Frequently Asked Questions

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What should my child bring?

All that is required is a glove and water bottle. The rest of the equipment is provided by the league. Metal/aluminum or other regular baseball bats are not permitted, just soft plastic or foam bats are permissible.

When and how long are the practices/games?

We play every Saturday afternoon at 3pm or 4pm. On rare occurrences there will be an occasional Friday or Sunday makeup game. Each practice and game session is 45-50 minutes long. They will practice for about 20 minutes followed by a 2 inning game, where each player bats through the order.

My child is only 3. Are they ready?

The way the practices and games are set up allows each player to develop their confidence while being actively involved. During the game, once a batted ball is hit, balls are rolled out to the other fielders where they then place the ball into the bucket(instead of throwing it to first) and run back to their position in the field.