Rules & By-Laws

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President: Elected by popular vote, for a two-year term. He or she will take office the first scheduled meeting after the playoff season ends.

Duties: To oversee league operations and administration and to ensure full compliance with league rules and procedures. The president and secretary will act as tiebreakers during voting at league meetings (their vote will count as one). If the president is absent the secretary will vote on tied issues and vice versa. If the meeting is about the president or secretary only one will be allowed to vote, as a tiebreaker.

Treasurer: Appointed by the board of directors, may be removed by a deciding vote from the board of directors at any time.

Duties: Collect all payments made to the league from its members, issue checks to the Rinks for ice, timekeepers, and referees on a timely manner (on time) and to issue checks for other expenditures as seen fit by the board of directories. Will also send a financial report monthly to the secretary showing debits and credits.

Secretary: Appointed by popular vote for a two-year term. Will take over as soon as playoffs end.

Duties: Maintain and post all league stats, keep records of all league members and spares list. Apply forfeits to standings as indicated by league rules. Run and organize a draft at the beginning of every skate season. Keep records handy for review of debits and credits. To establish fees per player not to exceed 5% of the cost of ice, referees, timekeepers and insurance and other expenses needed to run and organize the league.

Board of Directors: The board shall consist of President, Secretary and two representatives from each team. In order for a meeting to be official, there must be at least four teams represented whether by one team rep or by two from each team. Also, the President or Secretary must also be present.

Duties: Will be to consider matters of policy, rules or other considerations, to help organize and conduct an orderly draft.

1. Make rule changes as necessary to maintain safe play.

2. May change-playing rules at any time but the league will have a two-game notice before changes go into effect.

3. Must at all times take into consideration the league members ideas and grips and if necessary bring them to the board.

4. Team reps will consist of two active members of the league, no team rep can be chosen from the spares list unless there is an opening in the league and meeting the rating and lottery criteria met forth.

Team Members: Must remain a league member in good standing throughout the season.

1. NO CALL NO SHOW: Must notify team rep within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in a one-game suspension.

2. Must pay on time or make arrangements. If a team member owes a pay period and gets into the next pay period he will be considered for suspension from the league until he or she has paid in full.

3. Any team member may bring an issue to his team rep and request a league meeting.


1. All spares will be placed on a list according to ratings and be given placed on a lottery list. Each rating will have its own lottery.

2. When a spare is needed to replace a player as a perm player, the spare at the top of the lottery list for that rating has first choice to play as a permanent player, if that player passes then you go to next and so on till you find someone that can play as a permanent.

3. Team reps do not have to use the lottery system when they need a spare unless a player will be out for more than three (3) games. If a player is out more than three (3) games, the President will seek out the perm player for that team in need.

4. When a team rep is notified that player will be taking a leave of absence that team rep will notify the league and the President will seek out the replacement for the team in need. Unless there are two (2) or fewer games left in the season then he may use the spares list to finish out the season.

5. Once a spare becomes a permanent player he/she falls under the same rules as a league player. When a spare becomes a permanent player replacing a player on leave of absence, this same player will have precedence the following year if the leave of absence player does not return.

6. The Secretary will determine spare fees. As of 9/10/2017, the spare fee is $15.00

7. Spares who wish to join the league must have their contact information provided to the               Secretary 24 hours before game time in order to be able to play in a game.

8. New spares will be looked at and rated by the Board of Directors to determine their playing ability and final rating before officially becoming a player in the league.

7. Spares may play more than one game. Spare fees will be reduced, determined by the Secretary. 

Playing Rules:

1. Each team must have ten (10) players plus a goaltender except due to injury, illness or no call/no show during the game.

2. Any team missing a player must first contact all the spares from the current league spares list, rated the same as the player missing. If no spare of an equal rating is available, then you move down a rating, then down another rating and so on until you have gotten a spare or have exhausted the entire spares list with no luck of getting a player.

3. When you have exhausted the spares list with no luck of getting a spare or you have a no call/no show, then you are able to get a player from the league who is of the same rating providing they are willing to skate a second game. Any normal spare fees are waived for league fill-in player. The only rating where you can get a better rating is a four (4) for a five (5) if no fives (5's) are able to skate.

4. If a team is missing a one (1) or a two (2) and no spare or player from another team is willing to play a second game, then the team will NOT give the opposing team a goal at the start of the second period as in the past. The reason is the team missing the one (1) or two (2) is already at a disadvantage in not having the stronger rated player(s) skating.

5. If a team is missing a three (3), four (4) or five (5) and no spare or player from another team is willing to play a second game, then the team will give the opposing team two goals at the start of the second period. Penalties will be called as seen fit by referees adhering closely to NHL Rules unless otherwise stated.

6. All Minor penalties will be one and a half (1:30) minutes, Majors will be four (4:00) minutes, and Misconducts will be six (6:00) minutes.

7. Any player except for the goalie, receiving more than three minor penalties or a total of four and a half (4:30) penalty minutes excluding Misconduct penalties will be given a Game Misconduct for just the remainder of that game. This will not carry any additional game suspension(s).

8. Game Misconduct penalties, the player is removed from the ice, if there is two minutes or less in the game the game misconduct will carry to the next game.

9. A Disqualification penalty, the player will be removed from the ice and suspended for the next two (2) games.

10. Any player receiving more than one Game Misconduct or Disqualification during the season will be considered for further suspension or possibly expulsion.

11. Any player receiving a DQ for fighting will be suspended accordingly by the referee association.

12. High stick ruling (non-penalty), the face-off will be conducted at one of the end zone face-off dots of the offending team.

13. Hand pass, Face-off conducted at one of the furthest neutral zone face-off dots.

14. Icing will be from the defensive side of the blue line and not the center red line. Once play has reached the neutral zone then it may be iced without penalty unless the defending team is shorthanded, then icing will be legal.

15. Two-line passes are legal (no red line)

16. Offsides will be tag up.

17. Periods will be three (3) thirteen (13) minute stop time.

18. Slap Shots can be taken from the top of the face-off circle out for the attacking team. Defending team may use a slap shot in their own zone.

19. No timeouts during Regular Season, only in Round Robin Playoffs and Championship.

20. Overtime only in Championship Game. 

Round Robin Playoffs:

The Playoffs will be conducted in a Round Robin format. The last five (5) games of the league schedule will be the Round Robin Playoffs. The First place team at the end of the Regular Season will start the Round Robin Playoffs with a half (½) of a point while all other teams will start with Zero (0) points. Each playoff game is worth a maximum of two (2) points to the winner, one (1) point per team for a tie and zero (0) points to the loser. All Spares and Permanent Spares are eligible to play in the Round Robin Playoffs. There is no Overtime during Round Robin Playoffs. Games can end in ties. At the end of the Five (5) game Round Robin Playoffs, the two (2) teams with the highest point total will play for the League Championship. The four (4) remaining teams will play two (2) fun games. If there are two (2) or more teams tied at the end of Round Robin play, the following tie-breaker procedure shall be used to determine who will play in the Championship game:

            A. Most Wins, or if the same by; B.

            B. Record vs the other Team(s), or if the same by; C.

            C. The least goals against for the entire Round Robin Playoffs, or if the same by; D.

            D. The most goals scored for the entire Round Robin Playoffs, or if the same by; E.

            E. The better Plus/Minus (+/-) Ratio.


The Championship Game will consist of three (3), Thirteen (13) minute periods, and, if necessary, play as many Thirteen (13) minute Sudden Death Five (5) on Five (5) Overtime periods as are necessary to determine a Champion. Spares are not eligible to play in the Championship Game. If you have a permanent spare and you make the Championship game, that permanent spare is able to play. If you are in need of a player, you must choose a drafted player from one of the four (4) eliminated teams. You cannot choose a permanent spare from an eliminated team. Each team will be allowed one (1) timeout that can be used at any time. Should you not use your timeout during regulation time, and the Championship game goes into Sudden Death Overtime, you are still eligible to use that timeout.