Board Meeting Minutes

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Southridge JBO Board Meeting Minutes

 Location:  Conestoga Rec Center  Beaverton, OR


Date: October 14th, 2018  


Board Attendees:  Jim Klee, Daren Kalish, Mitzy Steward

Board Not in Attendance:  Ellen Bailey & Stan Otani


Non Board Attendees: Kevin Coughran, Sherry Dexheimer-Thompson, Kendra Wetter

 Agenda action items:

  • Board Members Not Returning for 2018:
    • Ellen Bailey 
  • 2019 Board Selection:
    • Daren Kalish - President
    • Stan Otani - Vice President
    • Mitzy Steward - Co-Treasure
    • Jim Klee - THPRD FIeld Rep, Equipment, Web Admin.
    • Kendra Wetter - Fundraising - Co-Chair
    • Sherry Dexheimer-Thompson - Co-Chair
  • Board agreed to offer two new age divisions:
    • YD#1 (1st grade) & YD#2 (2nd grade)
  • Jim Klee provided update on THPRD fields:
    • Field rates will increase from $11.50 per hour to $12.00 per hour in 2019
  • Mitzy Steward/Jim Klee provided update on 2018 spring and fall season fincials
    • 2018 Spring Season
      • 1 x Midget-American team, 1 x Junior-Federal team, 1 x Senior-Federal team
    • 2018 Fall Season
      • 1 x Junior team, 2 x Senior teams
    • Final THPRD field expense will be arriving later this month so we will be able to close the budget at that time.  We estimate a positive net overall this year of around $800.
  • Board agreed to look into a Christmas Tree sale to help fundraise in effort to reduce registration costs.

  Next Board meeting scheduled:               

 Location: Conestoga Rec. Center

Date: November TBD

Agenda Items for next meeting

  • SR HS Batting Cage Use
  • Winter Workouts 
  • Registration Update
  • Christmas Tree sale