About Smithfield Soccer Club

As it's objective, Smithfield Soccer Club (SSC) strives to implement a progressive club-wide approach to youth soccer that creates the best possible environment for optimum development of our young players. We ensure only highly skilled coaches are hired to provide quality instruction to our children.

Eligibility:Participation in Smithfield Soccer Club is open to youth ages 8 – 18 who want to play more competitive soccer. Smithfield/Isle of Wight residency is not required. 

SSC participates in the Virginia Soccer League Inc. (VSLI) and the Tidewater Advanced Soccer League, Inc. (TASL).The club sponsors teams for all ages in which there is sufficient interest.Players are placed on teams by age, according to the following guidelines:

U-9 (ages 7-8)

U-10 (ages 8-9)

U-11 (ages 9-10)

U-12 (ages 10-11)

U-13 (ages 11-12)

U-14 (ages 12-13)

U-15 (ages 13-14) 

U-16 (ages 14-15)

U-17 (ages 15-16)

U-18 (ages 16-17)

U-19 (ages 17-18)

Note:A player’s team placement is determined by his/her birth year and competitive assessment.

Practices:Coaches usually start practices in August and March (approximately four weeks before the season’s first game).They normally meet for an hour-and-a-half two evenings a week at Nike Park.Each team has a manager who works with the coach to facilitate communication with parents and ensure all administrative matters are effectively dealt with, freeing up the coach to do what he/she has been asked to do… coach!

Games:Games are usually played on Saturdays in TASL and Sunday afternoons in VSLI throughout Hampton Roads, from Virginia Beach to Gloucester.League play normally runs from eight to ten weeks starting in September and April.

Costs:Fees vary each season, but will normally run about $80 - $125 per season.Expenses which must be paid include VSLI and TASL dues and projected Club expenditures for equipment and special programs. Uniforms are additional when needed.Fund-raising events may be conducted to offset some costs.  SSC is a volunteer organization.

Tournaments, Camps & Clinics:
Member clubs sponsor indoor and outdoor tournaments throughout the year.There is an additional fee for these tournaments. While participation is encouraged, each team decides which tournaments to enter.

Summer camps and clinics are offered each year. 

Through VSLI and TASL, Smithfield Soccer Club maintains membership in the Virginia Youth Soccer Association, United States Youth Soccer and the United States Soccer Federation.

Smithfield Soccer Club endeavors to promote a safe and healthy environment to properly develop the soccer player in skills, sportsmanship and fair play within the club and league structures.

Guidelines for Great Fans:

We, fans of the “beautiful game”, vow to support all players and teams in the spirit of soccer.This spirit recognizes that the purpose of youth soccer is the development of young players in the areas of technical skill, psychological strength, tactical awareness, and physical fitness.These areas are nurtured within the confines of the game.In this light, we, as spectators, vow not to impose undue pressure on players or teams to win at the cost of the afore-mentioned development.Rather, we vow to encourage the gradual development of individual players and teams.

To this end, we vow to embrace our role as supporters of our youth players and teams during matches.Using positive support we will respond not only to goals, but to good team attacking and defending, as well as individual brilliance displayed by players.

We vow to leave the playing to the players, the coaching to the coaches, and the refereeing to the referees, not commenting outwardly on player, coach, or referee decisions during matches.
As the greatest fans, our dedication is to the development of individual players and teams.All of our fan support is done in the spirit of soccer.It is in that spirit that we say,

 Play the Game

Kids Playing

Coaches Coaching

Referees Refereeing
Fans Supporting