Misfit Mission Statement

Florida Misfits Fastpitch Softball Inc. is a Girls Fastpitch travel softball organization. We are committed to putting together a superior fastpitch organization. In which, we will provide elite level leadership and team management within the organization. We will strive to give the fastpitch athlete the skills they will need to succeed, through commitment, sportsmanship, teamwork and self-discipline. Attitude, hustle, effort, and determination are the 'bases' enabling each participant to fulfill team and organizational goals. Our goal is to put Florida Misfits and our athletes on the 'Map' and be known as a class act organization. The mission of the Florida Misfits is to establish an environment that promotes girls softball to the stage where they can compete at the highest level of competition. The goal is to advance to National Championships, developing young athletes who qualify for college scholarships, and promote the skills of all players in the program.
TEAM RULES 1.) Playing time The amount of playing time each girl receives will be determined by her softball skills, attitude, commitment to the team, participation in the team activities and game/tournament situations. There is no mandatory play rule and line ups are determined by the manager and coach's assessment.
2.) Attitude and RespectTeam members will show respect for, be considerate of, and display a positive attitude towards teammates, coaches, umpires, opposing players and parents.
3.) ConductPlayers will conduct themselves in a proper and well-behaved manner while in uniform and during all team functions. Everyone associated with the Florida Misfits (players, parents, coaches and fans) are expected to represent the Organization with class, sportsmanship and respect during tournaments.
4.) EmotionsAlways control your emotions and display good sportsmanship. No profanity; no throwing equipment; no arguing with teammates, coaches, opponents or umpires; no negative remarks to teammates, coaches, opponents or umpires. The coaches are here to help you to teach you because they want to help you become a better softball player. The girls are expected to understand that any criticism is constructive and accept it with a positive attitude (no rolling eyes or sarcastic comments)
5.) ParticipationParticipate in all practices, games and team functions unless you have prior approval from the head coach to be absent. You are expected to call the head coach at least 2 hours before the start of any activity you will miss.
6.) TimelinessBe on time for all practices, games and team functions. If you are required to be at a practice or a game at 5:00, this means that you must be in full uniform (inlcluding cleats), on the field warming up at 5:00.
7.)PreparationAlways have your complete uniform and equipment with you for a game. Bring all pieces to tournaments in case the teams decides to change during the day.
8.) DugoutEvery player is expected to help pack and move team equipment after games and practices. The team equipment should be packed up and moved before any individual equipment. Players are expected to clean the trash from the dugout before they leave. Nobody is to leave until everything has been cleaned up. No food is allowed in the dugout at any time. All players are required to be at the fence cheering for their team.

Parent Responsibilities

1.) Parents are encouraged to help with the Organization in anyway they can. Help is always needed with fundraising, scorekeeping, travel coordination, team coolers, practices, uniforms, and administration. The managers and coaches all volunteer a huge amount of time and we appreciate any help from the parents.
2.) Parents are expected to represent the organization in a manner that enhances our image in accordance with our Mission Statement. Any behavior that reflects negatively on our organization cannot and will not be tolerated. Parents are expected to be respectful towards all players, coaches, umpires, and other fans.
3.)Parents should refrain from yelling out instructions to their daughter-this is the coach's job. Please understand that games are chaotic times for the girls dealing with fast-paces action and responding to opponents, teammates and coaches. Parents are expected to limit their comments during the games to encouraging their daughter and other players.
4.)Parents are to use only positive encouragement with their daughter. The coaches will be working hard to develop a confident and positive attitude in the girls and will teach the girls and correct and build on their mistakes. Your daughter wants nothing more than to impress you, but mistakes and errors do happen. Any negative comments from parents during practice or a game causes the girls to lose focus. The girls must not be afraid to take risks or make mistakes to avoid criticism if they want to advance their game.
5.)Parents must understand that playing time is a reflection of the girl's talents, dedication, hustle and the situation of the game. There is no guarantee playing time, however the coaches will try hard to get everyone in when the game situation allows for it. The managers spend countless hours studying the game, analyzing the best line ups, and concentrating on bringing out the girls best talents to prepare them for high school and beyond.
6.) It is the parent's responsibility to make sure all balances are paid to the team on time. A copy of the player's account is maintained with a balance and can be requested at any time. Players will not be allowed to participate in team functions unless their account is current.
7.) Parents are responsible for providing or arranging for the transportation of their daughter to and from practices, games and all other team activities on time. Please understand that we have limited practice time and late or missing players can really hurt our practice goals. Also, the players must have adequate time for warm up to avoid injury. Please be on time to pick your child from games and practices so that the coach does not have to wait at the field late. The coaches must be notified if a player must be late or absent.
8.) Parents must provide a vacation/player unavailable schedule to the team manager as accurate as possible. Tournaments must be entered and paid for in advance, so it is necessary to know which dates are available. The schedule should be provided each season in writing.
9.) Any questions or issues about the organization, your daughter's team, or the coaching staff should be first calmly addressed with the manager off of the field.