About Us

Founded in 1992, the Ramapo Valley Soccer Club (RVSC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and advancement of youth soccer. We take pride in our wide-range of programs, both recreational and competitive, that provide players of all interest and skill levels an opportunity to enjoy the sport of soccer --- "The Beautiful Game".

We are formally affliated with the US Soccer Federation and are members of US Club Soccer and US Youth Soccer.  We operate in accordance with the rules of these organizations and in conjuction with FIFA.

How do the Recreation & Competitive programs differ?

Our recreation programs are intended for the beginner and causal soccer players.  These programs provide for very basic skill development and learning of the game in a non-competitive atmosphere. 

Players with experience in recreational, town or school soccer programs look for the "next step" in their soccer experience by taking part in our competitive programs.  These programs offer: greater level of skill development, certified coaches, use of trainers, licensed referees, outstanding playing facilities, and broader availability of programs.  In addition, these programs provide the ability to participate in local & regional tournaments, advanced skill development programs, and premier leagues.

Regardless of which program you choose, we strive to provide a fun & learning environment where all players can develop life long skills of exercise, teamwork and commitment.

What role does competition play?

When kept in perspective with the goals of each program, competition can be stimulating and fun.  For our recreational leagues, game scores and standings are not kept due to the recreational nature of the league and how teams are organized.  For our competitive league, game scores and standings are kept in order to organize the teams based on skill levels to ensure teams of similar playing ability are grouped together for a more enjoyable experience.

Who is eligible to participate in our programs?

We accept players from Kindergarten thru 12th Grade, beginners to experienced, of any race, color, creed, religion, nationality or ethnic origin.  Although our programs are based in the Town of Ramapo, we welcome players from neighboring towns and counties as well.  However, not all ages/grades are eligible for all programs. Soccer is an active and contact sport, so your child should be in good physical condition.

Can players enjoy other sports & activities?

Most players participate in a variety of other sports and activities throughout the year.  The key to success is advanced planning by the family, a balanced approach that addresses the demands of all extracurricular activities, and pro-active communication with the team coach.  In general, too many or conflicting activities over time will take away from the intended enjoyment of the activity.


What training do coaches receive? What is available for parents?
All our Recreation League coaches participate in a Coaches Clinic at the start of each season.  This clinic is conducted by licensed coaches/instructors who have a broad range of high school, collegiate & international experience.  The clinic will focus on grade-specific skills the players should be learning, how to organize a practice, and approaches to game-play tactics.  The clinic will prepare each coach with the skills and game knowledge to make the coaching experience an enjoyable one!    For those desiring more advanced training, we can guide you to additional resources & programs

All Competitive League coaches are required to be formally trained & certified by the US Soccer Federation and hold a minimum "F-License".  Each coach is also mentored by one of our experienced coaches to benefit from their experiences and skills.  All coaches are encouraged to achieve higher certification levels as teams advance in skill/age.  Also, coaches will participate in US Youth Soccer sponsored continuing education programs. 

All coaches, trainers, team managers, and club officials, are required to register with our regional Risk Management organization to help ensure the security of all children participating in our programs.

Parents are invited to take part in periodic Parents Information Sessions held by our soccer club.  In addition there is a wealth of other parental information offered by US Youth and US Club Soccer to help parents learn about soccer and support their children.

How can I volunteer?

We always welcome a helping hand so please visit the Volunteering section listed on the Main Menu and see all the ways that you help with the soccer club.

Want to learn more?

For general questions, please send an email to info@rvsoccer.org OR complete a Program Information Request listed under the Forms option on the Main Menu.  We promise a prompt reply!