

Connor Miller pitches Connor Miller pitches Connor Miller pitches

Connor Miller pitches Connor Miller pitches Connor Miller pitches

Ty Kloewer beats the throw to second Adam Gillespie at third

Cheez puffs are delicious! Willow loves baseball Trivia winner!

Noah Oswald pitches

Connor Berg touches home with Ryan Niederle right behind him Nick Iossi crosses the plate Noah Oswald scores Nolan Chaloupka scores

Dan Bowers scores Caleb Dempsey scores Ty Kloewer scores Ryan Niederle scores

Final score


Game 3: Pride vs. Bellevue West
Saturday, May 30 - 7:30pm

Dan Bowers pitched a complete game and Tyler Crawford hit one over the left field fence to lead the Pride to a win. 

Dan Bowers pitches 

Tyler Crawford arrives home after hitting one over the left field fence

Adam Gillespie makes the out at first Ryan Niederle on first

Crawford slides into home Nolan McGill rounds first

Final Score


Game 2: Pride vs. North
Saturday, May 30 - 5:00pm

Ryan Niederle was on the mound as the Pride win over North, 8-6.

Ryan Niederle on the mound Nick Iossi smiles at first

Connor Miller makes the play at first Tyler Crawford catches a pop fly

Oswald crosses the plate with Crawford on his heels Final score


Game 1: Pride vs. Bellevue East
Friday, May 29 - 1:00pm

Tyler Crawford pitched six and Nick Iossi came in to relieve as the Pride came out ahead in extra innings, 5-2.

Crawford, Niederle and Valla singled in the 7th to tie the game and Iossi held off the Chieftans in the
bottom of the 7th giving the Pride the time they needed to score 3 more and win the game!

Swain Construction Pride vs. Millard Sox Double Header

May 23, 2015

The Legion season kicked off with a Pride vs. Sox double header at Roncalli. Despite a close first game and
the entire Pride pitching roster in rotation Saturday, the Sox came out ahead with wins over the Pride.

Game 1

Nick Iossi pitches Nick Iossi pitches

Nick Iossi pitches Nick Iossi pitches
Nick Iossi pitches

Tyler Crawford springs into action  Jake Tyrokowski returns to the Pride

Adam Gillespie throws to Nick Iossi for the out at first

Ryan Niederle catches a popup

Dan Bowers winds up to pitch Game 1 scoreboard


Game 2

Adam Gillespie starts on the mound Connor Miller's 2015 debut on the mound

Noah Oswald pitches Nolan Chaloupka on the mound

  A throw from Caleb Dempsey in left to Ryan Niederle for the out at second A throw from Caleb Dempsey in left to Ryan Niederle for the out at second

A throw from Caleb Dempsey in left to Ryan Niederle for the out at second A throw from Caleb Dempsey in left to Ryan Niederle for the out at second  

Connor Berg with the catch in center field  Nick Valla stretches to make the out at first

Nolan McGill safe at second  Ryan Niederle races to make it to second

Ty Kloewer trying to get the out Dan Bowers runs to get the ball in right

Final score game 2

Roncalli vs. Concordia

April 28, 2015

The Mustangs came to Roncalli to challenge the Pride and went home with a loss. Tyler Crawford started on the mound with Dan Bowers coming in to relieve. Roncalli had 10 hits to Concordia's 2 and Noah Oswald hit an inside-the-park home run, with the final score Pride over Concordia, 11-3.

Tyler Crawford on the mound

Alec Bohm with the play

Nolan Chaloupka in action at second

Noah Oswald catch in right field

Nick Iossi rounds second base on a double

Dan Bowers comes in to relieve

Caleb Dempsey with the catch in left

Ty Kloewer safe at third

Nick Iossi with a great catch


Roncalli vs. Elkhorn

April 23, 2015

Noah Oswald was the starting pitcher for the pride with Adam Gillespie coming in to relieve after four.

Nolan McGill hits a 2-run homer but those were the only runs on the board as the Antlers score 7 and Roncalli falls to Elkhorn in a quick battle.

Roncalli vs. Ralston

April 21, 2015

After a tough loss last week, the Pride welcomed the Rams to Roncalli Tuesday evening. 

Ryan Niederle pitched a complete game and Tyler Crawford hit one over the fence to lead the pride to a 12-4 win!

RCC opener

Pride face Rams in the RCC tournament opener at Orval Smith field in Ralston.

Crawford started on the mound and Bowers closed the game in a tough, 3-2 loss against Ralston.

Berg came in for the first run and Bohm had a solo homer to bring the Pride to 2 but the Rams
scored in the bottom of the 7th to win.




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2014 Pride Varsity News


Game 2 State

Omaha Roncalli vs Crete

Unfortunately, Roncalli found themselves in the losers bracket and facing Crete once again. The team seemed to be in the same kind of pickle Morrison found himself in between 2nd and 3rd early in the game. Fortunately, Varsity Pride dug deep and pulled out a win.

Bottom of 7....that's all I can remember.

Pride is behind by one. McGill....walks. Niederle lays down a sweet bunt to move McGill around and Crete bobbles the ball allowing Niederle and McGill to occupy 1st and 2nd base. Morrison lays down another bunt and Crete bobbles again. Bases loaded with NO outs.  Brendan Findall hit a grounder and Crete found itself fumbling the ball for the 3rd time allowing Mcgill to score the winning run.


Job well done by all and congrats on the win! Kudos to the team for never giving up!!!! GET LOUD PRIDE!!!!!

2B: Jonah Holzapfel, Tyler Crawford, Matt Morrison SAC:


Connor Berg, Ryan Niederle, Matt Morrison SF: Jacob


Tyrakoski SB: Connor Berg, Matt Morrison CS: Matt Morrison







Roncalli vs. Crete  5/13/14

Sam started on the mound for Roncalli.
Berg starts out by reaching 1st on an error.  Jonah  and Alec walk.   Jake hit  Berg in then Crawford scored Jonah and Alec with base hit up the middle.  3 Runs 
First out is a grounder to Alec to Tyler at 2nd.  Fly ball to Alec for the second out.  Third out was Alec to Crawford .
Bottom of 2nd outs was a grounder to 3rd Ryan to Miller, Jake to Miller, and strikeout.
3rd inning Alec walked and Jake had a double to the fence.
Bottom of 3rd outs was a strikeout, a nice diving catch in center by Jonah and a fly ball to Miller at first.
4th inning Nolan and Sam walked, Berg base hit, Alec hit by pitch and Sam scores.  1 run
Outs in the 4th was a fly ball to Alec at SS and double play with a ground ball to Ryan at third who tagged the runner going to third and then to Miller at first.
5th inning Ryan singles, Nolan walked and Matt HBP.
Outs in the 5th strikeout, Ryan to Miller and a fly ball to Matt in right field.
6th inning Jonah hit to left and Alec Bombs one over the right field fence for 2 RBI's.  2 runs
Alec took the mound after 5 innings by Sam.
Outs in the 6th was a ground ball to Ryan at third to Miller, strikeout, and Jake busted a runner trying to steal second for the third out.
7th Matt walked and stole 2nd and Berg walked.
Outs in the 7th started with a strikeout, fly to Jonah and fly out to Matt.
On the mound Sam had 3 K's, 3 hits and 2 runs in 5 innings.
Alec had 2 K's, 0 walks and 0 runs in 2 innings.
Roncalli wins 6 to 2 and takes first place in districts.
Congratulations to the coaches and players.  Kick some butt at State.


Game 1

Crimson Pride vs Thurston County

Zach Soliday gets 9 strikeouts in 6 innings and takes the win!

Zach did a great job on the mound today, trying to keep track as best I could he got nearly 2 K's per inning! The only score Thurston got was off of a lucky homerun.

Ryan Niederle made some awesome plays on thrid today.  In the first inning Ryan scooped up a line drive and fired to 2B Crawford who went for the double play on first but it wasn't meant to be. Ryan also snagged up a line drive in the 6th inning for an out to 1B Sam Oehm. In the fifth inning there was a sweet 1 2 11's play in the fifth inning. Thats Sam 12 to Crawford 11. Thurston tried to squeak in a bunt but Sam scooped it up throwing to his cover Crawford  to get the out on 1B. Well Done!

Nolan McGill did some decent work at the plate. Firing the  ball to 1st for an out in the beginning of the game. McGill kept the ball in front through out the game! Again, well done!

Pride struggled defensively through out the game. There were 5 K's and 2 BBs and 2HBPs. In the 5th inning McGill walks on. Connor Berg gits a hit and Alec Bohm gets a hit getting our 2 scores for the game. In the sixth Tyrakowsi gets a nice line drive followed by Crawfords double. Pride was unable to cash in on those runs but the team was not hurt by that as Thurston was unable to answer in the top of 7.

Pride 2

Thurston 1

Come out to support the Varsity Pride in their pursuit of District Champions this Monday at 5 pm vs Crete.


Roll Pride!!!!

4/10  Roncalli  @  Fort Calhoun

Berg started the game out right with a triple. 
Next up Jonah hit a double to left that scored Berg.  
Alec singles to left.
Tyler and Nolan both walk to load the bases.
Matt  reaches first on an error which scores Alec.
Ryan singles to left that brings in Tyler and Nolan.  Roncalli scores 4.
Basset started on the Mound for Roncalli.  First out was a ground ball to Tyler at second to Miller at first.  Basset takes care of the 2nd out with a K.  Third out was a shot off Basset's leg to Miller at first.
Top of the 2nd Jonah singles to left and then steals second.  Alec walks.  Jake with a Fielders choice scores Jonah.  Tyler hit a triple to right which scores Alec. 2 Runs scored.
Basset does his job again with a fly ball to Matt in right field,  strikeout and a fly ball to Jonah in center.
Top of 3rd Matt singles to left, Ryan doubles to left, Berg out on a fielders choice which scores Matt, Ryan scores on a wild pitch to Jonah.  Jonah hits one to the fence and gets a triple, Alec walks, Jonah scores on Alec's stolen base.  3 runs scored
Miller takes the mound and gets it done with a fly ball to Berg in left field, strikeout and ground ball to Tyler at 2nd to Sam at 1st.
Top of 4  Tyler singles up the middle, Nolan HBP,  Brendan reaches first on an E by second which scores Crawford.  1 run scored.
Miller still on the mound produces a fly ball to Matt in right, strikeout, and ground ball to Alec at short to Sam at 1st.
Top of 5 Alec triples to center, Jake HBP, Nolan hit to 3rd and Brendan singles to right which scored Alec and Jake. 2 runs scored.
Soliday finished to game for Pride with a fly ball to Alec at short, strikeout, and the runner is thrown out trying for a double with a nice play from Jonah to Alec to Tyler.
Roncalli wins 12 - 0
4/11  Skutt @ Roncalli
Sam started out strong on the mound by striking out the side.
Berg starts out bottom of 1st with a base hit.  With 2 outs Alec hit a solo home run to left field.  1 run
Sam gets out of the second striking out 1.
Bottom of second Tyler walks and Matt has a sac. bunt.  0 runs
Sam still on the mound starts out with a K.  Next to outs are a fly ball to Jonah in center and a pop up to Miller at 1st.
Bottom of the 3rd Jonah has a base hit. 0 runs
The first out of the 4th is a ground ball to Sam at pitcher to Miller at 1st.  Next out was a grounder to Alec at short to Tyler at 2nd.  The last out was a nice throw from Tyler to Jake at home to stop another score by Skutt.  I run
Bottom of 4 Jake takes first on an E by 3rd base, Tyler hits a single to right, Sam advances the runners with a nice sac. bunt, Ryan hits Jake and Tyler in on a double down the line past first base.  2 runs
Sam gets out of the 5th with a ground ball to pitcher to Miller at 1st, strikeout, and a pop up to Tyler at 2nd.
Top of 6 ends with 2 fly balls to Jonah and 1 to Berg in left.  1 run
Top of  7.  Pop up to Sam, Jake threw out runner trying to steal second to Nolan.  Alec took the mound with 2 outs and finished the last batter with a ground ball to win the game.
Roncalli won 3 - 2
You see, you spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball, and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time.  ~Jim Bouton, Ball Four, 1970


Skutt Story Line Still in Production by Mr. Niederle. Of course that story is one worthy of posting.


Talk about a game of firsts.

Jonah played 2nd base for the first time in his career and followed that up with time at SS. Matt moved over to CF and Connor Berg is the only player on the field that held his spot in LF.

Just about everyone pitched today. Opening with Alec who went to first....another first. Zak Bassett then took the mound and struggled a bit with what looked like some knee discomfort from getting a line drive to his knee the day before. Zac Soliday then took the mound and earned his first win of the season keeping Mt. Michael at bay. Very well done Zak!

Connor Miller had some time on 1b and on the mound taking us to extra innings. Ryan got to make his pitching debut and closed the game out in the 8th. Ryan also played SS today.

Jake started as catcher then took right field for the first time this year. Nolan had some time at 2nd but most of his game was as catcher. Jake caught the last inning. Really, it's amazing anyone was able to keep our book today with all the changes and exchanges on the field but it was a good nail biter and Pride came out on top.

Hats off to this Pride Baseball team who continue to show their A Game and their dynamic ability to adapt to the situation!

Roll Pride!!!

Pride11 Mt Michael 10



Looks like Coach Feldhaus knew pregame that we were going to have a nail biter!


Matt Morrison RF the CF                                                     Connor Miller one of many pitchers today!

So YOhan, how does it feel to have dirt under feet vs grass?                        Zac Soliday geting the Win today!


Connor Berg only fielder who held his spot!                   Zak Bassett 2nd pitcher of the day!

Brendan Findall, Junior sliding to second vs Ne City



Zach Soliday, Junior, on 1B and sliding home below







Roncalli Takes Win vs Concordia


It was a good night for baseball when Varsity Pride (5-2) took on former team mates of the newly developed Concordia Baseball team (3-2).

Alec Bohm pitched six innings and gets the win. Sam Oehm was the relief pitcher in the 7th inning and gets the save.

Bohm got a double, Tyler Crawford got a triple and an RBI and Jake Tyrakowski got his first homer of the year. Jake is on the hunt for 2 more homers to surpass his dad's high school record! GO Jake!

There was a sweet double play off a pop up bunt by Concordia. The ball dropped but was scooped up by Bohm and thrown to Nolan McGill who was covering 1B for the first out. The runners on 1st and 2nd were held up to make sure the bunt wasn't caught. Oehm called for the ball on 3B and McGill fired the ball to Oehm who tagged the runner from 2B on 3B.

LF Connor Berg, CF Jonah Holzapfel and RF Matt Morrison all made stellar catches in the outfield tonight diminishing any hopes of Concordia getting on base.

Nice to see old friends and even nicer to add another W to the Varsity Pride record!

Final Roncalli 2 Concordia 1






Lincoln SouthWest Split

March 29, 2014

Roncalli split a double header with Lincoln Southwest.

Sam started on the mound and completed 7 innings.  Sam seemed to get stronger as the game went on as 3 of his 5 strikeouts came in his final inning.
Basset shut down the Silver Hawks with  2 strikeouts in the 8th.
It was great to see the bats come alive this game.
Alec 1 hit and a walk, Ryan 2 hits and 1 RBI, Sam 1 hit a two walks, Nolan 1 hit and a walk, Berg 2 hits and 2 RBI's, Matt 1 hit and 2 RBI's, Jonah sac bunt and Jake 1 hit with 2 RBI's.
Runs scored:  Berg, Alec, Sam 3 and Nolan 2.
You could not ask for a better game to watch as a Roncalli fan.  Despite being down most of the game Pride showed that they are a team that will not give up.  The team rallied in the end and with bases juiced Jake hit a shot to left to win the game.
Roncalli wins 7 - 6
Alec started on the mound in the second game.  He pitched 4 innings with 4 strikeouts.
Miller finished the final 3 innings and had  2 strikeouts.
Hitting: Alec 1 hit and 1 run, Sam 1 hit, Jake double with run, Berg 2 hits, Crawford 2 hits with an RBI, Ryan 1 hit with an RBI, Matt HBP, Nolan walked with an RBI.
Although our pitching was strong and bats were still alive Roncalli came up short on this one.
Pride lost 7 -3
Defense did an awesome job in both games.  Keep it up.
Good pitching will beat good hitting any time, and vice versa.  ~Bob Veale, 1966
Oehm, Niederle and Tyrakowski getting Coach Kupfers baseball tips
 Senior Catcher Tyrakowski making the block
Junor Pitcher Miller 
Junior Pitcher Miller with his season debut as Pitcher

 Pride Varsity Took on Gretna  Friday, March 28th.

Jonah started the game by reaching first on a hard hit ball to second.
Conner Berg laid down a nice sacrifice bunt towards first to advance Jonah to second.
Jonah advanced to third on a passed ball.
Next up Alec hit a bomb to center that allowed Jonah to score on a sacrifice fly.
Crawford led the team with 2 hits.  Jonah had 1 hit and Alec had an RBI with three hard hit balls that could not find a safe place to land.
Tyler Crawford started on the mound for Pride and held Gretna to 1 run through 4 innings. 
Zach Soliday took the mound for one and third innings.  Despite a strong showing on the mound Gretna scored 5 runs on some untimely errors and a few weak hits.  
Zak Basset shut down Gretna in the final inning.  
Our pitchers combined for 8 strikeouts.  Crawford and Soliday each had 3 and Basset had 2.
Take out the one rough inning and the Pride looked solid today.
Pride lost  6 to 1.
People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball.  I'll tell you what I do.  I stare out the window and wait for spring.
 Rogers Hornsby







March 21, 2014


Crimson Varsity Pride vs Fremont Bergan

Well Pride here is a brief synopsis of what I remember from lasts night game that was played in subhuman temperatures. With that being was cold, that I remember!

This being the first game of the season let's mark the firsts of the first game of the season!

The First.....

     game of the season

     pitcher-Sam Oehm

     hit-#18 Matt Morrison?.....Correct?

     run scored.....?



Score 7 to 1

Alec Bohm gets the win

Both pitchers did an awesome job on the seasons debut. Only 1 run given up the entire game.

Noted is the lack of info here since it was too cold to take notes, let alone remember much more than how flipping cold it was!

So anyone that wants to share their first here please e mail it to and I will update this post!






Game 1 Area Districts vs Blair

July 19, 2013



Hold on to your hats....we're going on a crazy Pride Ride!!!!!

Four home runs in one game.....count them......

#1 Jake gets the first home run in the 2nd inning followed by back to back homers in the 3rd inning by.....

#2  Alec

#3  Alitz and closing with......

#4  Jake

Here's the story.....

Adam takes the mound and the first inning on both sides is uneventful....score zip -zip.

In the bottom of 2 Alec gets a single and Jake cleans the plate with his first homer of the game. Micah hits a single chopper and Crawford gets on hbp-we got ice! Jonah hits one through the glove of Blair's 2nd basemen getting an RBi bringing the score to 3.  Crawford steals home after Blair attempted to catch Jonah in the act of stealing from 1st.  Score 4-zip.


Top of 3 Jonah grabs the 3rd out with a near dive in center field.****as per the Omaha World Herald " Dane Appel was robbed on a diving catch by center fielder Jonah Holzapfel.'

Bottom of 3  - Alec and Alitz get their back to back homers.  Jared gets a double on an overthrow to first and Crawford gets a double that bounced over center field fence.  Score 7-zip.


Top of 4 3 up 3 down for Blair

Bottom of 4 Pride scoreless.


Top of 5 First out is a fly ball.  Crawford makes a double play tagging the 1st base runner and throwing to Kuntz to get the 3rd out of the inning.

Bottom of 5 Jake  gets his second home run. Tyler and Jonah both get a single. Kuntz hits a double. Socre 9 zip. Alec gets a fly out break when Blair misses the ball, scoring Kuntz for the 10th run of the game.....thus 10 run rule and game over!!!!

Overall Adam pitches a 4 hit shut out. No walks, no man on base past 2nd for Blair.  Alec went 3 for 4 and homer. Alitz went 1 for 3and homer, Jake 2 for 3 2 homers and Crawford 2 for 2 with a double and 1 RBI.

Thanks for a great ride Pride...let's keep it rolling!!!!!!!

High fives to the game winning run!





Special Thanks to Coach T.J. Feldhaus



T.J. Feldhaus came to the rescue of the Senior Pride at the last minute by agreeing to coach the team in St. Louis Parks, MN.  Without T.J. it was looking like the Senior Pride Gopher classic tournament was going to have to be forfeited.

We truly appreciate you stepping up to the plate and taking care of the Senior Pride Team!  You did a great job!


Senior Pride Adds Two New Home Run Hitters!!!


Sam Oehm                                                         


Tyler Crawford




Gopher Classic in Minnesota





Senior Pride went 3 of 4 this past weekend in St. Louis Park Minnesota. 

Game 1

Sam Oehm got his first Legion win as pitcher in game one After struggling through the first two innings, giving up 5 runs and issuing 5 BBs Sam found his groove and he only gave up one more run the rest of the game.

Game 2

The Pride won a 14-13 Extra inning game. Offensively, the Pride had 8 positions that got on-base at least three times and five players with at least three hits. However, 17 runners left on-base kept Northfield in it. The wind was blowing out, the umpire had a tight zone and there was a short porch...It was a pitchers nightmare. Both team's took advantage in a very entertaining game. Connor,  and Roberts each got a double, Jonah got a double and a triple and Sam scored a homerun in his first at bat of the game!!!

Northfields pitcher has signed at a Division 1 college up north so our Senior Pride did a nice job proving that we hold our own. Way to get some awesome hits Pride!

Game 3, cancelled due to follows us everywhere we go!

Game 4......well let's not talk about that.....

Game 5

Tyler Crawford scored his first home run in the last game of the tournament and Alec Bohm added  yet another homer to his stats! Zak Basset went 2 for 3nearly putting one out dead center!

Overall the weekend provided great baseball, food and entertainment. 


On to Area tournaments....

First Game Friday July 19th 5 pm at Bennington..........ROLL PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!






Stella Brown Park Tourney-Pride Take First Place!


Today the Varsity Pride team and their families got to watch a moving tribute to the Armed forces and some of our fallen soldiers.  Veterans of Omaha presented the Color Guard to start the ceremony.  The names of 50 fallen soldiers of WWII from Omaha were read off during the ceremony and after each name a bell rang out.  After the names were called out Taps was played. 

The opening pitch was thrown by a retired Sergeant Bobby Herechski who is a South Omaha High grad.  He has recieved 2 Purple Hearts and numerous other medals during his military career. 

It was one of the most moving ceremonies I have ever witnessed at a baseball tournament and I can only speak for was goosebumps and tear welling for me!  Thank you to our current, former and deceased military members.  But for you we would not have been able to do what we so love to do.....let's play baseball!!!!



Now for the baseball recap.....

Mitch took the mound and pitched 7 innings keeping the Omaha FOP scoreless. Mitch struck 3 out and walked only one. In the bottom of 7 Omaha South had the bases loaded but Mitch was able to get the last batter to ground out! Pride made some key plays and the bats were on fire again tonight with 7 hits total. Micah and Adam each got 2 hits and one of Adams' was a triple. Jonah, Sam and Tyler secured 1 hit apiece. Deffensively J rod did some back picking to Sam in one play on first. Micah tossed the ball to Tyler allowing a 4-6-3 with Sam playing first base. Outfielders Connor, Jonah and Zak all made their normal routine catches and with that Pride comes out on top 4-0.  The win makes Pride 3 and 1 taking first place in the tournament!   Job well done by all!

















South Omaha Stella Brown Tourney



Pride started out this weekends wood bat tournament at Brown Park a wee bit slow, almost able to take the lead/win in the bottom of seven against Omaha Benson. Sam had a great day on the mound but unable to get the back up he needs to get the win. Sam also had a great hit getting in one run in the bottom of seven.  Kuntz was given the go ahead to try and beat out the throw at home but it wasn't meant to be.  Pride loses 4-3.


Saturdays game Pride shows up with some burning wood and great offense. Adam gets the win after pitching the entire game. Pride wins by shutting out THC-Bellevue East 8-0.  This is the 3rd time in the 2013 Spring/Summer that Pride has taken the win over Bellevue East.  

Next game: Sunday 330 at Brown Park vs Omaha South with another game at 615 at Westgate vs Millard Sox









Finally....Back in Action After 8 Days


Sam Oehm brought his game vs Plattview.  Oehm allowed 1 earned run, had 1 lone walk and six awesome strikeouts. Pride had a mere 3 hits by 3 players-Mitch, Adam and Jonah.  Jonah gets credit for 2 RBI's with his single.  Pride unable to answer in the 7th and lose the game by 1. 

Hopefully the weather cooperates the rest of the season and this 2013 Varsity Legion baseball team can put all of their rainy days behind them.  Let's pull together as a team and keep our eye on the state tourney and enjoy the moment with this awesome baseball family!



May 14, 2013


William Shakespeare wrote:




            “A loser doesn’t know what he’ll do if he loses, but talks about what he’ll do if he wins, and a winner doesn’t talk about what he’ll do if he wins, but knows what he’ll do if he loses.”




We are the Pride which in itself is indicative of what we are and what we become.  One season over, Legion Ball begins next week.




In the tradition of Dave’s Top 10 for game highlights against Norris”-




#10     1st Inning- Pride exemplifying both offense and defense of what we have been doing all year long


#9       Welcome back Mitchell Kuntz


#8       Both our pitchers had a higher called strike count than the opposing pitcher


#7       As I have repeated many times- Speed is wonderful- Berg advancing two bases on an overthrow to first and flying to third in the first inning


#6       Our lone Senior-Fleming’s catch at the 3rd Base fence line with a high pop up in the 3rd Inning


#5       Tyrakowski running and leaping catch in right center with a high tailing fly ball in the 2nd Inning


#4       Sorenson’s heads up play with a diving catch with a foul tip ten feet from the plate and a laser throw to second for the double play in the third Inning


#3       Sorenson block at the plate and taking a head on charge while holding the ball and above all, kept his cool and was not injured in the 5th Inning


#2       Our Fans- thank you for coming to the game and nearly equaling the number of Norris fans where we were practically at their home field


#1       Number 1, and not only at the Norris game but for all games- The Parents- thank you for your commitments… thank you for your time …. thank you for the example you show to the boys when you congratulate them when they win, console and encourage when there is a loss and above all, thank you for your belief in God and the gifts the Lord has given each one of us to enjoy and cherish the time we spend with our kids- because as we all know and realize, the boys will one day be gone to start their family and repeat the cycle…..












 “ It is played everywhere….  In parks and playgrounds and prison yards….. In back alleys and farmers' fields. … By small children and old men…..  Raw amateurs and millionaire professionals…..  It is a leisurely game that demands blinding speed. … The only game in which the defense has the ball….  It follows the seasons, beginning each year with the fond expectancy of springtime, and ending with the hard facts of autumn. …. It is a haunted game, in which every player is measured against the ghosts of all who have gone before.  Most of all, it is about time and timelessness. …. Speed and grace….  Failure and loss. …. Imperishable hope..  And coming home.”.... From the Ken Burns Documentary of baseball




See everyone next week….Lets Play Ball…………..




What does fantastic weather, a wonderful sunset, and hot bats equal?


A Great Night for Baseball


After having a slow day at the plate Saturday, the Pride took out their frustration with a 10 hit barrage Monday night. We were up to bat first- Berg and Fleming were given their walking papers, Bohm laid down a clean bunt- so with the bases loaded, Mr. Tyrakowski single to right- two RBI’s…  First ten minutes Pride on board with 2…Crawford puts down a bunt, couple of questionable 3rd strike calls- Pride now at two outs..Another Pride BB, Sorenson hits a grounder right past 4 into right, runner scores..By the end of the inning- Pride 5


With Bohm on the mound..3 batters were introduced to the fans and with their plate appearance returned to the dugout- 3 up 3 down..


2nd Inning…Gretna changed pitchers, Pride batters needing some time to adjust, 4 batters came to the plate, no runs on the board…  Bohm takes 5 warmup pitches and ends the inning with five pitches- 6-3, F-8 and a 5-3- Isn’t defense wonderful for a pitcher- By the way Oehm showed his elasticity with a stretch that left us old guys turning in our chairs…


3rd Inning…Schaefer BB, Berg E-5 (speed is a wonderful thing), Fleming BB, Balk by the pitcher, and Bohm’s triple puts Pride at 8 on the Board….With Gretna feeling the frustration of the 0, hit a single, Fleming takes a lazer grounder to the neck, BB, sac fly, fielders choice, and a triple- Gretna squeezes in 5 for the inning…End of three Pride 8 Gretna 5


4th Inning…Crawford single to left, Sorenson likes that second baseman area-singles,Schaefer with a bunt and suicide squeeze- Pride at 9…Gretna comes back with two singles and with a wild pitch that passed Jared to a backstop that is used for track practice, runner comes home- End of 4—Pride 9  Gretna 6


5th Inning…Our lone Senior hits a single and Tyrakowski tomahawk hits- left us with 2LOB, no runs..Gretna feeling the fans frenzied gets one hit, a BB, however, Pride takes pride in their defense- 1-3,1-3,and F-8 and we are out of the inning…


6th Inning..Schaefer hits a single, Swanke great sac bunt, Oehm with a BB- Prides ends the inning with 2LOB, no runs….With Bohm hearing the Pride fans (who outnumbered the Dragon fans) gets out of the inning with one hit, F-9,5-3,and another one of those Fleming-Oehm throw and catch for a superb 5-3 with a speedy runner…End of 6..Pride 10  Gretna 6


7th Inning…Bohm, Tyra, and Crawford unable to get on..With Bohm on the mound, bottom of 7, up by 4 runs, Pride just needed to rely on defense….I made the mistake of asking Scott Sorenson what time we play tomorrow night BEFORE our game was over- I WILL never NEVER do that again- We all know the baseball superstitions and I broke one….1st batter F-7, 2nd Batter hit a demon of a ball down third base line, man on…3rd Batter hit a bouncer over Crawford’s head, two on base (Why did I ask that question???) 4th Batter F-8 (its okay its okay- us old guys pulses are down) its two outs and nothing happens with two outs bottom 7 with a 4 run lead ( nothing- yeah right!!)….5th Batter hits a huge fly to left- going going going up- coming, coming, coming down- player under the ball, glove in the air, eyes locked on to  the ball, runners racing around the bases with two outs, ball is just out of reach of the player- E-7, two runs in- Pride 10 Gretna 8..Our pulses are racing, the Gretna fans are cheering, 6th Batter single to right, runner on base comes home- Pride 10 Gretna 9 (Mr. Sorenson, I promise I will never ask you again what time we play before the game is over)…..7th Batter- Bohm pitches, batter hits a ball to the clouds, Swanke is looking looking- where is it- moving left, moving right (Mr. Larry Swanke squeezing my arm- I have no more pulse)Ball is in the air so long all is quiet, Gretna runner to first, Micah positioning under the ball…….Plop- two hands on the glove- GAME OVER…Pride advances…….


“Coming together is a Beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.” Henry Ford….Need we say more…Next up- Norris…………




Let’s recap the last two weeks…


Senior Night at Roncalli….. Let’s see the advantages of a senior discount- free coffee, free donut on Saturday, receive daily 20 pieces of insurance advertisements, average of 10 to 20 people calling you every day trying to be your friend, only have to nod to a conversation whether you understand it or not, and finally, dinner is always at 16:30…oh wait, wrong Senior…We need to congratulate Pride lone senior- Adam Fleming.  


Adam is Roncalli class of 2013, and will be attending Midland College in the Fall.  On behalf of the fans, parents, and future baseball players for the Pride- thank you Adam.  Thank you for your years of hard work and dedication to both academia and to the athletic program.  Thank you for being an inspiration both on and off the field.


Last game of the season…The Pride fans as well as the Orangeman fans gave Adam a cheerful welcome as he,  and his parents took to the field.  That wave in return from the Orangeman was short lived, as Mr. Fleming took to the mound- The first inning, Adam took care of business and faced five batters with three of them waving- however, not with their hands, with their bats as they went down swinging.  As in past games, great pitching, solid defense , and strong offense equals winning.  Adam went the distance and in the top of the fifth- faced three batters and defense ended the inning with a double play.  Bottom of the fifth, Tyrakowski  personified our offense,  with a homer- Pride on its way hosting Districts.


Adam, remember this quote from George Washington Carver- “ How  far you go in life depends on you being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and the strong.  Because someday in life, you will have been all of these.”


Districts…..Welcome Fort Calhoun Pioneers..If you remember we struggled and came from behind the last visit with those Pioneers.  So what would be the best answer to stop the Pioneers- have Mr. Fleming take to the mound.  With the exception of a Pioneer homerun, Adam commanded the plate, left quite a few of Ft. Calhouns players saying- “Thank goodness, Adam will not be here next year.”  To add insult to injury, Adam hit a grand slam.  Is this Senior marking his territory?  Pride comes away with a 10-2 win.  Again, what was that formula- great pitching, solid defense, and strong offense.


Game two against Blair- Mr. Fleming giving his arm arrest, but not his bat.  First at bat- double.  With Bohm on the mound, the first four innings, Alec kept the Blair hitters in check.  Pride defense in typical style helped out to close out the fourth with a double play.  Bottom of the fourth, Pride offense came alive to get on top 5-3.  Top of the fifth, Pride defense with some UNCHARACTERISTIC ERRORS, allowed Blair to sneak back on top of the score board.  The Pride gets back on top and now we are at the top of the 7th.  With a win under his belt, why not call up Mr. Fleming to close out the Blair rally attempt.  With Adam on the mound, first pitch- strike.  Three batters later- put a save with the win from the first game in Districts to Adam Fleming.


“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  Winston Churchill


State…Haymarket Stadium, Lincoln , NE…Our lone Senior is again asked to lead the Pride.  First Inning, Adam takes care of business.  We move to the top of 2nd Inning, and UNCHARACTERISTIC ERROR subtitle is written in the books- Pride commit an error and with one blooper, Gross gets on the board first with two runs.  The Pride stage a rally only to be short lived with some good defense from Gross-Pride remains with a 0 on the board, bottom of the two.  Top of three, Adam pitching strikes, however, a loose dropped third strike, a wild pitch, and a single, the Cougars add two runs- Pride 0 Cougars 4.  As in past games, Pride offense would be putting numbers on the board.  Not to take away from the Cougar pitcher, he kept our hitters tight and out of sync.  Again, that subtitle, UNCHARACTERISTIC ERROR occurred with the Pride Top of 4, allowing Cougars to put run number 5 on the Board.  Adam keeps the Cougars from scoring any more runs.  We are now at the Bottom of the 7th.  With that lone Senior, Adam at the plate, a single, Feldhaus comes in to pinch run, Tyrakowski hits a gapper- we now have two on base.  Crawford hits a deep double, speedy Feldhaus comes home.  Pride with 1…Sorenson hit into a 4-3, runner home….Pride 2….Inning ends on a 6-3 play…Pride 2…Cougars 5….All is not lost, we play tonight.


 “Both optimist and pessimists contribute to our society.  The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute.”  By author Gil Stern


Let’s have everyone at the Tailgate with welding tools and rivets. 


One final appreciative word to Mr. Fleming- “ A successful man is he who receives a great deal from his fellow men, usually incomparable more than corresponds to his service to them.  The value of a man, however, should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.”  Albert Einstein.


And you have given a lot and we are thankful—so Pride take to the field, play hard, have fun, and above all- enjoy the moment…..


Fourteen Game Winning Streak Comes to an End

May 11, 2013

Listen up Pride!

It had to happen, a loss was looming upon us!  Now hear's over, let it go! Our lone Senior was overheard after a rough inning this year against Bellevue East saying "come on guys, keep the tempo up!"  And that's what the Varisty team has done all year long.  Now let's just get the tempo back!  This team has flourished because of positivity and determination.  Keep watching each others back and when one falls, bring them up!

Each and every player has been in the not so good bracket at one time their baseball career.  And there is no doubt that each and every player has come from the bottom and came out on top.  It can be done again with every player pulling together to make it happen!

Don't forget that men make millions of dollars and still make errors.  The difference for Pride is that once the error is made, it's gone and over with. Doesn't matter who did what bad.  What matters is that this Varsity team has done right just about all year long. 

Rest up Sunday because there is a long road ahead. 

Get the bats warmed up because the VICTORY is waiting for each and every player to MAKE IT HAPPEN! 

Game 1 districts

May 6, 2013


Adam Fleming Pitched a 3 hitter, o....and did I a GRAND SLAM!




One of 2 phenomenal catches by YoHan, aka Jonah!!!!  Way to move!




Final out of game!





Senior Night Celebrates Adam Fleming and His Parents, John and Anita

April 29, 2013




Perfect Game for Ryan Roberts & Pride


Proverbs 27:17…”Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”


What a great statement for the game against the Huskies for Mr. Roberts and Mr. Sorenson!

Add to the teamwork of Roberts and Sorenson, solid defense and incredible show of offensive power, at the end of the day you have Pride 14- Huskies 0.

“Let’s get ready to rumble”, with Districts around the corner, what a way to kick-start the weekend- Mr. Roberts throwing 49 pitches with 41 strikes in 5 innings and facing 15 batters.  Yes, do the math, that’s 3 up 3 down 5 times.  Couple that performance with great catching, solid defense and batting firepower- Districts be aware………….

To quote Coach K : “Confrontation simply means meeting the truth head on.”

1st Inning…Huskies are you ready to confront Mr. Roberts- F8, F8, and K..10 pitches and great center field defense……Pride offense puts two on the board the first inning with 1B for Berg, 2B from Crawford and excellent base running from Martin and Schaefer

2nd Inning..Roberts not wanting to get behind on the count- And with defense behind him- write down a 6-3,6-3, and a Backward K that still has the batter standing with a wicked curve.(I think he is still there- better go check)..Offensively, Pride keeps the confrontation going with 2BB,1HP,and a triple by Bohn to come away with 3 runs on 1 hit….Gentlemen, what every Coach preaches NO LOB, get those men home.

Coach K (yes a basketball coach- however, team play is his game and motivation) “Confidence shared is better than confidence only in yourself.”


3rd Inning..The team confidence continues as Mr. Roberts has a 4-3, K(backward), and a dropped 3rd strike that Mr. Sorenson efficiently displayed his accuracy for Out #3…Huskies bring in a new pitcher to try and extinguish the confidence of our batters- Sorry no such luck, Feldhaus gets on 1st with a dropped 3rd strike (man, you have to love that speed- cannot say that enough),Oehm with a 1B, Sorenson 2B, Berg 1B so at the end of the 3rd- Pride 8 Huskies 0—Roberts 9 batters down on 28 pitches.


Coach K- “With accomplishments comes confidence and with confidence comes belief.  It has to be in that order.”

4th Inning…With Mr. Roberts and Mr.Sorenson confident, the belief sets in…7 pitches later.. score on the books, 6-3,6-3, and PO3…Offense is believing, Swanke BB, Martin 1B,Feldhaus BB, Sorenson 1B, Fleming a 2B and he got to 2nd like there was a 2for1 sale at the Oakley Sunglass Hut- Wow- great run on a shot out to center).At the end of the 4th- Pride 13 Huskies 0

Coach K- “I believe a big part of leadership is about winning the moment.”


5th Inning- as we all realize what is happening, Roberts has a perfect game going, the Pride Offense has taken care of the 10 run rule, so Huskies will do everything possible to stop the shutout…Mr.Roberts and Mr.Sorenson, as leaders on the field- 1st batter K (backward), 2nd batter K (backward), 3rd batter on the second pitch hits a blooper tailing in the wind and what is one way to solidify teamwork and sound defense- F7—game over- 15 batters to the plate, 15 batters sent home- well maybe 14, remember the one that froze on a wicked curve, he is still at the plate……………..

Pride, wonderful job well done- Mr.Roberts 5 superb innings on the mound backed up with solid defense and complimented with 14 runs, and no E’s anywhere on the score sheet…..Lets enjoy the moment and get ready for the next game………

Perfect Game for Ryan Roberts & Pride

April 26, 2013



A Perfect Game

A Perfect Day
















Bellevue East Highlights


“This is a simple game: You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball. You got it” 


That is a famous line from the movie Bull Durnham.   “You throw the ball”  Again congrats to Mr. Fleming for a complete game. ….“You hit the ball” Pride offense produced 7 runs on 8 hits…..”You catch the ball” how about two innings with 3 up 3 down, 2 innings with 4 opposing batters coming to the plate, and 3 innings with 5 Chieftans allowed to get to the plate….


The Pride continuing with great pitching, strong defense and solid hitting come away with another victory against the Bellevue East Chieftans  7-4


1st Inning…Berg has a single to left center, steals second, Fleming with a 4-3, Bohm single, advances Berg, Tyrakoski with a great sac bunt, brings in Berg…First Inning, Pride gets one on the board…..Fleming throws 5 balls, 5 strikes and defense takes care of the rest, 3 up 3 down.


2nd Inning…Martin, Oehm, and Schaefer a little too friendly with the Chieftans pitcher, Pride 3 up 3 down…Fleming, not wanting to be out done- 3 up 3 down with Pride defense showing its armor with 6-3 and 1-3 plays


3rd Inning…Berg has a blooper to right and before the right fielder looks up, Berg on second (isn’t speed wonderful), Fleming walks, pinch running Basset comes in..Bohm hits a fielders choice, now Basset and Bohn on base, with two outs, Mr. Tyrakoski creating tension with the pitcher, two passed balls later, Basset home, Bohm now at third and Jake at first….Crawford belts one to center, Berg home- Pride on the board with 3…Bottom of 3..Fleming walks the first batter (I despise those free rides)..2nd batter plays the foul ball game with Adam, blast one deep to center to bring in that “freebie” Chieftans on the Board with 1….next batter bloops to right, with two batters on, two outs..Adam “winking” to Sorenson..Sorenson “winking” to Adam and Crawford, Adam turns around and lazers one to Crawford for third out with tag on runner standing still at second looking bewildered and of course, getting “praises” from his coach…….


4th Inning…Schaefer gets on base with an introduction of the physics of ball imprinting the body, Sorenson clean hit to right, Scheafer on 2nd, pinch runner Roberts on first, Berg hits one to right for a double (isn’t speed wonderful), Schaefer home, Fleming with a 1-3, Bohm comes up with a hit to left, Roberts and Bohm come home- Top of 4..Pride 6 on the Board……Bottom of 4, Chieftans squeeze a run in


5th Inning…Top- Again Pride has an afternoon nap as we had 3 up 3 down……….Bottom -With Fleming still throwing strong and with no one in the bullpen, Chieftans  again sqqqqueeeze in a run- Pride 6- Bellevue 4


6th Inning..Again- 0-0-0  Gentlemen, not nice to only introduce 3 hitters to the plate…Back on defense with Adam maintaining good control and keeping pitch count down- Pride committed two rare errors- E-6 and E-1, so who do you call- Fleming of course, swinging, looking, and swinging- out, out, harm with two E’s


7th Inning…Fleming hits a deep one to right for a F-9, Bohm with BB, Tyrakoski (remember Jake in 3rd Inning- nervous pitcher)..So nervous pitcher +intimidating batter + speed on the base = 2 passed balls and two on base…Crawford with great bunt to 1, Bohm coming home..  Pride 7 Chieftans 4…Bottom of 7.. How about F-9, F-9, BB, and 5-4…Bingo…..Pride pitching, Pride hitting, and Pride catching- it really is that simple……………


Pride Beats Bellevue East

April 25, 2013


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words



























Great job pitching Adam!!!!









Pride Beats Bellevue West

April 20, 2013

Pride Fans Freeze While

Varsity Pride Smokin' HOT!


Pride players continue to sizzle even on a cold winters day!  Strikeouts are low and errors are few and far between.  Today Pride gave Bellevue West a schooling in baseball!

Baseball Lesson 101:  NEVER ever stop running or give up! 

Ben showed the way by continuing on to home while watching a no brainer pop fly catch by Bellevues short stop. It brings to mind the phrase from Angels in The Outfiled: "It Could Happen".  It could and it did while we watched the ball slide through the short stops hands and Ben glides over home!

Nice job by pitcher Alec Bohm pitching the first 6 innings and Adam coming in for the close!

Pride Class B, puts away the Bellevue West 5th Ranked Class A. 

Final Score: 6-3

ROLL PRIDE: Never stop running or give up!















Grand Slam

Jake Tyrakoski

April 15, 2013


A mother knows. 

A mother knows deep in her heart when her son is going to do something big.  Just ask Stacey Tyrakoski....she knew that Jake was going to cash in on bases loaded.  She knew more then Jake, so much so, that she had her i phone recording his entire at bat!  Congrats Jake, job well done!

Varsity Pride should be proud.  The team continues to do great things and make key plays at key times.  Jake got us really fired up in the 3rd with his grand slam.  The bases were loaded up with a single by Brad, a walk by Jonah and sacrifcie bunt by Adam---which proved to be safe! Bam----bases loaded!  Score at end of three is 6 to 2.

Adam started a 2 out rally in the top of the 6th with a double.  Alec doubled, then a single by Jake, double by Tyler and 2 more singles by Jared and Sam. Pride went through the line up in the 6th   

Notes from Scorekeeper:

Jake Tyrakoski hit a grand slam in the third opening up the game. Adam Fleming went 4-4 with three runs scored and Jared Sorenson went 1-2 and 3 RBIs.  Each of Jared's RBIs came on a single AB.  So. Jared found three ways to get RBIs and only one was by a hit (SAC and BB were the others),  Ryan Roberts got his first win of the season pitching into the fourth..  


Final Score 12-7

Great win by all, keep up the great work Varsity Pride! 



Pride Gets Another Win

Varsity Pride dunks another win!  Alec gets 5 strike outs in 2 innings.  Keeps Arlington scoreless through the 3rd inning.  Sam pitches 4th & 5th innings; Arlington squeaks in their lone run.  Sam gets a double, Jonah scores 3, Tyler goes 2 for 2 with 3 RBI's and Adam-well Grandpa gets one of everything-goes 2 for 2, 3 RBI's, scores 3 AND had a double in the game.  Keep it up PRIDE!!!!!!

A picture says a thousand words....todays photos are the best yet to come.  Check out Pride Baseball FaceBook account for more photos!








Pride Takes 4th Win  



Short Story:  Adam Fleming pitched a complete game for the win! Adam, Jonah and Jared had doubles and Connor had 2 triples!  Nice wheels CB! While Jared Sorenson and Mitchell Kuntz collected three hits apiece. Pride secured the win with some dynamite defensive plays! Final Score 7-4.  ROLL PRIDE! 



Next game: Arlington @ 4:30 on Monday. 




Pride Beats Skutt Second Year in a Row!!!


To take a quote from Dan Drysdale:” I hate all hitters.  I start a game mad and I stay that way until it’s over.”

SKyhawks, let us introduce Mr. Mitchell Kuntz.  First pitch of the game- strike.  First three batters out 3 up, 3 down. …2nd Inning- 4 batters came to the plate, 3 went back to the dugout….3rd Inning-one hit slips by in left, defense helps the pitcher with a double play…4th Inning- 1-3,4-3,6-3..need we say more- go defense…5th Inning-Kuntz has the defense mad with second double play of the game…

Offensively, Pride woke up in the second inning- Kuntz gets on BB, Martin is pinch runner, gets to third with Crawford’s sacrifice bunt, Oehm- BB with Connor Berg at the plate and 6 foul balls later gets on base with an E-4, Martin comes home- Pride 1 Skyhawks 0…..3rd Inning, Pride now going 2nd time in the order, Fleming hits a double, Bohm gets on with an E-4, Fleming now at 3rd, Tyrakoski hits a single to left- Fleming comes home- Pride adds a run….4th Inning- Pride now going 3rd time in the line-up, Oehm gets on with an E-5, Berg with a sacrifice bunt, Oehm advances, Holzaphel gets on with an E-5,  Fleming with a sacrifice bunt, we welcome Oehm home with Pride now 3 Skyhawks 0……5th inning- now our 4th time in the order. Kuntz gets on with an E-6, Martin pinch runs, Crawford sac fly to right has the speedy Martin to 2nd, Sorenson gets a single, Martin at 3rd, Oehm gets on with BB, Berg hits at the pitcher for out 2, Holzaphel on with BB, Martin’s allowed to walk home with that smile- Pride 4 Skutt 0….6th Inning- Pride offense comes to a slowdown- no runs..

Top of 6..Kuntz after pitching a strong 5 innings, Skyhawks began a 2 out rally in the 6th.. Kuntz finishes the 6th, with a 6-3 play…….Now going into the 7th- score tied 4-4. The Pride put up two insurance runs. With the Skyhawks fans cheering, music blaring, hamburgers on the grill, we are at the bottom of 7th at Skutts home field…Roberts’ comes in looking for his 2nd save against a ranked team- As Drysdale said- “I’m mad..”- Roberts’ K’s first batter, 2nd batter punches a drive to left, man on base…Skyhawks fans looking for the 7th inning rally, screaming and cheering on their ball players.. Roberts’ K’s the next batter… With man on base, a 3-2 counts, Roberts’ pitches…..4-3 play, out of the inning…Pride 6 Skyhawk 4…

A quote from Nolan Ryan: “One of the beautiful things about baseball is that every once in a while you come into a situation where you want to, and where you have to, reach down and prove something.” 


What a great team performance!  Some individual accolades, however, when it truly gets down to the final out- it is a team sport…Go Pride





































“ Crying, crying, are you crying?

There’s no crying in baseball!”

What a great line from Tom Hanks…Bohm took the mound and kept Ft Calhoun in check with 3 up 3 down for the first two innings with a backward K to one of Pioneers top hitters…While Pride was giving the Pioneer outfield practice for inning one, with two outs in Inning two, Sorenson and Oehm decided to hit line drives with back to back singles..Pride could not capitalize thus 2 LOB….Pioneer hit back to back singles in the Third and with a sacrifice fly, one run scored and Ft Calhoun on scoreboard with 1….Bohm has another strong 4th Inning pitching to the heart of the Pioner’s order, gives up one hit, backward K and Prides defense takes care of the rest….4th Inning Kuntz hits a deep double to center, Crawford BB and again, Pride could not capitalize- 2LOB…5th Inning, Bohm eats his Wheaties- goes 3 up 3 down with 3K’s…Bottom of 5, Fleming decides to see how high a baseball can bounce in the Pride parking lot with a homer over center field fence….Top of 6, Pioneers score 3 with an error, 2BB and two singles ..After 5 1/3 of strong Innings, Oehm comes in for Bohm..Backward K and Pride defense takes care of the out 3.... With the score 4-1 Pioneers- Bottom of 6, Pride starts with a BB, Sorenson hits deep to left, Pioneer commit E-7,  Tyrakoski and Sorenson double steal, 2 more BB, and a sacrifice fly by Holzapfel ..Pride close the gap to 4-3……..Top of 7, Oehm gets 2K and 1BB, Sorenson and Fleming team up for an excellent 2-6 3rd out…Bottom of 7, Pride had to prove Mr. Hanks was right—Tyrakoski hits hard deep to SS, outruns the throw, with Kuntz on base with BB,  Crawford with sacrifice bunt to advance runners, Sorenson hits deep solid to 2nd baseman, with Tyrakoski going to home, 2nd baseman bobbles the ball, throws errantly to 1st, Kuntz rounding third, comes home. …Pride 5 Pioneers 4…”Who says theres’s no crying in baseball?”

Reported to you by: Jim Roberts


Congrats to Grandpa Fleming on his

Home RUN!!!!!!!!!


Meet Dom ***Bat Boy Today 

***Home Run Hitter for Roncalli 2015

April 2, 2013 Roncalli Pride vs Wahoo

Senior Adam Fleming takes the mound keeping Wahoo scoreless in the first inning.  Lead off hitter "Yohan" (aka Jonah Holzapfel) starts Pride up with a double but unfortunately Pride goes scoreless as well.  Wahoo scores 2 in the second and 1 in the third inning.  Pride gets on the board in the bottom of 3 with the first 2 batters Connor Berg and Jonah being walked. Adam does his job with a bunt, advancing the runners to 2nd and 3rd.  Jake Tyrakoski hits over 2nd base scoring Connor.  The next 2 batters Alec Bohm and Tyler Crawford each win a full count with a walk, each walking in a score.  Mitchell Kuntz gets a walk tying up the score at 3.  Brad Schafer gets a RBI giving Pride the lead at 4-3.  Top of 4: Adam returns to the mound holding Wahoo at 3.  Micah Schwanke makes a double play grabbing a ball hit to him and stepping on 2nd base getting the 3rd out.  In the bottom of 4 Alec gets an RBI. Top of 5 brings Ryan Roberts to the mound who holds Wahoo at 3.  Pride takes the win 5-3. Catcher Jared Sorenson did a nice job keeping the ball in front.  Great win by all! 







Crimson Pride Varsity vs Elkhorn

By: Jim Roberts




Gentlemen, start your engines….yes, wrong sport, however, it does describe our first Inning against Elkhorn….Tyrakoski gets on base with BB and is able to get around and come home for our first run…Top of first, ends with Pride with 1 on the board..…With Kuntz on the mound, first two batters hit hard to Fleming at short, two excellent 6-3 plays, for the first two outs, next batter hits a homer to tie the game…Kuntz able to get out of the inning with ten pitches…We can’t seem to get the offensive machine rolling , Kuntz keeps us in the game with some quality pitching and backed up with good plays from our infield and several diving catches from the outfield- Elkhorn squeaked in runs in the 3rd and 4th…with our hitting still in winter mode, we are unable to get on base....Roberts comes in for the 6th with two strong plays from Fleming and Swanke and 15 pitches later we are at the top of  7th inning…Feldhaus gets on with BB with one out, gets to second…unable to hit out of the infield ..Elkhorn ends on top….Elkhorn 3 Pride 1…Overall good strong pitching some excellent defense, just need to defrost the bats……..Enjoy the Easter Weekend……….






2013 Varsity Season Opener

After 3 canceled games, Varsity finally got to step out on the field against Nebraska City. Pride got off to a good start with the score 1-1 after the first inning. Nebraska City took the lead with a home run in the 3rd but Pride answered back in the 5th inning taking the lead 4 to 2. After a call in the bottom of the 6th that Coach Kupfer challenged the home plate ump on, it was determined that the home plate ump didn't see the play. Roncalli took out the runner at home after Jonah Holzapfel caught a fly ball to center, hit his cut off man who threw the runner out at home where Jared Sorenson ran the NC player down. Nebraska City still managed to tie up the game. Pride was scoreless in the 7th inning, opening the door for NC who won the game by one.

****Correction Noted by Dan Bohm:  relay play was a line drive that was hit to left field, who then threw to Alec Bohm at 3rd base who then threw to Sorenson at home who tagged the runner out after he ran passed the plate, so it went 7-5-2 for the out. 




 Pride falls to Gering in State ChampionshipGame!

Gering was surprised when Weathergurad put senior Alitz back on the mound against them. Gering scored a run in the first inning and the Pride answered back in the second. Kuntz lead the second inning off with double and then Crawford had another one of his key hits to score a run. Gering found a way to get runners on with two outs and then a shot is hit down the third base line and Aken dives and stops the ball and hustle to third to get out of the inning. The score stays tied up until the fourth inning when Gering scores a run. Alitz had an awesome performance on the mound through five innings and then Szegda took over again. Tyrakoski led off with hit but unfortunately was picked off at first. Holzapfel hit a double but the Pride was unable to score him. Gering scored three runs in the seventh for the win. The Pride played awesome but couldn’t get a hit to end the game. Once again the defense was solid! The outfield did an outstanding job all through state making some unbelievable catches

 Thanks for all the Pride fans for coming out thorough districts and state to support the team. It was also great to see Alumni and alumni parents at the games.
**There will be one article to come, so keep checking back to**
Pridedefeat Aurora in Semi-Final Game

After beating Gering on Tuesday night the Pride matched up with Aurora again for the semi-final game. Aken took the mound for the first time in three months due to an elbow injury. Aken pitched a great game with a resilient defense behind him. Aurora led off with a hit and then Sorsenson throws him out when he tries to steal second. Then Alitz with his golden glove gets the next batter and me solid in the outfield Holzapfel catches the fly ball.  Aken leads the bottom of the first inning with a hit and Fleming lies down a sweet bunt to advance Aken.  Alitz gets on with a fielder’s choice and Tyrakoski has a solid hit however the pride was unable to score.   Alitz gets the first out of the second inning; the next hitter hits a single. Aurora then hits the ball to leftfield for a double and scores a run, he tries to take three when Crawford throws home, and Aken picks up the ball chases him down for the second out. Aken closes the inning with a strike out. Holzapfel starts the bottom of the second with a single andtakes second on a passed ball. Szegda hits a single to score Holzapfel and tie the score. Crawford hits Szegda in and Weatherguard takes the lead. Aken and Fleming both get hits but the Pride is unable to score. They lead 2-1 after two innings. The defense holds Aurora in the third. Kuntz leads off with a walk, Holzapfel advances him with a sacrifice bunt and Crawford hits in him. Sorsenson gets on an error and scores Crawford. The Pride led 4-1 after three.   Aurora scored there last in the fourth. The Prided loaded the bases with Tyrakoski hitting a single, Kuntz and Holzepfel both walked and then Szegda was hit by pitch. The Pride led 5-2. Szegda took over the mound at the top of six anddid a great job not allowing any runs. Holzapfel made a great catch and threw the ball on a rope to get the runner out at first that didn’t get back in time to tag up finish the sixth inning. The Pride won and then went to face Gering in the State Championship game.

 Pride Defeats Gering

Alitz took the mound against Gering in semi-final game of the state tournament. He had six strike outs and only gave up three hits.  Tyrakoski lead the second inning off with single and then found his way to second. Kuntz did his job and laid down a sweet bunt to move Tyrakoskito third. Holzapfel then hits a deep bomb to left field to score Tyrakoski with a sacrifice fly. The Pride took the lead 1-0.  Sorensen had a great hit in the third inning but the Pride was unable to bring him across the plate.  The Pride’s defense had its third 1-2-3 inning in a row. Then  Tyrakoski hits a tremendous double in the bottom of the fourth. Once again Kuntz finds a way to get on and scores   Tyrakoski.  The Pride lead 2-0. Szegda had a picture perfect backhand for the first out of the fifth inning. Alitz strike outs the next batter and puts the next hitter on with a walk and then past ball puts him on second. Gering then gets a hit and scores a run.   Sorensen had another hit at the bottom of five but once again the Pride couldn’t find a way to score him. Going into the top of the seventh inning the score was 2-1. Gering started with a hit and then a walk. Gering tries to lay down a bunt with runners at first and second but Kuntz sprints in and catches the missed bunt that went straight in the air.   Gering brought in a pinch hitter who swings at the first pitch and hits a bomb to center field but Holzapfel easily catches the can of corn. The next batter steps up the plate and hits a high ball to left field; Crawford waves everyone off and catches the ball. The crowd goes wild and the Pride’s quest for a state title is still alive. The Pride will have to face Aurora at 5:00 pm on Wednesday and when they win then will play Gering at 8:00 pm for the title.

 Kuntz has a Great Performance on the Mound

The Pride came out strong against Wahoo on Monday, scoring two runs at the top of the first inning. Fleming has a great hit and then Alitz and Tyrakoski both have awesome hits. Fleming scored on Tyrakoski hit and then Kuntz laid down a perfect squeeze bunt to score Alitz. Kuntz took the mound for the Pride and didn’t allow any runs the first inning. Wahoo tied up the score during the third inning and then the fourth inning the offensive came alive with Sorenson walking, Aken and Fleming both have hits. Both Sorenson and Aken score to take the lead 4-2. Kuntz shuts Wahoo down the fourth. The bats get hot in the fifth inning. Holzapfel gets a hit and then advances to second on an error. Crawford has a sacrifice bunt to move Holzapfel to third. Sorsenson finds a way to get on base and to score Holzapfel. Fleming then hits a double to score Sorenson, Alitz hits a single to score Fleming. Tyrakoski, Kuntz and Szegda all get singles to take an even bigger lead of six runs. Kuntz doesn’t allow any runs the fifth with his outstanding pitching performance.   Top of the sixth, Crawford walks, Sorenson has a sacrifice bunt, and then Aken hits a double. Alitz then hits a single to score a run. Kuntz once again was a beast on the mound and Sorenson was outstanding behind the plate. He ended the sixth inning with a great hustle to first to help Fleming finish his sweet play on the ball. Szegda close for the Pride and they win 9-3.

 First Round of State starts on Saturday at Sam Crawford in Wahoo!!
Game 1:  Seward vs. Aurora at 11:00 am  Aurora Wins
Game 2: Gering vs. Gretna at 2:00 pm  Gering Wins
Game 3: Roncalli vs. Broken Bow 5:00 pm  Roncalli Wins
Game 4: Wahoo vs Beatrice 8:00 pm Beatrice Wins
Sunday, July 29
Game 5:  Seward  vs Broken Bow at 11:00 am Seward Wins
Game 6:  Grenta vs Wahoo at 2:00 pm Wahoo wins
Game 7: Aurora vs Roncalli at 5:00 pm Aurora wins
Game 8: Gering vs Beatrice at 8:00 pm Gering wins
Monday, July 30
Game 9:  Roncalli vs Wahoo at 2:00 pm Roncalli wins
Game 10: Beatrice vs Seward at 5:00 pm Beatrice wins
Game 11: Aurora vs Gering at 8:00 pm Gering wins
Tuesday, July 31
Game 12: Beatrice vs Aurora 5:00 pm Aurora wins
Game 13: Gering vs Roncalli 8:00 pm  Roncalli wins
Wednesday, August 1
Semi-Final Game: Aurora vs. Roncalli 5:00 pm Roncalli
Championship Game:  Gering vs Roncalli 8:00 pm Gering
 State Brackets!
 The Pride falls to Aurora in Second Round of State Tournament

The Pride wasn’t as crisp as they had been through districts against Aurora on Sunday night. Houser was the starting pitcher and Kuntz came in the fourth inning. Weatherguard started at the plate with Aken, who walked. Fleming was hit by pitch and Alitz laid downs a sweet bunt to move the runners in scoring position. Tyrakoski hits to third base, Aken tries to take home but gets thrown out and then Aurora throws to first for a double play. Kuntz comes to the plate and makes something happen with just making contact and scoring a run the only run of the first inning. Aurora scored three runs due to an error and a few walks. The Pride went behind 1-3.   Aken starts the third inning with a walk, and then Fleming hits a sweet double to score Aken from first. Alitz gets on with a walk. With passed balls and overthrow both Fleming and Alitz scored to take the lead 4-3. Aurora leads off with a bomb but Holzapfel with his lightning speed gets to the ball for the first out.   However, they found a way to get two runners on and then hit a single to score two runs and take the lead again 4-5 after three. The Pride scored another run in the fourth with Crawford with an error and then getting into scoring position. Aken has a sacrifice hit to score Crawford and tie the score. Aurora then comes out strong, hitting three doubles. They Kuntz took over the mound with runners in scoring position and no outs. Aurora scored two more runs and took the lead 5-9. The Pride was unable to answer back.


Youth Carries Pride in First State Game


Weatherguard faced Broken Bow for the first round of State tournament in Wahoo. Fleming was the starting pitcher for the Pride and did an outstanding job. He had five strike outs and only allowed four hits for five innings. The Pride’s defense was solid as usual.  Kuntz had some key plays at first base especially in fifth inning with heads up play by tagging the hitter and then throwing home to get the runner stealing home. Szegda entered the mound in the sixth inning and dealt it getting out their next three hitters. Offensively, Fleming got things started with finding a way to get on base, then stealing third on a passed ball. Alitz had a sacrifice fly to score Fleming. Tyrakoski hits with warning track power for a double. The Pride led 1-0 after the first inning. Broken Bow found a way to get on in the second and scored two runs.   Aken hits a single to lead off the third inning, then Fleming walks, and Alitz has another sacrifice fly to score Aken and tie the score. Broken Bow takes the lead in the fifth inning 2-3. However, the underclassmen step up to the plate in the sixth inning and light a spark in the Pride’s offense. Tyrakoski gets a single, Kuntz lays down a sweet sacrifice bunt to move Tyrakoski. Holzapfel hits a double which was the key hit of the game and scores a run. Crawford then has a critical double to keep the sparks flying and scores another run(Brian do you like the bold Print).  Sorenson also hits a double for another run scored and the Pride now leads 5-3. Broken Bow changes pitchers and then Aken hits a single off him with a RBI to put the Pride ahead by three. Szegda held Broken Bow in the seventh and the Pride wins 6-3. Next State game is against Aurora at 5:00 pm on Sunday in Wahoo.


On a side note: I visited with the Broken Bow coach after the game last night and I ask that you keep their player Chad in your prayers for his fast recovery. He has been in the Madonna home trying to recover from the accident. He is allowed to leave the home for six hours and was at the game yesterday. They are hoping he will be able to play baseball next year. Also, pray for their entire community.


Comments from Fan:

John Fleming:“The younger players really carried the team”


Brian Crawford: “When is the article going to be posted” & “Team & Crawford” (ha ha)
Bruce Aken: “Adam did a great job”


 Order is Restored!

The Pride fans filled the bleachers and the side lines when the Pride started off strong the first inning against Elkhorn Mt. Michael in the Area 3 District championship game. Aken lead off with a walk. Fleming and Alitz both hit doubles to score two runs. Kuntz then had a sacrifice fly to score a run. The defense made a couple of errors which helped Elkhorn tie the score 3-3 after one inning. Crawford walked and then took an extra base on a passed ball at the top of two. Aken gets a hit to earn a ribbie. Elkhorn scored a run in the second and third innings and lead 4-6. The fourth inning was exciting for the Pride with Szedga walking, Holzapfel hitting a single to put runners on first and second. Sorenson hits a sweet double to score Szegda. Aken hits a single to score runs. At the bottom of the inning, the defense was solid with turning a heads up double play. Kuntz fielded the ball just in front of first, throws to Alitz covering first and then Alitz with a quick turn throws to Szegda for the second out. The Pride goes ahead 7-6. Houser was the starting pitcher for the Pride and threw four full innings. Alitz entered the mound the fifth inning and Elkhorn went scoreless the fifth inning. The Pride’s offense came alive again in the top of the sixth inning with Crawford leading off with a hit. Then Elkhorn brings in their “legion baby” pitcher but that doesn’t stop the Pride. Sorenson has a sacrifice bunt and Aken beats outs an infield hit. Fleming hits in run, they intentionally walk Alitz. Tyrakoski and Knutz both get singles to score runs. The Pride went ahead 10-8. The seventh was a scary inning.   Crawford and Sorenson were both hit by pitch. Aken hits the ball and Crawford slides across home to score another run for the Pride. Then Elkhorn comes to the plate. Alitz strikes out the first batter, the next  batter flies out to Holzapfel. Ninth hole batter walks, then their lead off gets a hit,  the Pride has a throwing error for them to score a run and move the hitter to second. Score 11-9. The next batter gets a hit and scores another run. Score 11-10 with their three hole at the plate (legion baby), Kupfer puts the winning run on first to get to the four hole hitter at the plate. The bench goes crazy when Alitz turns on the gas and strikes him out for the victory. The Pride won their 10th Area 3 District Title with Tom Kupfer has head coach. Both Tyrakoski and Crawford did a great job behind the plate.

The unofficial first State game is Saturday, July 28 at 5:00 pm at Sam Crawford field in Wahoo.
 Thanks to all the Fans for Supporting the Pride through Districts!!  Hope to see everyone at STATE!
Here is the link to districts brackets, if you would like a final copy for your scrapbooks!
 The Pride takes over the 5th Inning

Kuntz took the mound against Wahoo in the semi-final winner’s bracket game on Sunday night.  Wahoo got a runner on and then Wahoo hit the foul pole below the fence and the official gave him a homerun (horrible call). Kuntz ended the top of the inning with a strikeout. Fleming strokes a double and then steals third on past ball. Alitz gets a hit and Fleming scores. The Pride then loaded the bases with two outs but couldn’t get a timely hit. The Pride is down 1-2 after the first inning. Wahoo found a way to get two runners on base with one out in the top of the second. Then Aken turns a sweet double play with a throw to Alitz then Alitz has a quick turn to Fleming to end the inning. The Pride went scoreless in the second.   At the top of the third Wahoo got a hit and the next batter hits to Alitz who tags the base and throws to Fleming for another double play. The score still remains the same 1-2 after the third and fourth innings. During the top of the fifth, Kuntz strikes out the first batter and then Wahoo gets back to back to doubles to score a run. Szegda then takes over at the mound and strikes out the last two batters with base loaded.   Aken leads off the inning with a single, Alitz walks, and then Tyrakoski strokes a double to center field and scores Aken. Kuntz hits a single with two ribbies.  Szegda walks and Holzapfel gets on with a fielder’s choice. Crawford hits single to right field to score two runs. Sorenson hits a single and then Aken gets another hit during the fifth inning with a RBI. Fleming then hits a single to score two more runs. The Pride takes over with a 9-3 lead. During the sixth inning Wahoo gets two runners on with one out. The next batter hits to Fleming who tags the runner and throws to Kuntz to end the inning. Bottom of six, Kuntz hits a single, Szegda nails a double to score a run, Holzapfel walks and the Crawford has sacrifice fly to score a run. Sorenson gets on with an error and another run scores. The Pride lead 12-3 after six inning. Wahoo couldn’t answer back in the seventh with Roberts on the bump. Sorenson did an outstanding job behind the plate all night. The Pride wins. Final Score Pride 12, Umpires 2 and Wahoo 1.

 The Pride play in the Championship Game on Tuesday night at 5:30 pm against the winner of the Wahoo vs.Mt. Michael game.

Pride defeats Wahoo

Weatherguard jumped out ahead scoring three runs in the first inning against Wahoo.  Fleming was the starting pitcher and competed on the mound not allowing any runs until the third inning. The Pride scored two more runs and led 5-2 going into the fourth inning.   Weatherguard scored two more runs in the fourth with Aken leading off with a hit and then Alitz hitting a double to score Aken. Alitz stole two bases to score. Wahoo scored six runs and took the lead 7-8. Roberts took the mound with two outs during the fourth.  Szegda started the fifth inning on the hill and did an outstanding job. The Pride was down 7-9 going into the seventh inning, Szedga led off with a walk, Kuntz gets a base hit, and then Sorensen gets hit by pitch. The bases are now loaded, Crawford steps and hits a shot down first base line, Wahoo over throws home and two runs score to the tie the game. Holzapfel has a sacrifice fly to score a run. Then Aken gets a hit to score a run and the Pride is now leading 11-9. Wahoo first batter gets on with an error, then Holzapfel catches a can of corn in center, Szegda strikes out batter number three and then Fleming has the defensive play of the game, chasing down a foul ball in right field from second to give Weatherguard the win 11-9.

 Alitz Dominants on the Mound

The Pride played against Elkhorn Mount Michael in the second round of districts. Alitz pitched a complete game and did a marvelous job on the mound. He gave up one run and had 11 strikeouts! He truly dominated on the mound. Mt. Michael scored a run in the first inning. The Pride’s defense was solid all night with Fleming to Szegda to Kuntz to turn a double play in the third inning and take the wind out of their sails. The Pride went scoreless until the sixth inning. Fleming led off with a hit and then Alitz steps up to the plate, he has a failed bunt and with two strikes he hits the ball hard and it is gone for his first home run of the summer. The Pride leads 2-1 and Kuntz gets on with an error and Szegda gets a hit to score Kuntz. The Pride led 3-1 going into the seventh inning. Elkhorn couldn’t score and the Pride wins. They play Wahoo on Sunday at 5:30 pm for the semi-finals of the winner’s bracket.

Weatherguard competes for 8 innings against Westside
The Pride played a very competitive game against Westside on Saturday. Aken led off with a hit and Fleming and Alitz moved him over to third but were unable to bring him across the plate. Alitz pitched a complete game going eight innings with five strikeouts. The defense was very solid behind him throughout the game. At the plate Aken and Kuntz both had two hits and Szedga and Sorenson both had a single. The Pride lost 0-2 in 8 innings.
 The Pride Wins First Round of Districts

Houser took the mound for the Pride and went six full innings with six strikeouts and a solid a defense behind him. Blair took the lead in the first inning by scoring one run. Alitz hit a double with two outs and then Tyrakoski got a hit but we were unable to score. Then Blair scored two more in the top of the second inning.  Kuntz got on with an error, then Szegda gets on with a fielder’s choice, Holzapfel got a hit to score a run, Crawford walked and Sorsenson and Aken both got RBI’s to tie the score 3-3.   Weatherguard held Blair in the fourth and then took the lead 4-3 with Alitz getting on with an error and Kuntz scoring Alitz. Holzapfel also had a double but was left stranded. Blair tied the score in the top of the fifth but the Pride came back and scored two more runs to take the lead 6-4. Szegda got on base and then Holzapfel had an awesome bunt to score Szegda and then Sorenson had a ribbie to score the sixth run. Szegda took the mound for the seventh inning and the Pride wins the first round of districts 6-5. Weatherguard will be playing Elkhorn Mt Michael at 8:00 pm on Friday.



The Pride Defeats North

The Pride took on Omaha North for the second time during the legion season. Houser was on the mound and went three innings. It was awesome to see the Big House on the mound again. The bats were flaming hot in the first inning for the Pride. Aken led off with double, Alitz & Tyrakoski got on being hit by pitch, Hozapfel, Crawford and Szedga all got a single scoring a run each.   Kuntz gets walked, Sorensen gets on with an error, Aken walks, Fleming has a sacrifice fly and Alitz got a hit. The Pride led 9-2 after one inning. The Pride scored three more runs in the sixth inning. The Prides defense was solid behind Houser and Kuntz. Kuntz entered in the fourth inning.   Szegda made a great play to end the fourth inning and held North from scoring. Then Alitz made a diving catch in center field to end the fifth inning. Crawford, Szedga and Aken turned a sweet double play in the middle of the sixth inning. At the plate Aken and Szedga both had doubles and went 2 for 3. Alitz, Tyrakoski, Holzapfel, Crawford and Kuntz all had a single during the game. The Pride defeated North 12-5.

The Pride Falls to Papio

The Pride was back in action against Papio. Fleming was the starting pitcher and competed on the mound for five innings. Then Kuntz took over the sixth and stopped Papio going three up and three down.    The Pride scored one run the first inning with Aken getting walked, Fleming getting a key hit and then Alitz with a sacrifice to score Aken. The defense made some great plays in the field. Alitz turned a sweet double play in the fourth inning and Morrison was a sponge in left field. The Pride played Papio tough through the fourth inning and then Papio’s bats got hot and scored four runs. The Pride once again couldn’t get the bats going. Aken and Fleming had the only hits on the night. The Pride lost 1-8.

The Pride Struggled at the Plate Against Wahoo!

The Pride faced Wahoo and Houser pitched the first inning and then Roberts took over the mound. Alitz finished the game coming in the fourth inning.    Wahoo scored two runs the first inning and the Pride couldn’t get the offense started. Weatherguard scored one run the second inning and two runs the third inning. Wahoo had hot bats and scored seven more runs throughout the game. The sophomores were the leaders at the plate for the Pride. Tyrakoski was 2 for 4, Sorensen 2 for 3,   Holzapfel 1 for 3 with a double, Kuntz 1 for 3. The Pride fell 3-9.

 The Pride goes 1-2 in the Gopher Classic
 The Pride traveled to Apple Valley, MN for the Memorial Gopher Classic Tournament. Weatherguard faced Detroit Lakes, MN on Friday and after 2 ½ innings the game was called due to rain. The Pride was ahead 4-1 and Houser was the starting pitcher. During the two rainouts some of the teammates decided to get a new hair cut! Thanks to Scott Oehm for giving them a new look.

The Pride then faced Rochester, MN on Saturday. Alitz took the mound and pitched a complete game.    Weatherguard led 3-0 after the first inning with Aken and Fleming getting on with a single then Tyrakoski  getting a single scoring two runs.   Holzapfel got on with a field choice and Szedga got on with a error but Holzapfel scored. Fleming made a sweet double play in the second inning. Weatherguard scored two more runs in the third inning then one in the fourth and three more in the fifth inning. Alitz and Fleming both had doubles during the game. The Pride won 9-0 in five innings.


The Pride played a double header on Sunday. The first game was against Osseo, MN Kuntz pitched the first game and did a great job on the mound. Alitz made a sweet play moving to his right stealing a base hit from the opponent.   Then the Pride threw out a runner stealing home. Offensively, Weatherguard couldn’t get the bats going and lost 0-3.


Weatherguard then faced Napoleon, OH for the last game of the tournament.  Roberts pitched a complete game for the Pride and did an outstanding job. Once again the offensive was not there.   Kuntz had two hits, Alitz had a double, Szegda had a hit, and Tyrakoski had a double. Oehm made a sweet double in the first inning. The Pride lost 0-2.


Joe Bircher is Drafted to the Houston Astros

Congratulations to Former Roncalli Pitcher Joe Bircher (Class of 2008). Bircher attended the University of Bradley after graduation. At Bradley he  was a two-time All-Missouri Valley Conference selection, including first-team all-league honors in 2012.  Bircher set Bradley career records with 302 strikeouts and 359.2 innings pitched. Bircher's 3.58 career earned run average was the fifth-best by a Bradley pitcher since metal bats were introduced in 1974 ... His 113 strikeouts in 2012 equaled the second-best season total in program history and were the most by a Brave since 1956 ... Bircher graduated from Bradley with a degree in psychology.    He was selected by the Houston Astros in the first pick of the 10th round. Bircher will be heading to camp next week.  For information about Joe Bircher, check out Bradley’s website. The Pride wishes you the best, Joe!


Kuntz throws a Two Hitter

Mitchell Kuntz had an outstanding game on the mound. He gave up two hits with eight strike outs. The defense was solid behind him. Crawford made an awesome over the shoulder catch in left field to stop Lincoln East from scoring. The Pride just couldn’t get a timely hit to score runs. They left the bases loaded three different innings. Holzapfel showed his wheels in the sixth inning with a bunt down the third base line then Crawford had a sweet bunt. Unfortunately the Pride couldn’t score.  Holzapfel and Tyraski  both had two hits. Fleming, Alitz, Crawford and Oehm each had a single. The Pride lost 0-2 to Lincoln East. 
The Pride is back in action on Thursday at 5:30 against Millard Sox.

The Pride's offense comes alive in the 5th Inning!

WOW! What an offensive game against the Millard Sox’s on Thursday night. Roberts was the starting pitcher for the Pride and the Sox’s bats came out hot. The first inning the Sox’s scored five runs with five hits. The Pride only scored one run with two hits. Roberts came back and battled the next three innings but the Sox’s bats stayed hot scoring total of 14 runs in four innings. At the end of four innings the Pride was down 5-14. Freshman Tyler Crawford took the mound for the first time all season and went two innings not allowing a run. Sox’s bats turned cold and the Prides bats came alive.  The Pride scored seven runs in bottom of the fifth inning. The inning started with Holzapfel hitting a great bunt down the third base line, and then Crawford had a hit followed by Morrison and Oehm getting on with an error. Szegda draws a walk and Fleming hits a double to score two runs. Alitz draws a walk and Holzapel gets to the plate again and hits a double to score more runs. The Pride is down 12-14 after five innings. The Pride scores four runs the sixth to take the lead 16-14. Szegda takes the mound in the seventh inning and the Sox’s only score one run. The Pride wins 16-15 after two and half hours of play. Weatherguard faces Burke at 5:30 & 8:00 Friday Night at Burke.
 Weatherguard lost Double-header against Burke

Weatherguard competed in a double header against Burke Bulldogs on Friday night.  Fleming did an stupendous job on the mound only giving up two runs during the first game.  Holzapfel made some great catches in center field and Szegda had an ESPN stop at short during the sixth inning.  At the plate, Fleming continued his hitting streak going two for two, Holzapfel went two for three and Crawford also added a hit.  The Pride lost 0-2 the first game.


Oehm started the second game on bump for the Pride and went five innings.  The Pride scored a run in the first inning with Fleming and Alitz getting on with a walk and then Tyrakoski had a hit scoring a run.  Burke matched us and the score was 1-1.  Burke scored two more runs the second inning playing small ball.  In the third inning Alitz made a great stop to turn a double play to end the inning and stop them from scoring another run.  Szegda took the mound during the sixth inning.  The Pride wasn’t able to score until the seventh inning with Szegada getting on with a hit by pitch, Fleming getting a hit and Tyrakoski hitting a double to score two runs. Then  Holzapfel got on with an error and Tyrakoski scored.   The Pride lost 4-10.  They will be back in action on Monday at Skutt at 5:00 pm.  


Oehm has first Varsity Start!

The Pride struggled at the plate against Omaha North in the Championship game of the Bellevue Invite. Freshman Sam Oehm had his first varsity start and pitched a complete game. Oehm had seven strike outs and did an awesome job on the mound. Fleming turned a sweet double play in the third inning to hold North from scoring. Sorenson had the hot bat with two hits and one RBI. Holzapfel and Fleming each had a hit. Weatherguard falls to North 2-6. The Pride has a tough week ahead starting with a double header against Lincoln East on Tuesday  at 3:00 and 5:30 at Roncalli.

Matt Shepherd the new back up catcher.
All Conference 
 Tyler Alitz
RCC Conference 1st Team
Collins-Orcutt All-Star Game 
All Nebraska Class B
 Jake Aken
 RCC Conference 1st Team
Collins-Orcutt All-Star Game 
All Nebraska Honorable Mention
 Greg Houser
RCC Conference Honorable Mention
All Nebraska Honorable Mention
Adam Fleming
RCC Conference Honorable Mention
All Nebraska Honorable Mention

Jake Tyrakoski


All Nebraska Honorable Mention
Sophomore All Star Team 


 The Pride is heading to the Championship Game 

Weatherguard is 3-0 in the Bellevue Tournament and will be playing in the Championship game on Sunday at 5:30 at Roddy Field.  The Pride started off the tournament beating Omaha South 6-5.  Roberts was the starting pitcher and did a great job going five innings.  Alitz pitched the sixth inning and Szegda closed for the Pride.  Szedgd, Holzapfel and Kuntz all had doubles on the day.  Crawford had the winning RBI for the Pride in the seventh inning.  Weatherguard then faced Bellevue West on Saturday.  Alitz pitched a complete game with six strike outs. Holzapfel had two hits on the day with a triple.  Fleming also helped the team with two hits. The Pride won 7-3.  The Pride then competed against Benson in the tournament.  Fleming pitched a complete game with five strikeouts.  Szegda started the game with a double.  Flemings bat stayed hot going 3 for 4 with two doubles.  Sorensen and Morrison both went 2 for 3.  Sorensen and Holzapfel both had great bunts during the course of the game to help the Pride score runs.  Sorensen was resilient behind the plate throughout the three games.  Weatherguard wins 9-5.


Kuntz Performs Awesome on theMound

Mitchell Kuntz had his first varsity start at the mound against Lincoln Liberty Mutual on Tuesday night. Kuntz pitched a complete game with eight strike outs and only two hits. The Pride’s bats were hot with twelve hits during the course of the game. Szegda lead the team with three hits and four ribbies. Fleming hit a double. Sorensen had two hits with four RBI’s. Aken, Alitz, Tyrakoski, Holzapfel, Roberts and Morrison all had singles. The defense had a great game behind Kuntz outstanding performance. The Pride won in 11-1 in six innings. 

Joe Bircher was in the crowd cheering on the Pride. Bircher was a second-team all-state performer as a junior and senior at Roncalli.  Bircher was also on the team that won the American Legion back-to-back Nebraska "B" state championships in 2007 and 2008.  He graduated from Roncalli Catholic with honors. Joe Bircher will soon be graduating from Bradley University and entering the Major League draft. 

Weathergurad will be competeing in the Bellevue Tournament this weekend.  First game is Friday, June 1 at 3:00 pm vs. South!

Roncalli had two players in the Collins & Orcutt All Star Game

Alitz and Aken played in the Collins and Orcutt All Star Game on Monday, May 28. They both played on the Orcutt team and Kupfer was the coach. Unfortunately the Orcutt team lost 8-7. Both Alitz and Aken contributed to the game with key RBI’s. To read more about the game check out Mike Patterson’s article on prep sports.

 Alitz wins with 11 Strike Outs
Weatherguard defeats Omaha North 4-1 in the South Tournament.  Alitz pitched a complete a game with 11 strike outs.  Crawford made a game changing catch in left field during the third inning to hold North from scoring.  Fleming had a great day at the plate going 2 for 4 with two doubles. Szegda, Alitz, Tyrakoski, Kuntz and Oehm all had singles on the day.  The Pride is back in action on Monday at 3:30 against Benson.   

Errors hurt the Pride against Benson

Weatherguard took the lead early against Omaha Benson the first inning scoring three runs. Fleming was the starting pitcher for the Pride. Benson scored a run in the second inning. Weatherguard made a couple defensive errors in the third and Benson scored three more runs. The Pride was done 4-3. Benson’s bats became hot and then scored three more runs in the fourth and four in the fifth. The pride couldn’t answer back and only scored one more run. Oehm and Roberts both came in and pitched in relief for Weatherguard. Tyrakoski had the big hit of the day with a triple and Crawford had a double. Alitz went 2 for 2 and Fleming was 2 for 4. The Pride falls to Benson 11-4. The Pride is back in action on Tuesday at 5:30 pm against Lincoln Liberty.
I forgot to mention the Mitchell Kuntz made is first varsity appearance on the the mound against Omaha South on Saturday.
 Collin-Orcutt Baseball Game
Earlier this month, both teams were announced for the Collin-Orcutt All-Star Game.  This year, the Pride Legion Baseball Team will be represented by two of our team members: Jake Aken and Tyler Alitz.  If you would like to see some of Omaha's best Legion Baseball Players play at Brown Field (15th and U).  The Senior Legion Team is playing their tournament there this weekend and it is an absolutely gorgeous field.  I was told by one person at the field there, that they have put almost a million dollars into the feld over the recent years.  The seats have backs, lights, concrete paths and my favorite mosquito controlled environment.  Game Starts at 7 pm.  The announcement from Omaha World Herald is below.
Here is a thread on coach Orcutt:
Here is a thread on Brown Park and it has a little bio on coach Collin:
Collin-Orcutt game set for May 28
The annual Collin-Orcutt high school baseball game will be played at 7 p.m. on May 28 at Brown Park.
The All-Star game, in its 40th year, is named after longtime American Legion coaches “Cornie” Collin and Scotty Orcutt. It has been held in recent years at Seymour Smith Park but moves this year to Brown Park, home of the Omaha South Packers.
Last year, the Orcutts pushed across a run in the ninth inning to win 4-3.
The rosters:
Collin — Bellevue East: John Timmins. Bellevue West: Zach Dibble. Millard South: Danny Regan, Jeff Chesnut, Ty Moore. Millard West: Nate Griep, Marcus Ethen, Connor Miller. Omaha Bryan: Joe Imig. Omaha Gross: Zach Kinsella, Paul Brousek. Omaha South: Sean Mulligan. Omaha Westside: Malcolm Willett, David Badalucco. Ralston: Brad Simpson. Papillion-La Vista: Jake Placzek, Cole Gruber, JJ Benes. Papillion-La Vista South: Curtis Bussard, Albert Johnson.
Orcutt — Elkhorn: Sam Moore. Elkhorn South: Brennen Nowak. Millard North: Parker Korbitz, Cody Housesheldt, Joe Dugan, Shayne Kelly. Omaha Burke: Brett DeJong. Omaha Central: Caleb Zimmer. Omaha Creighton Prep: Cale Dineen, Evan Ryan, Taylor Elman, Kevin Connolly, Matt Kanger, Mason Raburn. Omaha North: Tyler Eddy. Omaha Roncalli: Tyler Alitz, Jake Aken. Omaha Skutt: Matt Warren, Zach Barton, Justin Lange. 
 Weather struggles against Omaha South

The Pride struggled at the plate and in the field against Omaha South.  South started off the first inning scoring six runs.  The Pride scored a run in the second inning and then three runs in the fifth.  Aken was the starting pitcher and Ryan Roberts came in the fourth inning.  The Pride’s defense made some errors but South bats were hot and Weatherguard couldn’t get a string of hits to score runs.  Tyrakoski and Szedga both hit doubles in the second.   The Pride falls to South 9-4.  

  They are back in action on Sunday at 3:30 against Omaha North at 3:30 pm at Brown Park.  

Weatherguard falls to Prep

The Pride jumped out ahead 2-0 in the first inning against the High School Class A State Champs Creighton Prep. Prep then came back and tied the score in the top of the second inning.   Weatherguard loaded the bases in the bottom of the third inning but only could score one run. Prep went ahead 3-4 in the third inning. Morrison made an awesome over the shoulder catch in the fourth inning to keep Prep from getting on the board. Prep was able to score a run in the sixth due to a couple errors from the Pride. Aken, Fleming, Alitz and Szegda all made mound appearance against the Blue Jays. Weatherguard falls to Prep 3-7 for the Legion opening game
 The Pride Defeats Gretna

The Pride started off strong against Gretna in the first round of districts on Saturday. Aken was the starting pitcher and went four innings. Fleming pitched the next two innings and then Alitz was the closer. Aken led off with a walk, Tyrakoski hits a double and Szegda gets a hit to score two runs. The Pride led 2-1 after the first inning. The Pride went on a hitting attack during the second inning. Crawford and Sorensen both start with hits and Oehm had a great bunt to move the runners. Aken and Fleming both get by pitch. Then Tyrakoski hits another double to score two runs. Szegda and Mallot get walked and Crawford gets another hit this inning and scores two more runs. The Pride led 8-2.   Skutt comes back strong in the 3rd and 4th innings and score four runs. The Pride still leads 8-7. The Pride isn’t able to score the rest of the game but still find a way to win 8-7. The Pride is the district finals on Monday at 6:00 against Skutt at Skutt.

 Roncalli Shuts Out Bellevue East
The Pride had another outstanding day at the ball park shutting out Bellevue East.  Alitz pitched a complete game for the Pride.  Aken set the pace of the game with ripping the ball to right field as he leads off for the Pride.  Fleming gets on with a hit and  Alitz has a great bunt for a single. The Pride scores three runs the first inning.  The defense was solid behind Alitz turning a sweet double play in the second inning. Tyrakoski hit a double in the second inning and Szedga had the hit of the day hitting a triple.  The Pride led 8-0 after three inning. Szegda made a sweet play at short to end the third inning.  The Pride scored two more runs in the fourth. The Pride wins 10-0.      
 The Pride will be back in action on Monday at 4:30 pm at RCHS.

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The Pride falls to Lincoln Pius

Baseball has been said to be a game of inches and bad breaks that is exactly what cost the Pride the game last night against Lincoln Pius. The Pride started off strong at the plate with Aken hitting a double, Alitz and Tyrakoski walking, then Szedga hits to the short stop and Pius turns a questionable double play. Pius scores a run. Mallot starts the hitting streak in the second inning with Houser, Aken and Fleming all getting hits and the Pride takes the lead 3-2.   Pius comes back strong the third inning and scores four runs. Holzapfel finds a way to get on base in the fourth and Aken walks. Fleming steps up to the plate and Pius center fields has questionable shoe string catch to the end the inning. The Pride scored two runs in the fifth inning however Pius scored three more. Houser was the starting pitcher and Alitz came in the fourth inning and finished the game. The Pride falls to Lincoln Pius 5-9.

The Varsity faces Gross on Saturday at Noon at Gross!

 The Pride Ten Runs DC West
The Pride faced DC West on Wednesday night with Aken on the bump.  DC West started the game with a double and was able to score two runs but the Pride stepped up to the plate and went through the batting order and scored five runs.  The next inning they scored four more runs with Alitz getting on base with an error and then stealing two bases and scoring on a passed ball.  The Pride loaded the bases and Holzapfel hits a triple to clear the bases.  The Pride now leads 9-2.  During the third inning the Pride scored three more runs to lead 12-2.  Sam Oehm takes the mound for the fourth and fifth innings his first varsity appearance on the mound.  The Pride wins 12-2.   
They are back in action on Friday at RCHS against Bellevue East at 4:30 pm. 

Roncalli Wins Last Home Spring Game

The Pride Seniors were honored at their last spring home game, Trevor Szegda, Concordia, Jake Aken, Tyler Alitz, and Greg Houser, Roncalli. Trevor is a two year starter for the Pride at shortstop and has been a closure for the team. Trevor is the first senior from Concordia. Jake is a three year starter at third base and on the mound. Jake currently leads the team in hits. Tyler is a four year starter at second base and a starting pitcher.  He currently leads the team in doubles. Greg is a two year starter for the Pride. He is a starting pitcher and plays first base. Greg is leading the team in strikeouts with 46. A special thank you to John and Anita Fleming for recognize the seniors.

The Pride stepped on the field ready to play ball. Aken was the starting pitcher and shut out Platte Valley giving up only four hits on the night. The defense once again played an outstanding game. Every player on team contributed to an out for the Pride. This was truly a team win for the Pride. Szedga made a sweet play at shortstop and then Aken and Alitz made a stupendous double play in the top of the seventh inning. At the plate Alitz and Holzapfel both had doubles on the night. Aken, Fleming, Tyrakoski, Szegda, and  Houser all had a single. Alitz lead with two hits on the night. Fleming closed for the Pride and they won 4-0.
The Pride will be facing No. 3 ranked Lincoln Pius at Densmore Field in Lincoln at 5:00 pm today.
Houser Dominates at the Mound 

The Pride started off strong against Ralston with Houser taking command on the mound.  At the plate Szedga started with a single and Fleming gets hit to score him.  Tyrakoski gets single and Mallot laid down an awesome bunt to score a run.  The Pride leads 2-0 after the first inning.  The Pride scored a run in the fourth and two runs in the fifth.   Aken had the only double on the night.  Houser pitched a one hitter and tied his record with having 11 strike outs against Ralston.   The Pride beats Ralston 5-0.

 The Pride Defeats Plattsmouth
  The Pride took command of the game early against Plattsmouth with scoring three runs in the first inning.  Fleming pitched a complete game for Roncalli.  Aken had two doubles going 2 for 4 at the plate.  Fleming went 2 for 2 with a walk and a sacrifice bunt.  Szegda led the team in getting hit by the pitch with two on the night. Tyrakoski laid down a sweet bunt in the first inning to score a run.  The Pride scored one run in the second and third innings, and then scored three runs in the fourth.  Plattsmouth was able to stop the Pride from ten running them.  Roncalli stranded eight runners during the course of the game.  The defense was rock solid with Szegda, Aken and Alitz seemingly getting all the action. The Pride defeated Plattsmouth 9-1.  The Pride faces Ralston at 6:30 pm tonight in Ralston 

Pride Wins First Round of RCC Tournament

 The Pride took the field with pride and confidence on Thursday night against Gross. Aken set the tone with hitting the first pitch of the game for a base hit. Alitz and Fleming get on and Tyrakoski has a hit to score the first run of the game. Crawford gets on due to an error and two more runs score. The Pride led 3-1 after the first inning. Fleming draws another walk in the third and Tyrakoski smokes the ball to center for a double. Szegda has a sacrifice to score Fleming. The Pride now leads 4-1. In the fourth inning Aken gets hit by pitch, Alitz and Fleming walk and then Aken scores on a passed ball. The Pride is ahead 5-1. During the 6th inning Aken leads off with a double.  Alitz finds a way to get on base and scores a run on a passed ball. The Pride leads 6-1 after six innings of play. Crawford and Szegda both get hits to start the seventh inning. Mallot moves them over. Houser get on base due to a error and Crawford scores. Szegda scores due to a passed ball. Gross bats come out strong in the seventh. The get a double and single but Prides defense was solid and they only scored one run. Alitz pitched a complete game for the Pride; he only gave up four hits. The Prides defense was unyielding all night. Fleming had a lot of action at second base and did a great job. The Pride wins 8-2 against Gross.
   They are back action on Friday for the semi-final game of the RCC against Skutt at South Sioux City starting at 4:00pm.
 The Pride falls to Skutt

Roncalli had a heartbreaking loss against Skutt in the semi-final game of the RCC tournament. The score was tied 0-0 until the third inning when Holzapfel , Aken and Alitz all had singles scoring a run. Skutt answered back. Roncalli pulled ahead in the fourth with Mallot and Houser both getting singles and scoring a run. During the fifth Fleming gets walked, Tyrakoski and Crawford both get hits and Szegda gets hit by pitch. The Pride scored a run and then Skutt scored a run. The Pride led 3-2 going into the seventh inning. Alitz gets on due to an error but Roncalli was unable to score. Then Skutt gets a hit and walk, had a sacrifice bunt to move the runner to third. They scored and tied the game. The Pride was unable to get on base at the top of the 8th inning but Skutt got a runner on and the runner stole and they scored. The Pride lost 4-3. It was great game. Aken was the starting pitcher and did an outstanding job throwing a five hitter against the Number 3 team in the state. Szedga came in and closed for the Pride. Alitz had an ESPN catch at second base and once again the defense was rock-solid. However, the offense stranded nine runners.

  They will take the field on Monday at 4:300 at RCHS.
 The Pride Played a Tough Game

The Pride faced the No. 1 team in Class B on Tuesday and came up just short of beating them.  Greg Houser pitched a complete game for the Pride with an amazing nine strike outs and only six hits.  The Pride kept the game close until the fifth inning when South Sioux scored two runs.  The Pride had runners in scoring position five of the seven innings however they stranded seven runners.  Roncalli only had four hits on the night.  Aken had two hits and Crawford and Holzapfel had the other two hits.   The Pride played a tough game but lost 3-1.  

  They are back in action Thursday for the start of the RCC tournament.  They will be playing Gross at Gross starting at 5:00 pm.  
 The Pride wins in 5!
  The Pride started off strong against Arlington with scoring fours and only allowing one.  The Pride led 4-1  at the end o f the first inning.  During the second inning Tyrakoski and Fleming both hit doubles to push the Pride ahead 7-1.  Aken was the starting pitcher and Fleming came at the start of the third inning and finished the game for Roncalli.  The Pride put another four runs on the board during the fourth inning. Aken had a single and Fleming hit another double to push the Pride to an 11-1 victory over Arlington.   
  The Pride is back in action today at 4:30 against the No. 1 Class B team South Sioux.  The freshman will be traveling to Nebraska City for a 4:30 game today. Roll Pride!! 

Check out the River City Conference Brackets!



 The Pride Defeats Wahoo

The Pride defeated the No. 5 ranked team in class B. Houser had a tremendous game on mound, pitching a complete game.  He threw a three hitter with six strikeouts and not allowing any runs. The defense was solid with Holzapfel making two great catches in centerfield. Alitz made a sweet play charging the ball to end the fifth inning. Aken made two key plays in the seventh inning to stop Wahoo from scoring.  At the plate the Pride made things happen with great hustle and contact.  Tyrakoski and Fleming started the fourth inning with getting on base due to an error.  Then were moved into scoring position with a passed ball.  Holzapfel hits a single scoring two runs.  Then Sorensen steps up to the plate and rips one to left field scoring a run with his sweet double.  The Pride defeats Wahoo 3-0.


Sorry for no articles the last few games, here is a quick summary:  Roncalli falls to Elkhorn on Wednesday 6-4. Houser pitched for six innings with six strikeouts.  Fleming was the closer.  Fleming and Crawford both hit a double during the game.  On Friday the Pride faced No. 2 ranked Skutt.  The Pride was down 9-2 going into the 6th inning the pride scored seven runs to tie the score.  The game went into extra innings and Crawford's hit scored Tyrakoski for the winning run.  Aken pitched the first five innings and Fleming closed for the Pride.  The Pride defeated Skutt 10-9.  On Saturday the Pride lost to Elkhorn Mount Michael  6-2.  Alitz was the starting pitcher.

  The Pride is back in action on Thursday at Fort Calhoun JV at 4:30 and Varsity at 6:30 pm.  The Reserve play at Roncalli at 4:30 pm against Elkhorn.


 The Pride Dominants Fort Calhoun

Roncalli’s pitching staff only allowed one hit against Fort Calhoun.  Aken pitched the first two innings, Fleming pitched the third inning, Alitz the fourth and fifth and Szegda the sixth.  Fort Calhoun held the Pride to zero runs until the fourth inning when the Pride bats started to dominant.   Alitz started the inning with a double, Tyrakoski gets a hit scoring Altiz, and then Fleming hits a bomb over left field for the first homerun of the season. Crawford walks, Houser gets on fielder’s choice and then Aken and Szedga both got a hit and Alitz hits another double. Tyrakoski and Fieming get another hit and the Pride leads 8-0 after four. During the fifth Oehm hits double however Roncalli is not able to score.  In the sixth Roncalli closes the game with Alitz, Morrison, and Mallot all getting doubles. The Pride wins 10-0.The Pride in back in action on Monday vs. Arlington at 4:30pm

The JV crushed Fort Calhoun 24-8! 
 The Pride is back in action on Monday at 4:30 pm
 Roncallli Sweeps No. 2 Lincoln Southwest in a Double- Header

 Aken had strong command on the mound for the first game and pitched a complete game. He had five strike outs and only gave up one run with five hits.  The defense played outstanding behind Aken with Fleming stopping a ball with his bare hand in the first inning to rob Lincoln Southwest from their first hit. Holzapfel then made an awesome catch in right center to end the second inning with two runners on base. He had two more outstanding catches in the third inning. Alitz made seven enormous plays at second throughout the game. At the plate throughout the first game, Alitz had a double, sacrifice fly for a RBI and a sacrifice bunt. Aken, Szgeda, Mallot, Crawford, and Holzapfel all had hits to lead the Pride to a 2-1 victory over Lincoln Southwest.


Alitz was the pitcher for the second game. He had six strike outs with only allowing three runs and pitched a complete game.  Once again the defense played exceptional behind the pitcher. Crawford made an ESPN catch in left center for the first out in the fourth inning.  Aken had several key plays at second base and Holzapfel made a diving catch in the seventh for the first out. Offensively, Alitz and Aken both got doubles. Tyrakoski , Alitz, Fleming and Crawford all hit singles to give Roncalli the win 4-3.

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 Roncalli Falls Short against Blair

The Pride had a nail biter against Blair on Monday night.  Fleming was the starting pitcher for the Pride. Szegda came in the second inning with runners in scoring position and two outs and threw three pitches to end the inning.  Roncalli started off strong the first inning scoring three runs.  Blair scored one and then their bats came alive in the second inning scoring five runs.  The Pride answered back in the third scoring three runs and tying the score 6-6.  The Pride left runners stranded in fourth and the score remained tied 6-6.  Blair jumps ahead in the fifth inning by one.   Roncalli comes back scoring two runs and then Blair scores a run.  The score is tied 8-8 starting the seventh inning. Houser and Holzapfel both get hits.  With runners on first and second Aken hits a bomb to center field and he is robbed by a diving catch.  Roncalli goes scoreless.  Then Blair scores in the bottom of the seventh with two outs.  Roncalli falls to Blair 9-8.  The Pride had some great plays in the outfield by Holzapfel and Tyrakoski.  Holzapfel had four great catches and Tyrakoski. had three excellent catches.  Aken had a lot of action at third.  At the plate Aken went 2 for 4 with a walk,  Szegda had double and two walks,  Alitz had two walks and a sweet sacrifice bunt,  Houser went two for four and Holzapfel had a hit.  The Pride will take the field at home on Wednesday at 4:30 against Elkhorn.  The freshman team is in action tonight at 4:30 against Millard North.

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 The Pride Defeats Bellevue West
 Roncalli had a great night at the plate against Bellevue West with thirteen hits.  Alitz and Fleming went three for three and Szgeda went three for four. Houser pitched five innings for the Pride with three strike outs and giving up four runs.  Bellevue scored two runs in the first inning and the Pride came back and tied the score.  Roncalli scored three more runs in the second with Aken using his speed to get on and Szgeda, Alitz, and Fleming getting hits.  They scored four runs in the third and five in the fifth.  The Pride’s defense was also strong behind Houser only allowing two more runs. Fleming had a lot of action at first and made several keys plays and Aken had a sweet play at third tagging the led runner.  The Pride won 14-4 in 5 innings.  Roncalli is back in action on Saturday, March 24 at Noon & 2:00 vs. Lincoln Southwest at RCHS